The End of Osteoporosis

Published October 26th, 2013.

Too many of us suffer from bone health issues and receive poor medical care and horrible nutritional counseling. This Markito Nutrition lecture teaches you that we can wipe out osteoporosis completely- if only we were given the right information. Join me today in the fight against a disease that need not exist.

Update, Feb 3, 2015: My video on putting an end to osteoporosis has garnered a lot of attention lately, and I’ve received many follow-up questions from viewers seeking to take charge of their health. I’ve highlighted a few of these questions along with my answers all on this page. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Update 2, Nov 20, 2017: Four years after publishing this video, the success stories from around the world have been incredible. Here is an article I wrote highlighting these stories: Overcoming Osteoporosis.

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  1. Interesting video, but you don’t say anything about the role of oestrogen in keeping bones strong. The menopause is when most women’s bone density plummets. This video is also nearly 10 years old and there has been more research on the medications since then. An update would be useful. Not all green veg is actually good for bone health. Spinach, for example, can be bad for your bones due to oxalate which inhibits calcium absorption. Also, I can’t find much information about you online, such as your qualifications. You tell us to make sure we research properly, so I am wondering why I can’t find out anything, including on your own website! Usually there is an “About us/me” section…. I’m not saying you’re not qualified – I’m saying it’s hard to know if you’re qualified to give nutrition or training advice on osteoporosis etc. I would love your comments on the above.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Yes, the video is 10 years old but perhaps even more relevant today than it was even back then! More recent scientific studies have continued to cement many of the facts in this presentation.

      To respond to your point about spinach: believing that spinach and other leafy greens are bad for bone health due to oxalates is what we call a reductionist view. I have a newer video that explains how not to be fooled by scientific reductionism when it comes to evaluating the evidence behind nutrition/health claims. I highly recommend this video to many people who enjoy reading about health.

      I teach my clients how to properly review evidence which, in large part, consists of reading scientific studies published in peer reviewed medical journals. Becoming a better consumer of health information by understanding some basic concepts in how science is done allows each person to make more informed decisions, and to have more beneficial relationships with their health care providers.

      More about me: I own and run a local health facility in Montreal, Canada, and work as a certified trainer and Naturopath focused on plant-based nutrition, with 22 years experience helping people change their nutrition and exercise habits to help prevent, halt and reverse chronic disease. When I released this original video on osteoporosis 10 years ago it was just intended for my local clients- I had no idea it would reach over a million views and result in our phones ringing off the hook. Due to the level of service we provide to each person, we could not and cannot take on many more clients- so in a perfect world I would be able to continue my work, offer information for free for people around the world when I can, but also be able to shy away from having too much of an online presence! Although if you do scroll down the comments you will notice that I still do find the time to respond to everyone, and have also taken on some international clients for online personal training- but it’s not something we openly advertise. Here is a success story I did share online under my articles section:

      Many positive results did occur due to the video. For example, my local client Lynda discovered me through this very video, and then found out that my facility was just minutes from her house. I started working with her and at age 63 she stopped taking her osteoporosis medication and changed her diet and exercise habits. We have seen Lynda 1-3 times a week for training as well as food pick-ups for the past 7 years, she just turned 70 and is training and moving like a 30 year old- I should post the little video montage of her training that we created to celebrate her birthday! Her story and many others since I published the video on ending osteoporosis is what made it all worthwhile. The reason I don’t create many more videos or provide updates (something I would love to do in the future) is due to time constraints from working with actual people face to face on a daily basis, as opposed to most other content creators who mainly work on creating content! Our facility is based on working with people and helping to facilitate tremendous changes in their lives that lead to wonderful health outcomes, including reversal of chronic disease in many cases. Combining the careful review of scientific literature along with actual first hand experience with individuals that are followed over many years is, in my opinion, a very valuable method for providing a higher level of service for people who are ready to heal themselves.

      Lastly, regarding your menopause comment: we have clients that have consulted and trained with us for over 20 years, including through menopause, and they have stronger muscles and bones than many half their age! Outside of any underlying medical condition, you will not have any bone issues going through this period of life if your diet and exercise habits are good. As much as I cringe watching this video I made 10 years ago, I still very much agree with its message as it is consistent with the scientific evidence as well as what I have seen in over two decades of working closely with so many people. So I’m keeping it up, responding to comments, and still recommending that people take control back of their health through proper food and exercise!

      All the best,


      1. Yes, I saw that you do take time to reply to everyone – thank you for that. I don’t think your comment on oestrogen and menopause is correct, though. There is plenty of research on the impact of oestrogen reduction on bone health. I have an excellent diet and my bone density plummeted in 5 years from my last scan – despite my diet being even better than before.

        1. Osteoporosis can be called a weight training deficiency. Many people are falsely told that going for walks and performing very little weight bearing exercise is sufficient to maintain strong bones. These recommendations fall very short of what is truly required.

          Due to our sedentary modern living our need to properly and consistently perform resistance exercise is crucial for our bones. Simply put, if we look at it from an evolutionary perspective, osteoporosis is a modern day disease as our bodies are not well adapted to new conditions associated with our industrialized world.

          The good news is that not a single man or woman who exercises with proper movement mechanics and intensity while eating a nutritious diet needs to fear osteoporosis.

          Unfortunately, doctors and health professionals in general are not exercise specialists, and the big food industry often dictates nutrition and health recommendations. This is why even health conscious individuals are often misinformed and deviate from the most proven path to good health and longevity.

          We are too often led to believe that factors outside of our control are most responsible for our health, but this is certainly not true when it comes to osteoporosis.

          1. In my case, I had an undiagnosed immune disease (coeliac), which meant that my many weight-bearing sports (including at international level) have not resulted in the strong bones that I had assumed. I had vitamin and mineral deficiencies for 30 years with no outward symptoms. Menopause caused my already low bone density to much more rapidly deplete. Reduced oestrogen at menopause is a significant causal factor of depleted bone density that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. This is why weight-bearing exercise is particularly important in women before, during and after menopause. It would be a mistake to ignore the effect of reduced oestrogen and treat women and men similarly. Your comment above does not deal with my comment that oestrogen significantly protects bone density and menopause – during which oestrogen levels drop significantly – means that women are more at risk of osteoporosis than men. Accordingly, women generally have to do more weight-bearing exercise across their lifespan than men to protect their bones.

            1. Sounds like we agree on everything! As mentioned in my comments as well as my video – outside of any underlying condition- with proper diet and exercise, osteoporosis will not occur. In your case, a plant-based diet rich in green juices, sprouts and microgreens – which is the nutritional therapy we recommend to many individuals with and without autoimmune disease- would have provided your body’s nutrient needs even with celiac disease, as well as helped to modulate hormones.

              Your case was about an undiagnosed condition – celiac disease – and not menopause. Yes, menopause will lower estrogen levels, that’s a natural process, and there is good evidence that people who consume meat and dairy will be more affected by menopause than those on a proper plant-based diet. Estrogen is also an antioxidant – and if we are on a low antioxidant diet when we go through menopause we will suffer more symptoms of aging as our levels will drop sharply without any additional support. (I discuss a little on how diet effects estrogen levels throughout life in my video on breast cancer).

              When it comes to bone health, the main difference in how I treat my female versus male clients is that I emphasize the even greater importance for women to be physically strong- something that society historically didn’t encourage. Today, however, men have become weaker than ever- so building strength needs to be encouraged with both sexes.

              Everything that you’ve written is consistent with the video as well as my comments. The fact that menopause and estrogen levels affect bones is well known, I didn’t realize you wanted me to confirm this! I’m not ignoring it but simply stating that it does not change any of my recommendations. Factors within our control are most responsible for the foundation of health we build at every stage of life.

              I will not comment on the specifics of your case as I would need much more information, but I will say that it’s unfortunate and incredible that your autoimmune disease was undiagnosed for so many years, and that you suffered with mineral and vitamin deficiencies. It sounds like you were not very well served by the medical community. The medical industry provides miraculous care when it comes to trauma care, but often fails miserably in identifying and treating chronic disease. Hopefully you are on the right path today.

  2. I can’t wait to find your Chia Ice-cream recipe. I have a sweet tooth. Thank you for this excellent and truthful video. I cured Asthma with organic plants, so I am determined to cure my bone health. I’m 100 percent sure the medication I was on for Asthma destroyed my bones.

    I’m currently Drug and Asthma free. I don’t want the vaccine as I prefer to have a natural immune system.

    1. I understand your concerns. Yes, medications commonly prescribed for asthma can weaken bones. The good news is that with proper nutrition and a focus on resistance/weight training you can strengthen your bones better than ever. I have 70+ year old clients that I train to a point that they are now stronger than their children even though they were once prescribed bone medications!

  3. Thank you for all of your kindness. My osteoporosis and thyroid got better after you convinced me that medication was not the only answer. You taught me about eating the right vegetables; chickpeas and lentils are the best to eat. Also you told me to keep doing my exercises. Thank you, without your opinion I wouldn’t be ok. Best wishes for you and for your family.

  4. For what I have seen, the problem with osteopenia and osteoporosis may be partially caused by the decrease of hormones in aging men and women…..some women take certain natural supplements to help themselves with menopausal symptoms, when they do not want to use hormones….wonder if these supplements would be useful in helping reverse or stabilize these bone conditions…

    1. Before considering supplements, even those labelled as “natural”, I would first recommend that my clients improve their diet, exercise and sleep habits.

  5. If bone density does not correlate to strength, please suggest an alternative. How about High Resolution peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (HR-pQCT)?

    1. It is definitely not a one size fits all when it comes to estimating strength and fracture risk. HR-pQCT is still the subject of clinical studies, and guidelines and standards are being developed for its potential use in the future.

      In the meantime, as I mention in my video, individuals at risk for fracture normally have multiple health conditions. Assessment tools can be helpful, however, when it comes down to it, what I have seen is that individuals who exercise properly, in addition to eating a healthy diet, will experience such great life changing improvements with their overall health that they will intuitively know their fracture risk has been reduced significantly.

  6. I wish I had found this video when I was working as a medical assistant in Rheumatology…

    1. Hi Stephen,

      For sure, as I mention in my video, individuals at risk for fracture normally have multiple health conditions. An assessment tool such as FRAX can be helpful. However, when it comes down to it, what I have seen is that individuals who exercise properly and eat a healthy diet will experience such great life changing improvements with their overall health that they will intuitively know that their risk for fracture has been reduced significantly.

      Someone, for example, with a terrible skin condition that requires oral steroids for extended periods of time, while also suffering from digestive issues, and is also very slim will surely be at higher risk for fracture. We wouldn’t need an assessment tool to determine that.

      If the tool is used to simply justify a prescription for bone medications – while neglecting to help the individual reverse his/her skin condition without the use of steroids and showing him/her how to exercise properly – then I don’t anticipate a very happy outcome for that person.

      In short, the focus should be on overall health and the efforts should be on preventative methods as opposed to managing diseases.

      Thank you,

  7. what’s the best way to consume chia seeds and sesame seeds? Ground them? Yes on the sprouting the chia seeds. Any other ways to consume them properly etc….Thanks.

    1. Wendy M in contrast to flax seeds, chia seeds don’t need to be ground and can be eaten whole. They are ideally consumed with a fluid. You can simply add some chia seeds to your lemonade and drink it throughout the day. Instead of sugar I recommend liquid stevia for the lemonade. We also have a banana sorbet recipe on our website ( that explains how to make a chia gel – which can also be used to make a simple pudding. And you can also add chia seeds to your sprouted whole grain cereal and top it off with a homemade almond milk (that’s what most of our clients enjoy and also what we do with the breakfast cereal that we produce and sell). To get to the recipe section of the website first select “nutrition” from the main menu. Sesame seeds should ideally be eaten raw as well. They can be sprouted or at least soaked for about 6-8 hours. They can be used to make a tahini sauce, as an ingredient in hummus, as part of a vegan patty, or simply sprinkled on top of salads or incorporated in Asian type recipes. Hope this helps.

  8. So Big Pharma only wants your money. So do you, you want people to buy your products as well!!!!

    1. lol! Yes, I am just like Big Pharma! All joking aside, my main product is educating people on how to become better consumers of health information. My business does not succeed if people do not experience excellent results in improving their health, and this often involves no longer requiring harmful medications. I appreciate your cynicism, and think it can be turned into more confidence in understanding how to differentiate between different types of businesses, as well as in evaluating the evidence behind claims being made.

      My job is to help people prevent and reverse disease, and not just manage their symptoms for the rest of their lives. Yes, I earn a living empowering people to regain control of their lives through proper exercise and nutrition.

  9. Vry helpful video , my doctor also told me to take forteo injection daily ,and aclasta drip every year he told me that you have high risk of fracture ,he scared me and did my too many blood test in her lab, my all blood test reports are normal . now I understand that I can cure osteoporosis by improving my diet and doing exercise daily.
    Thanks and regards

    1. My recommendations are to eliminate coffee and all dairy, including cheese and yogurt. The scientific evidence shows more health risks than benefits from these products.

  10. Very informative information. I was told I have osteoporosis and my doctor prescribed Fosmax three weeks ago. I still haven’t taken it and will not. I’ve always been one for not taking a bunch of pills. I’ve was juicing two years ago guess I estate up again. And going to lean more of a vegan diet too. Thank you.

  11. You mentioned breast cancer in relation to osteoporosis. Do you think it is possible that chemo, radiation and Tamoxin can lead to osteoporosis? I had breast cancer at a young age, related to hormones, not habits. I think that tamoxin causes osteoporosis, because it put me in to menopause, overnight. I was only 41. I went from having a regular menstrual cycle to none. I never had one again. Menopause has to have an effect upon bone density.

    1. Yes, absolutely, these treatments can unfortunately lead to bone loss. I encourage you to watch my video on breast cancer, and also read my article on cancer treatments which can be found on my website. Wishing you all the best.

      1. I just found out this year that all seeds and nuts and beans and grains are acidic until sprouted/soaked. Major bummer. I have no where to soak these seeds. This must be why eating grains is not advised. MAYBE the toxic environment is why they are acidic. I have been buying the more expensive sprouted breads and cereals. I get bored with raw everything. If the grain is sprouted, then it is raw, right? Maybe it is the preservatives that are acidic.
        I think toxic chemicals are interfering with advice.
        On the video GENETIC ROULETTE I heard some information leaning towards the problem being gmo modification chemicals rather than the foods themselves. So the people having problems with gluten in wheat began to eat organic wheat and the problems did not exist anymore. Maybe if cows/animals/chickens all ate organic they would not be acidic. But still they would have to not be allowed to breath the toxic air. But then we breathe the toxic air, so maybe if we stayed inside WE would not be acidic. Maybe if there were sun lightbulbs for inside then powerful air filters, then WE wouldn’t be acidic.
        I am what is called 67 years old, even though I read quantum physics and know that I am an eternal energy/
        holographic/electrical energy field being literally. Energy is our existence. Energy never ages/gets old and it certainly doesn’t die. Death is a ponzi scheme, too. I am erased from writing on youtube because of these words, I guess. I have not been allowed my opinion since I was a child and had a NDE or near death experience where I became aware of another dimension with energy beings existing within it.
        I recommend the book HANDS OF LIGHT written by the physicist Barbara Brennan. Since we are eternal energy constantly being created, then this is how we heal. I have to remember this so that I can imagine that cartilage growing back between my bones. I am perfect already. Healing is possible because I am already a perfect pattern/matrix of energy and light. Creation is constant. This is how we are able to heal. This information is what gives me hope.
        Thank you Marc for your encouragement AND for not erasing me.

        1. Thank you.

          Sprouting grains improves their nutritional quality while also making them easier to digest. For example, sprouting breaks down gluten. To see a side by side comparison of a sprouted versus non sprouted oat grain, as an example, look at the table on this page:

          Grains are a common staple in Blue Zones, the regions of the world with the healthiest populations.

          Wishing you all the best.

      2. I remember you writing that chickens/eggs would be healthier if they stayed indoors because of the toxic air outside. I could see that happen if they are not all crowded and had plenty of organic grass and bugs to munch on. AND if they had sun lamps. Same with all animals. This staying inside away from toxic chemicals and having plenty of room to play with plenty of organic grass and bugs would solve the whole problem, right? Then we could eat the animals that give themselves to us? Wouldn’t want to eat stressed out animals. They just taste so good. Just think of how good they would taste with no toxic chemicals inside them.
        Not that I would kill an animal. I would drown myself first. Yet, eggs taste so good. They would not be acidic if their mothers were not acidic………….

    2. Hello Intermittent Energy
      I call myself Pure Energy
      That is cool
      Have you seen the video GENETIC ROULETTE yet?
      I believe I have eaten too many non organic/gmo products over the years. Stress has led me to give up, so I am overweight. I have no doctor to lean on for support because medicaid/medicare push pills, surgery and chemo. I have lost the cartilage between my hip and leg bones. I am constantly forgetting that I should eat absolutely nothing acidic, including fish. I have been reading/researching for many years and still forget to eat all organic and raw. This society/corporations have really pushed the meat, egg and dairy words to the extreme. I think most of us are hypnotized by these words.

  12. Glad I found your YT here. Just this week returned to Africa from a family visit in USA and a new doctor there who did a DEXA because of my complaints of back pain and the fact I’ve lost an inch of measured height over past few years. Bone scan showed osteopenia and osteoporosis (up to -2.7) in upper femur and lumbar back. She started me on Fosamax and ordered Prolia injections when I go back for follow up visit in 2 months. I just turned 60 and was a lifelong runner and did weight training (maybe why I’ve shrunk 1″”) until 5 years ago when I abruptly stopped due to a divorce and related stress (big mistake stopping the exercise). The increased cortisol from the stress, plus some increase in alcohol and caffeine for stress coping probably added to the bone demineralization.

    Today I will chuck the Fosamax and refuse the Prolia. Been nonstop reading up on Osteoporosis this week. Making immediate dietary more excessive coffee, minimal dairy, etc. I am working to improve my bad posture , taking care with back movements like avoiding lifting, twisting and turning at ssme time. Will now research proper exercise, dietary and supplements program for general bone strengthening and muscle tone. Otherwise I’m healthy, in good shape with normal body weight and look young for my age.

    I was initially frightened by the diagnosis but think it was a wake up call to exercise again, quit the caffeine, etc. But I will NOT take the Prolia because the potential side effects sound like utter h*ll. Who needs jawbone necrosis, increased risk of upper femur fractures?

    I am going to read your website now. What you’ve said in this vid correlates with other info I’ve been reading and other YT health vids.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story T. S. It serves as inspiration and encouragement for others to take responsibility of their health.

  13. Thank you. I’ll have Osteopeina stricken from my chart. I’m a retired nurse in Critical Care for over 30 years. When my MD told me I have osteopenia I had never heard of it. Now it all makes sense. Big pharma is killing us because of greed. Now I won’t worry so much when I ride my bike! I appreciate your insight. Robert

  14. I live in Asia and we get lots of sunshine hence we produce vitD. We have been drinking milk for centuries and are fit and have a longer life span.

    1. The healthiest Asians, as documented in numerous scientific studies, consume a predominantly plant-based diet with close to zero dairy products. Okinawan centenarians, as an example, represent the only Blue Zone in Asia, and their diet is close to 100% plant-based. As dairy and meat consumption have increased in Asian countries so have the rates of chronic disease.

  15. Good info most of it. If your stomach and gut aren’t healthy no matter what you eat won’t be absorbed. Most don’t grow their own food. Organic meat is okay which I don’t agree what you said about it. But I do agree with the calcium part and big pharma, along with the bribes. Some part of the lecture I question a lot on. Even vegan have health problems as much as as aperson who eats unhealthy. Low stomach acid (acid reflux & gerd) poor digestive tract could be part of the problem that causes sickness & diseases. That reminds me I need to go buy a probiotic. Seriously. LOL!

    1. Hi Rosie, my video on dioxins explains why sometimes “organic” animal food can be even more contaminated than conventional. Yes, I agree with you that many vegans can be quite unhealthy because veganism is a lifestyle choice, not a specific healthy diet. Potato chips, chocolate and candy are all vegan too! Wishing you all the best.


    1. @Sue Stone Yes, it gets incorporated in the bone matrix and its estimated half life in humans is 10 years, even though it is not metabolically active once covered by bone.

  17. Brilliant i already knew quite a bt before I was this so just reinforces what I thought so spread the word guys and gals

    1. Thank you Candy, for sure we need to spread the word so that people are given the tools to take charge of their own health through the power of exercise and nutrition. All the best.

  18. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 years ago and decided against the medication instead to introduce some supplements and to change my diet and increase weight resistance training. Sadly, my numbers have gotten worse and my doctor says I must go on medication to prevent a fracture. I do not want to go on medication as the side effects scare me. I am seeing a naturapath to see what she thinks. I believe my issue is stress, so I need to look at ways to reduce stress/cortisol and stablize my numbers. I appreciate this video as it confirms much of what I have read. Is there a point when the numbers get increasingly worse when medication is the only option?

    1. Often times people underestimate the amount of weight they can lift with proper form. So the first thing to look at is making sure that your resistance training is at the proper intensity level. First, we focus on movement quality in order to ensure we are progressing in a safe manner, and then we load the body in order to force it to build stronger muscles and bones. If you visit our website at and select “personal training” from the main menu you will see the customized online training services we offer. I would also review your health forms in detail to ensure that you are on the right path with other aspects of health as well, including proper nutrition. This is where we must look first before even beginning to contemplate medications.

  19. Thanks do much for this video! I shared it on fb and subscribed. I’m 72. I exercise (yoga & cardio and strength tracing for almost 4 years. No pain. Was going to call for appointment for bone density scan – it’s been 6 or 7 years since I had one. They said I have Osteopenia then. Am I looking for a fight with the Dr if I get a scan ?

    1. My pleasure Joyce. I don’t know if it would be a fight with your doctor, but perhaps some form of persuasion will be involved. You can reassure the doctor by mentioning your strength training and healthy diet. Not every doctor will push meds across the board without taking individual wishes and lifestyles into consideration.

  20. You stated that the dexascan only looks at bone mineral density. Are there other things to consider when making that call? (Besides fractures). Thanks

    1. Bad posture, back pain and a reduction in height are some common symptoms. The goal I have for my clients is for them to never be in a situation where they are concerned about their bones. To achieve this requires proper exercise at the right intensity, including a focus on balance and good movement mechanics, as well as a healthy diet. My lecture is entitled “The End of…” because it is truly something that is within our control. My 60 and 70 year old female clients are lifting weights and living an even more active life than some of my 20 year old clients. The choice is ours when it comes to osteoporosis.

      1. Markito Nutrition Uh oh…..the “right intensity”?? I’ve started lifting and have been trying to do sets just shy of failure. Is that too much? Not enough?

        1. Shirley Litton there are many aspects to consider on a case by case basis. First step is ensuring that the quality of your movement is good, correcting imbalances, and then adding appropriate intensity. I can’t give you a quick answer on how to gauge your intensity level without going down a checklist, which is what I do with my online clients. Congrats on starting to workout – you are on the right path. Keep it up!

  21. I’m doing all my research before I bow down to osteoporosis drugs…I’m 65yrs old and was just diagnosed with Osteoporosis..My T score in spine -3.7……..My Doctor was so fast to prescribe Fosamax… fractures, no slight built….so I will continue my research…I know this is an old video but I’d figured I’d post anyway.

    1. @virg loh I’ll turn 64 in two months. I was just “diagnosed” with O as well – also 3.7. I too am researching, but quickly coming to the conclusion that diet and weight training are the answer. I’ve already started the weight training, am already vegan – but not the best vegan…. Working on changing that as well!!

    2. I know someone who’s been on prolia for two years. About a month ago she fell and fractured her pelvis in 3 places. Thank God I asked around and explored YouTube University before going down that road!!

    1. How to get off Prolia (denosumab) is a discussion you must have with your doctor, and will vary on a case by case basis. For high risk patients the tendency is for doctors to prescribe another osteoporosis therapy when stopping Prolia. Original clinical trials did not show an increased fracture risk for patients who discontinued Prolia in the short-term, but since then there have been documented cases that were not so fortunate. Ultimately there is such a lack of studies one way or the other, that it really comes down to a case by case basis, and to a decision that you must feel comfortable with, and willing to do the work thereafter.

  22. I’ve had a melanoma and was told always use heavy sun screen plus avoid being out even fully clothed for more than 15 minutes. Very dangerous to get another melanoma. So if I go out at night there is no sunlight and we are talking Nevada where the sun is out very hot and often.

    1. Gloria Golemboski sensible sun exposure is still recommended. There is no evidence that would justify telling someone to avoid going outdoors even when fully clothed. It sounds like you’ve been given an exaggerated warning that can cause fear and anxiety, leading to more problems.

  23. I’m sorry, but his referencing T. Colin Campbell as an authority weakens his case in my view. Also, individuals have reported an increase in dental caries and their teeth becoming translucent on a raw food vegan diet.

    1. Thank you for your comment. A vegan diet doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy diet. If a person were to consume a lot of sugary drinks, such as fruit juice, it would certainly not help their teeth! So I would agree with you that being vegan does not automatically mean eating healthy, and many vegans on poor diets can certainly harm their teeth. On the other hand, a proper plant-based diet is very beneficial for oral health. We’ve seen many of our clients improve their dental health after transitioning to a healthier plant-based diet, and the dentists we work with can certainly attest to that.

  24. Wow so glad I found this video, I was diagnosed with osteopenia years ago . I’m 54 this year but have always been active with weights ,yoga ,pilates off road cycling. I do not drink milk as my autoimmune disease does not allow it. Your video confirms I’m on the right track, as it has been in the back of my mind that this diagnosis is a disease and was waiting for it to get worse as I got older. Thank you for making this video which I will share far and wide.

    1. Thank you Angela, I’m glad the video helped to renew your confidence- keep lifting those weights! All the best.

  25. Love it! Very educational. By the way…I suffer from severe wrinklelosys…I look forward to a breakthrough for that! ????

  26. I was just diagnosed with Osteoporosis and was told to continue taking VitaminD. Great video
    I will certainly try to follow through. Thank you.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. We need to know all of this. I research all the time and find out the truth eventually. Was prescribed bisphosphanates a few years ago but my research revealed exactly what you said about them. I refused to take those drugs and the medical professionals just do not understand this. Some of the nutrition you list I did not know about and now it is on my yes or no list ????

  28. Excellent presentation. The best, and most complete on YouTube. Thank you for breaking it down for us to understand. I’m learning a lot as I read. Millions are going to benefit from this information. God bless you always. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you very much Liliana. It means a lot to me that people are finding hope and feeling empowered from watching these videos. Wishing you all the best.

  29. Is the same true concerning taking the Xgeva monthly prescription shot to strengthen bones? Thank you

    1. According to studies, the risk of atypical fractures is similar, and perhaps even greater, with denosumab (Xgeva) than with bisphosphonates. All decisions on whether or not a drug’s benefit outweighs its risk should be made between patient and doctor.

    1. Weight bearing and resistance exercises, such as lifting weights, are ideal for bones. I cannot give specific examples of exercises because it depends on the individual. The first step is always focused on improving the quality of your movement so that you don’t injure yourself. We do offer customized training programs for people who seek extra help- you can learn more about it here:

  30. What a great bare all, educative, impressive and timely talk. Kudos!! And thank you, thank you, thank you to the Good Doctor

    1. Cornelia Loubser, I do not recommend any dairy product due to the large body of evidence showing how detrimental dairy is for humans.

      There are better sources of probiotics that can be consumed without any need for dairy. The dairy industry’s marketing campaign that emphasizes the benefits of probiotics is going strong, and that’s what confuses people about products such as yogurt and milk kefir.

      A few years ago a very popular brand of yogurt lost a class action suit after being accused of misleading claims regarding its probiotics. In short, there is convincing evidence that probiotics can help some people, but this has nothing to do with dairy. We can get our probiotics without milk.

  31. Thank you so much for your video! I knew that something is wrong, especially with the milk and calcium myth, that I hear since I was a kid but I couldn’t see how actually works. I will definitely change the way I eat.

    1. Elisa Bitton as mentioned in the video, the definition of osteoporosis has changed, and the emphasis today is on bone density, even though this alone is not a good indicator for fracture risk. With proper lifestyle choices you can certainly raise your bone density, and not just slow down loss. But more importantly, you can make changes that truly help you build strong bones (not just increase bone density), prevent fractures, and remain active. Nothing is more proven to help with this than exercise and nutrition. It’s just common sense once we remember that bone is living tissue, always changing and adapting to how we choose to live on a daily basis.

  32. how long will it take for my bones to get over one dose of prolia. After hearing this I will not get any more

    1. Carolyn Wright, Prolia stays in the system for about 6 months. You should discuss getting off the med with your doctor. Proper nutrition and exercise are both necessary for strong healthy bones. Wishing you all the best.

      1. I saw my Doctor today and she took me off prolia . I will be looking into the nutrition and exercise that I will need. Thank you so much for getting back with me

  33. AMAZING INFORMATION, THANK YOU! I as diagnosed with osteoporosis twelve year ago, I refuse to take medicine, despite the insistence of my doctors

  34. The calcium found in the urine after eating what are considered acid forming foods has been proven to come from the person’s diet, not from the bones. Dr. Michael Gregor quotes the study that disproved the assumption that these foods cause the bones to give up calcium. They used radioactive calcium in the diet to trace where the calcium in the urine was coming from. Next, there is a lot of pseudoscience around the idea of having an “acid” body. Different parts of the body are acid by design … stomach, parts of the intestine, the skin etc. That is necessary to help the body … the acid kills bacteria, digests food, protects the skin etc. Also, alkaline doesn’t equate to something necessarily positive all the time. When a woman has a candida outbreak in her vagina, it’s because her vagina has become too alkaline. Again, pseudoscience … the body is neither acid, nor alkaline … and just because certain foods give rise to acid or alkali in the urine (and are therefore deemed acid forming or alkali forming), doesn’t mean that the body itself has become primarily acid or alkaline. Here’s a fascinating video on that All this isn’t to say, though, that eating meat and milk is harmless. Milk has been proven to weaken bones … whatever the reason. And a 2016 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association said that all cause mortality increases proportionately to the amount of meat a person eats. That’s my contribution here, but I did have a question. I thought it was interesting when you said that some countries with bone densities less than the US, don’t have more fractures than the US. Do you remember any of those countries, or where you got that information? That’s fascinating, and I wonder why that would be? That implies that fractures have another cause. Anyway, cool video … lots of useful info on the history of osteoporosis etc. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your input and contribution. I understand how this topic can be quite confusing. The reductionist study that Dr. Greger references, although interesting, is a very short term study, funded by the meat industry, that does not account for all the calcium loss, nor does it mention numerous other confounding factors.

      It is best to look at the convergence of evidence from multiple types of studies then to base a conclusion from a single study. A more recent study, more consistent with the preponderance of the evidence, showed that high intakes of calcium are required to counter the adverse affects of dietary acid load on bone health.

      It takes more than reviewing one or two studies to answer a question – it’s quite a long and tedious process but it helps us get closer to the truth.

      1. Thanks for the new info Markito. No disagreement here on what you said. And it’s disappointing that Gregor, who frequently rolls his eyes at studies funded by the meat industry, said nothing about this one. The Unnatural Vegan, another channel on here, refuses to use him as a reference anymore. She claims he cherry picks studies, and I don’t understand why he would do that. He seems obviously committed, he generally uses many studies to back himself up, and now he has something like 20 people that he’s trained to help him with the research. That said, I just found two videos where he states a conflict of interest with the funding, and yet he seemed to be agreeing with the conclusions. Finally, did you happen to recall any countries that had lower overall bone densities, without the corresponding fracture rates? I wouldn’t mind reading something on that if you had some information.

        1. Hello Seth, osteoporosis can be accurately described as a weight training deficiency. It doesn’t matter how well we eat, and all the calcium we take in, if we are not placing any mechanical stress on our bones. People too often make the assumption that just going for walks or lifting light weights is sufficient. This is far from reality. Unless we are working out in the fields or on a farm, or have a blue collar hard labor job, we absolutely need to compensate for our sedentary lifestyle by doing resistance training. This is what allows us to maintain healthy posture and mechanics, as well as strengthening our muscles and bones. Populations in the world that still perform physically demanding work even at an advanced age are the people that do not suffer from hip fractures. As countries begin to modernize we see fractures on the rise. Exercise is just one of the confounding factors that the initial reductionist study that Dr. Greger referenced did not account for- you cannot have a complete conversation about any study on bone fractures and nutrition without at least adjusting for exercise. Exercise changes calcium metabolism and reduces urinary calcium loss, whereas a sedentary lifestyle has the opposite effect. The evidence to date suggests that exercise along with a proper plant-based diet is the prescription for strong bones- and that calcium/milk intake does not protect against fractures.

  35. I know Chia seeds are better than Cows Milk for the Vit D and Calcium or whatever but that’s only MAINLY because the Cow Milk has a high Acidity Level right? So what about ALMOND Milk which has Vit D and Calcium in it? Would this still be bad since I think these are FORTIFIED ALMOND MILKS? (Basically that would probably mean the Vit D and Calcium are SYNTHETICS right? If so, that’s obviously terrible.. Sigh, I love Almond Milk lol.) At least I can still consume it just for the taste since it doesn’t raise Acidity Levels (I think… Then Again I think I just read that the Fats from Nuts (Almond) cause INFLAMMATION… Which is bad, I wonder how acidic Almond Milk is anyway (if it is)

        1. You have saved my Family lol. I had a feeling for the last couple of years that it wasn’t good cause I had a feeling the Vitamins were Synthetic and a few weeks ago finally noticed “XANATHAN GUM” in my Almond brand from H-E-B here in Texas… That’s when I decided to do some investigating on my own to see if the Vits and Mins were also bad.

          Damn man, this sucks. Thanks again.

  36. By the way do you have a more basic example of what to eat? Just a lesson on what to do more than why,. Why is of cause interesting and May be motivating but it has to be put into practice – so what do you recommend as a healthy way to eat? Vegan raw food? Or?

  37. Very interesting lecture – should be share with as many as possible . Very motivating to change to whole foods plant based, as raw as possible, resistente training and sunlight. It sounds just right. Thank you for sharing

  38. I was shocked when my doctor told me I am a risk of fracture as my osteoporosis was very very bad, he prescribed Fosamax. I have been an athlete all of my life, and into natural health style. (Yes, I need resistance trainer)then I decided to investigate before putting any drug on my body and find you inspirational video! I will go with the Chia, spinach and weight training before Fosamax!!!​

  39. All good BUT HEY don’t talk bad about eggshells. Eggshells contain over 20 minerals and it is best source for bones and teeth health. Correct me if I’m wrong!

    1. Egg shells consist of 95% calcium carbonate. Concentrated calcium supplements do not create the same metabolic effects as calcium from whole food, and have been associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke. This is why recommendations are moving away from supplements and more towards obtaining calcium from whole foods. Egg shells may also be contaminated with bacteria and heavy metals. The overall risks are simply not worth it, especially when the bulk of the evidence has not shown calcium supplementation to be beneficial.

      In short, if you have stopped consuming regular calcium supplements, there is no need to replace them with a homemade supplement derived from egg shells. Eat well, get your calcium from food, and pay little attention to a “super” or “best source” of calcium- that’s just marketing to sell supplements and headlines to peak your interest.

      Thank you.

  40. Thank you for this video . I have just found bone loss in my teeth… pls suggest what I can do . Thank you

    1. Thank you for watching. Your dentist should be able to tell you if there are any underlying conditions that may be affecting your bone loss, such as periodontal disease, and suggest a proper course of treatment. Wishing you all the best.

  41. This video was done in 2013, do you still hold to the same ideas? The information is priceless.

    1. Thank you Fred. Yes, the information still holds true, today more so than ever. I invite you to read a recent follow up article that I posted on my Markito Nutrition website, entitled “Success Story: Overcoming Osteoporosis”. All the best.

  42. Thank so much I’m taking Risedronate sodium 35Mg once a week. I don’t like to take medications at all I consider myself healthy. I was looking for information about Osteoporosis this make my day. I started walking and I consider myself to eat healthy. I will stop taking this medication I didn’t notice any health issues but I don’t feel 100% good. I will check the recipes you suggested and I will look for exercises to do. Thank you so much have a great day!

    1. Thank you Nina, I wish you strength and confidence with your nutrition and exercise. There is an inspirational article on osteoporosis on my website that I encourage you to read. All the best.

  43. you are full of shit , Eskimos eat no vegetables get no sun and have no bone fractures , i can explain it you can’t.

    1. No thank you, I can explain it just fine. First off, the Inuit have higher rates of osteoporosis than the rest of the population, there are several studies on this, here’s one report:
      “We did a study with Greenlandic doctors, and basically we found that compared to a group of 5,000 women in Quebec City, the frequency of osteoporosis was 19 per cent compared to 7 per cent,” said Dr. Eric Dewailly of the National Institute of Public Health in Quebec .

      And the Inuit’s rate of osteoporosis related bone fractures is one of the highest of all population groups.

      Second of all, the Inuit’s life expectancy is about 10 years less than the rest of the population.

      Scientists believe that pollution, such as increasing levels of dioxins, is associated with the rising rates of osteoporosis in the Inuit population. I have a video on dioxins that explains how to remove them from your body, seeing as this is an issue that affects us all. I also have a video on fish which explains the Inuit longevity myth.

      Lastly, please watch your language, it’s ok that you are misinformed, many people are and simply repeat myths without checking the science, but we can have a civil conversation to help discover things we may not have known.

      I’ll have a new video out shortly that teaches people how to interpret scientific evidence for themselves, as opposed to relying on popular headlines.

    1. Thank you very much MC Sebastian. I appreciate your feedback. I will have a new video out within the next few weeks entitled “Nutrition Scam 101: When Doctors Abuse Your Trust”- the goal is to empower people to become better consumers of health information. All the best.

  44. Thank you this is very helpful to me. What is your opinion on Natural Progesterone Hormone cream?

    1. My pleasure. The current evidence for natural progesterone creams is poor or inconsistent. A two year double blind controlled study showed no benefit for bone mass among postmenopausal women. Perhaps more studies in the future will yield better results.

  45. If I have been taken monthly ibandronic acid for three years, with calcium plus vitamin D, I do have an excellent nutricion. I started with a marked osteoporosis and this level went back to mild osteoporosis in two years, I had to continue with the treatment but now I have a highest level of osteoporosis than at the begining of the treatment . I had been taken my thyroid hormone since 8 years ago. Is it possible to stop this monthly ibandronic acid and continue with the natural and good nutritional advises without any risk? I do also take hydrolyzed collagen because I do also have osteoarthrosis.

    1. Hello Teresa,

      there is no quality evidence that ingesting hydrolyzed collagen would improve your symptoms. Whether or not to continue with bone medications is a decision you must make with your doctor. Regardless of what you do with medications and supplements, there is no replacement for good diet and exercise. I recommend that you visit my Markito Nutrition website to watch other videos as well as read the articles, one of them is on hypothyroidism and another summarizes the success stories of people who reversed osteoporosis through lifestyle changes. All the best.

  46. I admire your telling the truth to your patients and the general public.thank you ,God bless

  47. Thank you for this!! I am a 10 year vegan and I walk 3 miles a day with my dog. My doctor told me I could die if I don’t take Fosamax. I feel better— I also work out in a gym.

  48. Very interesting lecture. How about Kefir milk? My integrative medicine doctor wants me to drink it (and I do).

    1. Thank you Bonnie. I do not recommend any dairy products, and this includes raw or fermented milk. There are safer, much healthier, and more complete sources of beneficial bacteria, such as a good probiotic supplement or sauerkraut (fermented cabbage). Furthermore, a proper plant-based diet is the best way to support the good bacteria in our gut.

    1. Stafili,

      Sprouting grains, legumes, nuts and seeds reduces phytic acid. You can learn more about the incredible benefits of sprouting on my website. Furthermore, phytates have been found to be an anti-cancer, as well as showing characteristics of a vitamin. The reason phytates are known as “anti-nutrients” is due to the fact that when taking large quantities on a nutrient-poor (processed food) diet, they can limit absorption of nutrients. However, this is not an issue at all when consuming a proper diet. Furthermore, scientists found that women who consume the highest phytate foods have better bone density. And, as mentioned earlier, sprouting strongly increases nutritional content many times over. There is an entire section on sprouts on my website under “Living Foods” where you can learn more about the benefits of each seed as well as how to prepare some simple recipes.

      1. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. That was exactly my point! That sprouting and soaking destroys the phytates (phytic acid) which as you say are anti-cancrenic. So should we sprout and soak to increase mineral absorption or not so as not to destroy phytates?

        1. Thank you for your good question. Phytates are reduced, but not completely eliminated. All grains, seeds and nuts should be sprouted before consumption as this increases their overall nutritional value and benefits, including improving our digestion. Sprouting brings a dormant seed to life, and with that comes a whole array of health boosting properties that are continually being discovered. At my practice we teach our clients to soak and sprout all seeds, a step that has helped them achieve great success in improving their health.

  49. Thank you so much for this information. It is sorely needed in America and I truly hope many women and doctors take the time to listen! I have a lot of formal education in nutrition and I couldn’t agree more. The more I live and learn, the more I question some of my formal training (sorry to say!).

  50. You got the perfect point!!! US bio-pharmaceutical corporations keep create tons of new diseases in the name of science! But they just look for money at all!!! Thank you for the great video!!!

  51. I enjoyed the lecture. The information about osteopenia was useful. Many people don’t know about the dangers of supplementing with calcium carbonate or cow’s milk. It is good to see the information circulating on the Internet. The lecture seemed to turn into a campaign for vegetarianism toward the end. I agree that Americans do not eat enough raw food as a whole.

    I disagree with the hypothesis that attempting to alkalize the body is a good way to reduce bone loss. Acidic conditions in the stomach, especially, are necessary for mineral absorption. If your body needs minerals then it seems a better idea to supply them from natural sources, or chelated (acidified) minerals when necessary. Trying to prevent the body from tapping into its emergency source of minerals (the bones), is like taking a pain pill rather than pulling a splinter from the skin. The source of the problem should be addressed, not just the symptom.

    I agree that the American diet would be healthier if raw vegetables, not meat, was the major part of the meals. Trying to alkalize the body is another matter. People lose some of their ability to produce hydrochloric acid as they age. This makes digestion of vital nutrients more difficult, not to mention creating heart burn and acid reflux. Trying to alkalize the body only compounds the problem. In my opinion, your body is smarter than you doctor. It wouldn’t hurt to listen to it once in a while.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the lecture. To respond to some of your points: low hydrochloric acid is caused by nutritional deficiencies and an overall poor diet. Many plant foods naturally modulate the stomach’s production of hydrochloric acid. Almost overnight, our clients who transition to a proper plant-based diet eliminate digestive issues, such as heartburn and GERD, that once plagued them for years. Combine improved digestion, a nutrient rich diet, and proper resistance exercise, and you’ve addressed some of the core issues relating to osteoporosis. Thank you.

  52. Thank you for this, confirms everything I’ve always believed about osteoporosis and drug companies. I went wfpb January 2017, feel so much better. Great info about the chia seeds too.?

  53. .. did you mention .. the parallel “mis-diagnosis ” of “precancerous cells ” .. which means (you DON”T have cancer ).. further terrifying women into avoiding sunlight .. and further lessening Vit D production … ???? ( ” You should especially be concerned if you are fair skinned– right?? — higher rates of both .. wonder why ? )

    1. Hello J London, I have an entire video dedicated to vitamin D, it’s called “The Truth About Vitamin D”, and is available on my website as well as on Youtube. Thank you.

  54. Hi, two days ago I bought a dozen of organic eggs in order to use the shell as pure source of Calcium. Today I watched your video *The End of Osteoporosis” in it you refer to eggs shell as a bad thing, are the shell carbonated calcium? Do you advise me not to consume them as calcium source. I would appreciate your answer.

    1. Dear Firyal,

      yes, egg shells are a source of calcium carbonate. I do not recommend them as there are safer, healthier, more nutritionally balanced and bioavailable sources of calcium within a proper plant-based diet. For example, collard greens provide about 300mg of calcium per cup, and about 65% of this calcium is absorbed. In comparison, about 30% of the calcium in dairy is absorbed, and I believe 40% from eggshells. Regardless, it is important to remember that there are health risks associated with many non plant-based calcium supplements (whether purchased from a store or produced at home from egg shells). Hope this helps.

  55. This video was extremely helpful and informative. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and anorexia at age 12. I am now 23, going on 24 in August, and still live with osteoporosis, most likely due to a low weight and improper diet. I recently decided to change my diet and to increase my weight. I am about 5 feet tall and about 86 pounds. Currently, I eat the following on a daily basis:

    Breakfast: Quaker brown maple sugar oatmeal packet + banana + Chobani fruit-flavored Greek yogurt

    Snack: Banana + Chobani yogurt

    Lunch: Whole wheat tortilla + 1/2 cup pinto beans + 2 oz chicken + Gala or Fuji apple

    Snack: 2 salt-free, brown rice cakes + 1 tbsp smooth Skippy peanut butter

    Dinner: 2 whole wheat tortillas + 3 oz chicken + 1 cup diced brown potato + 1 cup veggies (usually a cup of Brussels sprouts & carrots mixed together or a cup of steamed broccoli)

    4.5 cups sparkling, fruit-flavored water

    Any recommendations on how to modify my diet to make it more bone-friendly?

    1. Thank you Amanda.

      For breakfast, the ideal cereal would be a bowl of sprouted whole grains. Please watch my video entitled “Exposing The Whole Grain Myth” to learn more, and also I encourage you to visit the sprouts and microgreens page on this website (click on “Nutrition” from the main menu, and then “Living Foods”).

      Sprouted grains, seeds and legumes allow you to absorb more nutrients, and are a lot easier on the digestive track than non sprouted. A whole foods plant based diet, rich in sprouts and microgreens, supports healthy and strong bones. I encourage you to read my article entitled “Food Revolution: Step 1”.

      When you begin eating the right kinds of foods you will be putting on healthy weight, without excess.

      Finally, you must perform a resistance training routine at least 2-3 times per week. Proper intensity training is the most important factor for developing and maintaining strong bones.

      Wishing you well,


      1. Thanks so much, Marc! ReMARCable advice! ? I will check out those articles and videos. What kind of resistance training should I do? Currently, my lifestyle is pretty sedentary. I only do yoga for an hour on Saturday and Sunday. I know I probably should do something weight-bearing. Do you have any workout tips or tutorials that are not too intense or strenuous?

        1. You are welcome Amanda!

          Regarding exercise: you really can’t negotiate here! Resistance training with the proper intensity is a must. I train yoga instructors who were diagnosed with osteoporosis and needed to start lifting more weight. Simply put, osteoporosis is a weight training deficiency.

          I tend not to give generic workout tips because it is important to evaluate each person’s form and body mechanics before moving forward. I do offer online personal training where each client receives customized detailed videos and programs to follow, but it also requires them to communicate with me often, and to send short videos of themselves performing some of the exercises so that I can properly evaluate their form. You can learn more about this on my Online Personal Training page (first click on “Personal Training” from the main menu). Once your body awareness and mechanics are improved, there is no reason to shy away from intensity.

          If you have any questions do not hesitate to email or call directly.

          Thank you,


          1. Awesome! That sounds like a good personalized training since I don’t live in ??. I will consider signing up for that online training once I finish law school exams next week. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Marc.

            1. My pleasure Amanda. And thank you for sharing your story. It helps others understand that they are not alone. Many clients I work with first came to me with high levels of anxiety and fear caused by their osteoporosis diagnosis. We work daily to expand the network of people who, through sharing, create an empowering support system that is often lacking in what we call the “disease-care system”. Proper exercise and nutrition are the keys to overcoming our health struggles, we just have to be willing to accept responsibility.

              Good luck with your exams!

  56. I have Osteoporosis and have chosen to address it through nutrition (an Alkaline diet), exercise and supplements. And stress management tools. Your video confirms much of what I have learned through my research. Thank you for sharing this and for educating us so well.

  57. Research shows calcium supplements also increase the risk of kidney stones and other health problems.
    Taking a basic calcium carbonate supplement is like trying to eat rocks. So manufacturers add a chelating agent, like citrus extract, to make it more bioavailable (absorbable in the GI tract). However, the final product is poor and even dangerous.
    Your body does absorb other kinds of calcium supplements better, such as calcium orotate. But then the body tries to buffer or cushion this unnatural, artificial calcium in the blood by drawing natural calcium compounds away from the bones.In fact, people in China eat no dairy at all and very little meat, yet they have few problems with osteoporosis.
    I also recommend supplementing your diet with 800 mg per day of magnesium. Although, for ideal levels of magnesium, you may require double that amount. You can also absorb magnesium through the skin. So—swim in seawater or add Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to your bathwater.

  58. I New it all along….but this video totally get the point accross one million percent

  59. I was just diagnosed recently with severe osteoporosis in the spine with a score of 2.9 on the chart and i have a 2.7 in the lower areas of the spine and i have a 2.3 in my femur which they said was osteopenia and they said the only medication or option for right now that possibly could help is an osteosarcoma causing drug called forteo and inject it daily for 2 years…..i honestly dont know who or what to believe because doctors lie sooo much and its hard because i also have severe chrons disease, severe ulcerative colitis, and severe pancolitis since i was 15 years old and im 21 now and in those six years ive had my gallbladder, appendix, and large intestine removed completely, and had a colostomy bag for 6 months and have failed all medical therapy for the diseases just recently and am being sent to the cleveland clinic now after seeing EVERY SINGLE G.I. Specialist IN THE STATE so i truly have no idea who or what to believe and what to do to stop the osteoporosis and completely reverse the damage i have without causing further harm to my body since i am already so messed up with everything else

    1. Hello,

      it’s certainly been a difficult journey for you- and I fully sympathize with the challenges you have faced. Youtube is not the ideal avenue to discuss specifics of your case. What I can tell you is that green juices have some very positive medicinal effects, especially since they are absorbed very easily even for people with a comprised digestive system. Please visit my website at to learn more about the benefits of proper juicing. This is the ideal way for you to get nutrients into your system.

      Osteoporosis is a weight lifting deficiency – so in addition to eating the right types of plant-based foods, it is imperative that you begin a proper intensity exercise routine. Therapeutic, plant-based nutrition coupled with proper resistance training is the one-two punch that can significantly improve your situation. The specialists you have seen often do not have an education in nutrition or exercise, and that’s unfortunate – but it’s never too late for you better educate yourself and change certain lifestyle habits. You can achieve a lot.

  60. Great video thank you. What about someone who has osteoporosis and hypothyroidism common is women, vitamin D3, Organic Collagen Powder and omega 3 from wild salmon. Chia seeds are great of course.

    1. Jane Roth I’ve witnessed clients with hypothyroidism achieve incredible results by adopting a proper plant-based diet. My most recent client reduced her TSH from over 10 to under 3. Something she had not been able to do in over 10 years. For more information I recommend you contact me directly through my Markito Nutrition website. Also, you can watch my video on fish and the one on dioxins to understand why I do not recommend fish or fish oil, especially for women with thyroid issues. I also have a video on vitamin D. Most importantly, at my practice I am seeing young women with hypothyroidism at alarming rates- and they have all done exceptionally well- results achieved have shocked their endocrinologists. So there is a lot you can do – and the sooner you start cleaning out your diet the better.

  61. excellent video!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Osteoporosis and my dr. prescribed me with vit D3. she prescribed it to me because I don’t get much sunlight, since I live in Western Washington state and I can’t be in the sunlight that much. My question is will this cause my bone density decrease more or will it be ok? I do eat a lot of veggies and am starting an exercise regimen.

  62. WOW. I’m 60 years old and have been diagnosed with Osteopenia and was about to purchase supplements recommended by my doctor. I’ve lived an active lifestyle eating a high protein, veggie diet. Thanks to your ‘Amazing Educational Video’, I am going to adjust my diet, increase my resistance training and get out everyday and forget about the supplements. I’m now a fan and a follower. Thank you.

    1. I am very glad that you got to see the video before making any decisions. It is important to ask questions before accepting any treatment. A good doctor will not feel threatened when a patient asks “could you please refer me to the studies that support your recommendations”. All the best.

    1. That’s good news, happy you feel less stress. Now I hope to motivate you to exercise and improve overall nutrition!

  63. Came across this in the nick of time… Was almost convinced by doctor to take a prolia shot.. Until I saw the side effects of it.. At 55 I am not ready to give in.. Thanks you for the video..

  64. Thank you because of this information I am canceling my appointment to get a reclast infusion. I was so afraid of this and now I feel so much better. I will do my exercises and eat properly. You are awesome, I am 68 and Puerto Rican my mom had it and she died at 96 years of age and never had any fractures. Again thank you.

  65. I’m 44 and have osteoporosis since 8 BMD in femur neck dropped to 4.4 during the last 2 years as a result of using cyclosporin for autoimmune anemia appeared 4 years ago..i have no obvious reasons for osteoporosis and I took prolia for 2 years but didn’t work..I’m disappointed and don’t know to do next..I’m not planning to take bisphosphonate

    1. Hi there, the very best steps you can take to improve your overall health while also strengthening your bones is resistance training and proper nutrition. The most important factor in exercise is proper intensity (resistance). This is what signals the bones to recover their mass. If you need further assistance I provide nutrition consultations and online personal training through my website (

  66. Thank you for this. It’s exactly what I need. I already have a good diet I just need to tweek it a bit but I need to get out and walk more and do some weight bearing exercise. I just got a letter from my HMO telling me that my bone scan reveals that I have osteoporosis. I am otherwise healthy. I am 65 and I have desk job that I’ve had for two years. I feel like my balance, muscle tone and strength have declined rapidly over the last two years I do not want to take their drugs so now I have the back up I need to do what I need to do. Thank you!

    1. You are welcome Sandy. You have the right mindset to accomplish your goals. Wish you all the best.

  67. Thank you so much, I was prescribed boniva and never take it because of all the side effects.
    And now I was prescribed again something call Alendronate , but I WON’T BE TAKING IT
    Instead I’ll get the natural options. THANK YOU?

  68. Great video, very educational. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, T score of 2.6. I have exercised most of my life – am 68 – including resistance and light weight training. I realise my diet could do with some changes – to become more alkaline and less acidic which I am slowly changing. I will not have the Prolia injections which my doctor has recommended but have consulted a naturopath and am making more lifestyle changes and taking natural supplements. A huge thank you though for your videos. :D

    1. +Vince Petre Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate your comment about my videos. I am glad that the information is reaching the public. I wish you the best, and keep lifting weights!

      1. Marc Jaoude
        Thanks for video. I am 62 and t-score 3.8. Poor score. Dr. need me take fosomax now. I am now do more exercise walk 2.5 mile and like weight bearing. Can I stop medicines and just do whatever in your video!

        1. Dear May Y. Lam, taking medications is an individual decision that must be made on a case by case basis. This video outlines my general thoughts about these drugs, including their side effects. Having said that, regardless of whether or not you chose to continue your meds, the only way to ensure a healthy skeletal system is through proper exercise and nutrition. There is no medication that can replace healthy lifestyle choices. For more information you can visit my website at Thank you.

  69. Thank you very much for this video and all your work and science putting it together. I am diagnosed w. osteoporosis and the rheumatologist I went to automatically ordered Forteo without discussing it or any options or anything else. All in 15 minutes!!!!! Without knowing anything about my health or drugs I take or anything else. So although I am 76 I am not dumb and know that I need to do my own research. I was really GLAD to run across your video. I cannot thank you enough.

    1. +Judith England Thank you for your kind words Judith. You are very wise to review the research for yourself. In the history of science and medicine nothing has shown to be more effective for preventing and reversing chronic disease than proper exercise and nutrition. I wish you the best.

  70. Your final word is totally wrong. My age is 30 I have Osteoporosis since long year but I don’t have any other disease.

    1. Unfortunately today’s standard for good health means not having a disease. We should begin to view good health as more than just the absence of disease. Furthermore, most chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, are cumulative over time. This means that what you do at a young age impacts what happens to you later in life. The solution to good health is to be proactive and not reactive. All the best.

  71. This was the most logical, helpful, and accurate lecture I have ever
    heard on osteoporosis! My doctor has been trying for years to get me on
    hormone replacement because I’ve been in the osteoporosis zone for over 10 years (since my mid-40’s). However, my T-score has barely changed, even though I am now post-menopausal. I refuse to go on hormones or any other drug. I have changed my diet to include more greens, seeds, and nuts, and I do Ashtanga yoga, a form of yoga that incorporates a lot of weight bearing postures. I also take a whole food, organic calcium supplement and mutli-vitamin. THAT’S IT! That is my recipe for bone health. Every woman should listen to this lecture and take Marc’s advice. Do not be scared of osteoporosis! And DO NOT listen to your doctor if he/she tries to scare you with statistics of how many women break hips and end up in nursing homes. It is all just a scare tactic,
    and unfortunately shows how uneducated the medical profession in the U.S really is.

    1. +JoAnne Ruggeri Thank you for your comments and for sharing your story. It is much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  72. great video. nutrition is the answer. no big pharma drug pushers. I LOVE HOW YOU SAID WRINKILOSIS ! LOL LOVE IT !!! THAT WAS THE BEST LOL !!!

    1. +Faris Ansari Alcohol interferes with the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, it also negatively impacts hormones that affect our bone health. Simply put, alcohol leeches calcium away from our bones, reduces the body’s ability to make new bone, and affects several organ systems to the detriment of our overall health and well-being. Anything that damages the liver is a big problem. It’s funny how they still market alcohol by saying that two drinks are good for you, but that 3 or 4 are harmful. Seems rather arbitrary, and there is no good science to support the benefits of a few drinks, whereas the dangers of alcohol are well documented. The choice of how much alcohol to consume is up to each person, and if health was the only priority, the answer would be not to consume any amount at all.

      1. +Marc Jaoude Thank you very much for the advice and your time. I have learned from the internet that also smoking is not good for bone health. Is that correct?

        1. +Faris Ansari Yes, there are direct links between tobacco use and bone health. The good news is that the negative effects of smoking on bone health are reversible once we stop smoking. The goal is to remove irritants, such as alcohol and tobacco, and to increase our consumption of high antioxidant foods that serve to reverse existing damage, and protect us from an ever increasing onslaught of toxins in our environment.

    1. +linda mc Thank you Linda. I do not recommend any dairy products even if fermented. On the other hand, some of the best probiotics we can consume come from raw fermented cabbage (sauerkraut). This is also rich in vitamins C and k. Just make sure that it is not pasteurized or, better yet, make it yourself- it’s not difficult at all. All the best.

  73. Hello, I loved your video and follow most of your suggestions. But i have a question. Since I have some (very few) diverticules, my doctor told me not to eat any seeds. I am afraid of the chia. Any suggestion? I really appreciate your answer!!

    1. +Inés Pérez-Redondo A proper plant-based diet, naturally high in fibre, is best for preventing issues such as diverticulosis and diverticulitis. There is no strong evidence that seeds need to be avoided, and it would be a shame to avoid foods that help to maintain a healthy colon. It is ideal to sprout or at least soak seeds and nuts before consumption, this step improves the nutritional content as well as digestibility. Thanks for watching.

  74. the reason osteoporosis and breast cancer occur together is because of the meds taken for breast cancer such as tamoxifen and letrazole which weaken the bones.

    1. +beautysmiling Yes, and also because of the poor diet and/or low levels of exercise!

  75. Thank you for the info!
    You have made my year!

    God Bless and much peace your way.

    Oh my I have wrinkliosis!

  76. Very good video, I live here in Edmonton, Canada. It is very cold up here and I feel sometimes my bones are not going to last very long; I am only 31. I’ve been doing a lot of research and your video sums up everything I’ve been researching. However, keep weight on is difficult without the animal based food for fat an insulation.
    Other than that i’ve been trying to eat more vegetables, more alkaline foods and less acidic, been doing resistance training and been thinking about this myself. Also have to find a way to get access to more sunlight; planning to buy UVB lights, any comment on UVB lights? Anyway, thank you for posting your video.

    1. Hello Dao, you can find all the info regarding the UVB lights I use and recommend below my video “The Truth About Vitamin D”- which is available on my Markito Nutrition website. Thanks for watching.

  77. A youtube viewer asked the following question:

    “I heard that spinach and broccoli have lots of oxalate which is no good for keeping calcium in bones, is this true?”

    Here was my response:

    “Oxalic acid does not effect calcium in bones. Oxalic acid is beneficial to the body, even acting as an antioxidant. You are referring to the fact that oxalates reduce the bioavailability of certain minerals from the food itself and, when looking at the big picture, this is not an issue to be concerned about. There is so much more calcium in oxalate rich vegetables, and plenty will be absorbed. A proper plant-based diet with lots of raw living foods- especially sprouts and microgreens- provides the most concentrated and balanced nutrition to support our health and well being.”

    1. Thank you very much Louisetta. I am glad that people are responding well to the video and finding the information useful. It serves as encouragement for the next one. All the best.

  78. I noticed that one other comment mentioned thyroid and poor bone health being related. I had thyroid cancer five years ago and my thyroid was removed. They put me on Synthroid and after I researched it I knew I was at risk of bone loss from this medication. I’ve been active all my life but since then I tried to exercise more, do yoga, and even weight bearing exercise (admittedly my least favorite). Recently I wanted to get a baseline bone density scan so I could monitor my bone health over the years. I am 55 years old and was shocked and discouraged when I was told I have osteoporosis. I too felt like I was going to be a cripple for life and I greatly appreciate you explanation of how they compare one’s bone loss. I do drink plain organic keifer in my morning smoothie. Is organic keifer better than milk? I’d hate to give up my morning smoothie since I not only put in keifer, but raw previously soaked flax seeds, green cabbage, berries, and whey protein powder. I don’t buy the fruit off season but buy it and freeze it in season so it should be ripe. I know about the dangers of pasteurization and am seriously considering making my own keifer from organic raw milk.

    1. Dear Patty Vroegindewey,

      in response to your question, yes- bone health is associated to many other issues, such as thyroid health, digestive problems and cholesterol. As I mention in my video, we cannot look at bone health in isolation.

      I do not recommend kefir (or any milk product), whey protein, or unsprouted flax seeds. Green juices are best, they are easy for the body to digest and provide you with an abundance of nutrients especially when you include microgreens. I understand that weight bearing exercise is your least favourite but, with close to 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, I guarantee you there are ways to make it fun and stimulating. In short, there is no way around this one- you have to commit to weight bearing exercise if you want to prevent further complications. If you need more support or have specific questions, I have a few support programs set up, for both exercise and nutrition, that you may find useful. All the best.

  79. Wish this information was available BEFORE I TOOK FOSAMAX which caused my right jaw to be negativity affect as well as loose some healthy teeth.

    1. Dear Sharon, I am sorry to hear about your jaw and teeth issues. Hopefully you are now on a better path to health. All the best.

  80. I cant even BEGIN to tell you all the crap I went through since being diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I decided to give up on all the garbage I was being prescribed. When I went back for my annual check up and bone scan, I discovered that the osteo had not only stopped its advancement…it actually backed up!! My doctor asked what I was doing differently. I told her I stopped taking all the garbage I was prescribed. I am now on a no grain,no sugar, no wheat diet. Guess what…never felt better

    1. Dear Helene, I am glad you are doing much better. Congratulations! Sounds like you gave up processed food and are feeling the benefits. I just want to specify that there is a quite a big difference between consuming processed grains versus sprouted whole grains (all grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes should be sprouted before consumption). Also, proper intensity resistance training is key for continuing your progress. All the best.

  81. very interesting video ” if you do not want to have osteoporosis, do not drink milk, but go for a walk with your cow”

    1. Thank you very much Loraine, your comments are much appreciated. I am glad the video had such a positive effect, this is what drives me to continue to work hard. All the best.

  82. *Exercise provides the resistance your bones need to stay strong. Strength training benefits the bones in your arms and upper spine. This can mean free weights, weight machines, or resistance bands. Weight-bearing exercise like walking or jogging and low-impact aerobics like elliptical training or biking can be beneficial.*

  83. Thank you for this video. I like others I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis for the past 3 yrs after a hairline fracture. I was prescribed with drugs I did not take because I went online and researched their properties. Needless to say this diagnosis left me in low spirit for sometime. I started doing weight bearing exercises and modified my diet.I do suffer from pains in my back and hips. Wonder if you would be so kind as to suggest certain superfoods to assist in maintaining my health. Thankfully yours.

    1. Dear Ginga, thank you for watching. I responded to your question last week but for some reason my response seems to have disappeared from YouTube. For the pain in your back and hips, I suggest that you add some glute activation exercises. Strengthening your gluteal muscles can help alleviate the stress placed on the lower back and hips. In response to your question about “superfoods”- I do not like to use the term “superfood” because it’s been overdone and exaggerated. The most nutritionally complete foods are sprouts and microgreens. I invite you to visit my website at to learn more about these foods and to have access to some of the most nourishing, easy to prepare recipes. All the best.

  84. I should have read all the comments before commenting myself. I saw below someone else who had osteoporosis and thyroid issues. I forgot that along with my osteoporosis, I too was told my thyroid was imbalanced at a 6.9. Are the two related?

  85. I loved your video. I am 57 and have been active all my life. The only changes I’ve had recently was that I went on a 2 month diet of only meat, and veggies, no carbs or fruit basically and lost almost every inch of fat on my body and loved. I am very active and have been in excellent health. So I was shocked (and still am) that I have a 31 on my BMI which put me in osteoporosis of the spine and osteopenia of the hip. It has turned my world upside down. So I’m really excited to change my diet to less protein and begin a high intensity strength training. Do you have a list of exercises, or a video link or some way that I can follow a program that is high intensity enough? thanks for all you do.

    1. Hello Lisa,

      thank you for your comments. I’ll respond to both of your questions here:

      The bad rep that “carbs” have gotten over the past few years is quite unfortunate. There is a huge difference between simple processed carbs (sugar) and the complex carbs that are found in beans, nuts, whole grains and vegetables. Through the science of nutrition, we are discovering more every day just how essential carbohydrates are not only to sustain our energy levels, but also for supporting our immune system. It is no wonder that ancient civilizations depended on various forms of carbohydrates for their survival. I invite you to visit my website to learn more about nutrition as well as recipes that can help you maintain strong, healthy bones.

      Regarding weight loss: there are many ways to lose weight, and that’s why there are thousands of diets and weight loss books out on the market. The truth, however, is that proper weight loss should be a side effect of healthy eating. With the type of diet I teach my clients, they can literally eat as much as they want and maintain their ideal weight. However, if we begin with the idea that our main goal is weight loss, we tend to do whatever it takes to achieve this end point only to find out that we compromised our health along the way. Fact- if you focus on health and performance first, weight loss will follow.

      Yes, issues with the endocrine system contribute to bone loss. Hyperthyroidism is associated to osteoporosis. In your case, a TSH score of 6.9 would indicate hypothyroidism and not hyper. With women, and even men, we are seeing more thyroid issues than ever before and, due to diet and higher exposure to environmental toxins, it’s starting at a younger age. The good news is that we can do a lot to prevent this if we get educated on the subject. For example, I have a young client in her 20’s suffering from hypothyroidism, but by adapting a proper plant-based diet and starting to exercise she is managing to achieve results that her doctors had once told her were impossible. She has her energy back and is feeling better than ever.

      Once again, it bears repeating, you can sucessfully lose weight while destroying the different organ systems in your body- or you can work to improve every facet of your health, and, as a consequence, achieve your weight loss goal as well. It’s a tough sell to educate clients about their overall health when they come in wanting quick weight loss results- but both these things are possible. You CAN achieve your ideal body weight while also improving your health. It just takes stronger dedication and a desire to learn. Today, I refuse any client that is only interested in weight loss. I may be the only personal trainer that does this- and probably not the best business person! But the message is getting through- I’ve witnessed my clients not only make dramatic improvements, but also working to help their loved ones by sharing what they learn.

      Regarding exercise: I use a highly individualized approach for training each client. The quickest and most simple advise that I can give you is to focus on larger movements- what we call compound exercises- and, in between “heavy” workouts have one session where you focus more on balance and stabilization exercises in order to make sure that the smaller supporting muscles are being worked. I cannot stress the importance of proper movement mechanics. I only increase the intensity when my client’s movements are fluid and well coordinated.

      If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact me. All the best.

  86. Wow I wish I had watched this before I took my first ( and LAST) dose of Boniva! It made me so sick I felt like I had food poisoning, and I am still achy all over. Could I have done damage to my system by taking one dose of this drug?? Thank you for your video– I learned so much. And I guess the best thing also is to return the Calcuim Citrate caps which I just bought.

    1. Happy to know the video made an impact on you. All drugs can serve a purpose- the problem, however, is when a drug becomes the rule as opposed to the exception.

      Modern medicine has made incredible strides in certain areas, namely trauma care, but when it comes to chronic health issues traditional treatments do not get a passing grade. Prescription medications are a top leading cause of death in North America even when taken as prescribed (my video on the Leading Cause of Death in Canada tackles this issue in detail). In short, if you actually break your hip or have a heart attack, thank goodness for modern medical care. But, when you wish to avoid that trauma in the first place, it would serve you better to choose a different path than taking drugs without a very strong reason.

      Proper nutrition and exercise therapy are the keys to preventing and reversing osteoporosis, as well as a long list of the most common health issues that affect a large majority of the population. Thank you for watching, and all the best.

  87. Thank you very much for the very informative video. You cleared my confusion about calcium supplements. After entering menopause ten years ago, I had been diagnosed as osteopenia for several years, but recently I was diagnosed as osteoporosis based on the t-score for left femoral neck being -2.6 compared to -1.8 a year ago. A strange thing is that, eight months out of this 12 month period, I have worked on weight-resistence training five times a week. I have the following questions: 1) is this considered a “normal” decrease or something that I have to pay attention to immediately? 2) Why didn’t my exercise efforts benefit to my bone health at all? 3) Can the plant-based diet and exercise programs reverse the osteoporosis or only curb it? I would appreciate your answer, Marc.

    1. Hello Polaris Mu,

      based on studies, 5 years after menopause bone loss generally continues at a rate of about 1% per year. Bone loss can increase due to underlying health issues that have to do with other organ systems. For example, a problem with digestion, especially if taking acid blocking drugs such as Nexium, can increase risk for osteoporosis. Blood sugar problems as well as hormonal issues such as hyperthyroidism can also weaken bones. Therefore, it is best to consult with your doctor to make sure that your overall health is moving in the right direction. As I say at the end of my video, the skeletal system is affected by the overall health of the other 10 organ systems of the body, and we can’t look at osteoporosis as being an isolated health issue.

      Having said that, yes, you can reverse osteoporosis with proper exercise and nutrition. The most important factor of your exercise program is not duration or frequency, but INTENSITY. One study that I referred to in a previous comment showed that even older women can increase their bone density if they perform high intensity strength training at least twice a week. I’ve witnessed my clients increase their bone density in under a year just by increasing their resistance training. Osteoporosis, in general, is a weight-training deficiency- and it doesn’t matter how often you are training if the intensity is not where it should be. Take care of your overall health, and reevaluate your training and nutrition in the process. All the best.

  88. You say if your dexa scan tests show your bone health has decreased more than a normal amount then you could be looking at a problem What is a normal amount for bones to decrease yearly.

    1. Dear Nan3553, thank you for your question.

      Bone mass normally starts to decrease between 45 and 50 years of age for men and continues at a rate of 0.4% to .75% per year. Females have 3 phases of bone loss- the first phase starts between 30 and 35 years of age at a rate of .75% to 1% per year until menopause. The rate of bone loss increases during and after menopause to between 2% and 3% per year. During the final phase, 5 years after menopause, bone loss continues at about 1% per year.

      Most importantly, individuals that exercise and have a high level of physical activity will delay and reduce the onset of bone loss. For example, research has shown that a strength training program can increase the spinal bone mass of postmenopausal women by 9% in just one year. Another study showed that older women who participated in high-intensity strength training twice a week for a year were able to increase their bone density by 1%, whereas the women in the non-exercising control group suffered a bone density loss of 1.8% to 2.5%.

      It is a fact that if you do not engage in weight bearing exercise you will not have strong bones. This is why I instruct my clients to focus on improving their overall strength, balance and coordination, and remind them that dramatic improvements are possible at any age. I’ve had the pleasure of training people for close to 15 years and have witnessed these improvements firsthand. It’s a wonderful thing!

  89. i have osteoporosis too thank u those seed bowl look nasty i do not know if i can digest it i have IBS too looks like all nasty things good for you and paralytic partial too food intolerant i shall add more raw smoothies can i add those seed to the smoothie

    1. Dear Lucille,

      smoothies are not well digested especially when symptoms of IBS are present. This is because digestion of plant based foods begins in the mouth through the action of chewing. Even if the smoothie is quite liquid, it still poses a challenge for the body to absorb because the fibre has not been removed. It is recommended that you turn to juicing instead. As a general rule, and especially when you are suffering from digestive issues, drink juices and eat (chew) whole foods.

      IBS, crohns, and colitis are all issues that can be improved and even reversed with a proper diet. In the beginning the diet needs to be more therapeutic as the person begins to heal damage caused from years of abuse. It is extremely important that symptoms of IBS be taken very seriously before it leads to further health complications. Attention to detail is imperative and so is consistency as you improve the overall balance of your digestive system, especially if you have other underlying health conditions. If you do not provide your body with the proper plant based foods that it requires to function optimally, the situation will get worse. The problem, however, is that a compromised digestive system has difficulty breaking down the very same foods that are most important, and, in the short term, a person feels safer consuming the wrong types of foods not knowing that this is worsening their situation for the long term.

      A period of green juicing with the introduction of easier to digest plant based foods can be introduced gradually to fortify the system, and meals are kept quite simple with few ingredients. I’ve seen tremendous improvements with clients who get on the right path, and the positive results have at times occurred in just a week. For example, just earlier this month I had sessions with a client visiting from another city who came to learn what to do about a very severe case of IBS- she literally could no longer eat without the feeling of wanting to pass out. By the end of the week she returned home a changed woman, full of energy and life. More importantly, she learned how to take charge of the situation through proper nutrition and exercise, and that is the key.

      Once symptoms have improved, more elaborate recipes can be enjoyed. However, first and foremost, the priority is on healing. For more information you can visit – Finally, as I mention at the end of the video, osteoporosis doesn’t just appear on its own as an isolated health problem. By the time that our skeletal system is affected we already have signs of damage from other organ systems in our body. The good news is that all of our organ systems require the same solution to heal and improve, and the solution is proper exercise, nutrition, and, in some difficult circumstances when our health limits us in certain ways, the commitment to work through obstacles with strong dedication. All the best.

  90. Hi, I had my first Bone Density scan 5 months ago at age 56 & was told I had Osteoporosis -2.8 on my spine area. My blood work showed my Vit D level at 28. I started taking Citracal twice daily along with another 1,000 IU Vit D as recommended by my doctor as I did not want to take any prescription meds. I have always exercised by walking on the treadmill & doing some hand weight exercises. I was told to now walk with weights in my hands as well. I just had my Vit D bloodwork done again a few weeks ago & it now shows my level at 39 for which I am glad. Your video however has gotten me scared about taking the Citracal & additional Vit D pills. Can you please tell me should I not be taking these & if not, what should I take instead? I appreciate your help on this. Paula

    1. Dear Paula,

      mega doses of isolated nutrients are too often prescribed without enough understanding of the potential risks. Our body benefits from a proper balance of many nutrients, and I am always cautious about taking a big dose of a single mineral or vitamin. Today, for example, many calcium supplements on the market include magnesium- this is because the important relationship between calcium and magnesium is well understood, and there are dangers of having too much calcium and not enough magnesium. In the next few years we may discover even more issues with proper nutrient ratios. In short, often times, and certainly in the history of isolated and synthetically derived supplements, we’ve been guinea pigs taking mega doses that should have been prescribed as the exception and not the rule.

      If I was forced to isolate a single cause for osteoporosis it would be a weight training deficiency. Walking on a treadmill, or using light hand weights is certainly not sufficient. Today, due to the fact that we do very little hard manual labor, the need to add more intense (heavier) resistance training to our lifestyle is of the utmost importance. It is advised to progress gradually through the help of a personal trainer if you are not comfortable doing this on your own. Vitamin D deficiency is a sunshine deficiency, and it’s also the result of a poor diet- not because the diet is void of vitamin D (vitamin D isn’t really a vitamin because, technically, there is no need to consume it)- but because certain foods, such as animal based foods, can block your body’s ability to convert the storage form of vitamin D to the active form. My next video will be on vitamin D and, time permitting, I hope to post it in the very near future.

      In short, I applaud you for doing your research and asking questions. I believe that you are on the right path. The last point I will leave you with, as I mention in my video on osteoporosis, is to remember to take care of your overall health and wellness because if you focus on one issue, such as bone health, you may zoom in on too many details that, in the end, do not result in a healthier you. There are 11 organ systems in your body that would all benefit from better exercise and improved overall nutrition as well as more sunshine. Focusing on just one system, such as your skeletal system, without taking the rest of your body into consideration is what the synthetic supplement industry often sells us on. Your next steps are to increase your intake of nutrient dense sprouted grains and legumes, add green juices to your diet (these are the real multi-vitamins that your body can absorb) and dedicate yourself to weight training. Also look for whole food, plant based supplements with zero synthetic ingredients to help support your overall health and wellness. Our clients consume several forms of algae (such as a blue green algae known as AFA that you can find
      here) as well as our wheatgrass and other green juices that consist of sunflower micro greens.

      All the best.

  91. Thank you so much for your great videos, clear and concise. You open people’s eyes to all the lies and deceiving that we are bombarded with, with only the purpose of making the pharmaceutical and food industries rich. People have to start taking care of their own health, with a plant based diet.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you MC Sebastian. Success to me is when a client begins to realize that they are indeed responsible for their health, and that the power of proper exercise along with a plant-based diet is more powerful than any of the medications prescribed for chronic health issues.

      Just this week I received a client who had been taking close to 10 medications for health issues ranging from muscular and nerve pain in her neck, shoulder and back, to IBS, constant heart burn and severe dizziness as well as overall weakness. Still, in just 7 days of focused exercise and a diet transformation she was able to feel better than she had in over a year. Her body reacted so fast that it literally surprised her as well as her doctor. More importantly, by the end of the week she felt that she was on course for a full recovery. The most important part of our sessions during the week was education, and this is what has left her with a feeling of empowerment that she can take with her as she returns home to her city. As you said so perfectly- people need to start taking care of their own health, and it all begins with the right education to show them how to do it. Thanks again for your feedback, all the best.

  92. My friend has been diagnosed with spinal arthritis at age 45. He doesn’t believe in medication. He wants natural based remedy to cure is back. So what you suggest for him to do.

    1. Dear Robin Lee, the solution is to begin a proper exercise program with an emphasis on resistance training that allows your friend to progress gradually. It is important to focus on improving posture, as well as movement mechanics in order to relieve the extra strain that he places on his spine on a daily basis. Controlling back and neck problems is all about daily maintenance, daily movement, and consistent exercise to prevent muscle imbalances. For example, many people I see on a daily basis have what we call a forward head position- their head is too far forward placing excessive stress on the neck and, over time, this leads to disc compression, damage and early arthritis. My advise for your friend would be to get a good personal trainer and to take a proactive approach to improving his posture through resistance training.

      The next focus is good nutrition- a proper plant-based diet can lower inflammation throughout the body and significantly help arthritis sufferers. Arthritis is not a disease- it is just a part of life and of getting older- and the solution is healthier living. Your friend is smart not to accept medications- in the US alone adverse effects due to NSAIDs, such as Advil, are responsible for more than 100,000 hospitalizations and more than 16,000 deaths each year. We all suffer from some form of arthritis- and it’s up to us to strengthen our body through exercise and nutrition in order to maintain a functional and pain-free life. All the best to you and your friend.

  93. My dad is 85. He had by pass sirgery 22 years ago and has always had a bad back. Recently his back pain has gotten so severe his dr. recommended getting a bone cement injection which he did. I tried to discourage it as I did not know if that was ging to hep his situatin. Seems to have either made it worse or not done anything toimprove it except leaving him hunched over al the time. He did statr purusing a healthier diet along the lines of the forks over knives diet about two years ago although he was not on board 100%. Now he’s been told to calcium supplments and a RX and Forteo injections. I have been telling him basically what you are describing that the supplements and injections are not the answer. He said his dr. told him his discs are deteriroating. Is dietary change stil the best medicine for him or is he past that point? Also where are you located , is there a way he can get in touch with you or does he just need to follow the forks over knives type of diet? With heart disease, diabetes and obesity reaching astronomical proportions, the food and dairy industry continuing to promote their unhealthy diets and doctors prescribing more prescriptions every single day; not to metnion the Ebola nd Enterovirus catastrophies that are going on as we speak; sometimes it seems the entire health care system is a fraud? Thank you for your informative video!

    1. Dear Greg, it’s a very difficult position that you find yourself in- between your dad and his medical team. It can be quite emotional especially when we want the best for our loved ones.

      I train several individuals over 70 and 80 years old, and the results they experience through proper exercise is amazing. My most recent 70+ year old client started to exercise following quintuple bypass surgery- his posture was terrible at first. Yet, after just one year you wouldn’t recognize him. He stands much taller, and is able to carry his grandchild through an entire mall. This is a man who never trained in his life. So, to answer your question, it is never too late to start and to see great results. Weight bearing exercise is crucial to maintain function, especially as you age- and we can always improve regardless of certain limitations we may have. We can work around our limitations.

      My studio is in Montreal, Canada. My advise for you is to find someone local your dad can work with 2-3 times a week- a personal trainer/physiotherapist that has experience with your dad’s medical history- and one that seems proactive in his/her approach rather than highly conservative. Got to have some fun too.

      Regarding nutrition: following the Forks over Knives diet is a great start but it’s not enough. There is more to nutrition and health than simply avoiding animal based food and following a whole foods plant based diet. For example, there are very important nutrients that are gone from food after cooking. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate raw plant based foods into his diet. Another problem when people switch to a plant-based diet is that they begin consuming too many fruits- and fruits today have been hybridized to be very high in sugar- not something that you would want your dad to over indulge in. I recommend that you visit my Markito Nutrition website and start incorporating some of the information that you see there. You will learn about the benefits of sprouts and microgreens. Simply put, when it comes to nutrition there is good-better-best, and when we are suffering from a health issue we need to get as close as possible to doing what it best for us.

      And remember, as much as you want your dad to do everything he can do to get better, it ultimately comes down to him wanting it. Education removes fear (such as the fear of what would happen if you didn’t take your calcium supplement)- and once we are better educated about what we have to do we need support to follow through with it- and your dad is lucky to have you supporting him in this way. 

  94. I would just like to ask that the acidity due to the acidic medications or foods is overcoming the positive effects associated with the bisphosphate medications? Thanks

  95. Hi…was just told I have osteoporosis a year ago. Started juicing, exercising regularly and eating a less acidic diet. I also have hypothyroid and hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I have just found out that several of the items I am juicing to help my bones (carrots, kale, and spinach) are goitrogens which have a harmful affect on my thyroid!! I can’t win!! 🙁

    1. Dear Donna, I hope you are doing better. I replied to you two years ago but, as I was scrolling down the comments today, I noticed that my reply was removed for some reason. Here it is again:

      I have seen clients reduce their TSH score from over 10 to below 2.5 just by changing their nutrition. You can win! First, I will tell you never to juice carrots or beets due to the fact that these are very high in sugar. The same goes for fruits. You can eat them whole, but do not juice them. In terms of dietary goitrogens, I would not be overly concerned especially since research on this topic is not definitive- and is often poorly interpreted. Environmental pollutants and poor diet are the one-two punch responsible for the increase in thyroid disease (please watch my video on how to remove dioxins from your body). The best items to add to your juices are sprouts and microgreens, such as sunflower. A proper whole foods plant based diet, with an emphasis on sprouts and microgreens, will provide you with all of the important trace nutrients required for optimum health. These foods contain huge amounts of nutrients, and they are the most important part of your juice. The other vegetables you buy at the grocery store for your juice can be interchanged- so use whatever green vegetables and leafy greens you feel more comfortable with. You can visit my Markito Nutrition website to learn more.

      The fact that you are exercising regularly is fantastic. Please remember to lift heavy!

      Lastly, you must begin to be more conscious about environmental pollutants- and this includes radiation from wifi, cell phones, and so forth. My video on electro pollution discusses this issue in greater detail. Skin care products, makeup, and clothes made of synthetic fibres are also problematic. And one of the most important factors for your thyroid as well as overall health is the consumption of pure water. Our water today is full of thousands of synthetic chemicals that harm our health. The more you learn the easier it becomes to make small lifestyle changes that collectively place you on the right path, helping to prevent further damage to your thyroid. But above all, don’t lose hope- and don’t feel overwhelmed because I can see that you are taking a proactive approach, and people like yourself that accept responsibility do get on the right path- and they do win!

      1. Wow!!! Thank you so much for your detailed response! Since my comment, my thyroid numbers are normalized and I no longer have Hashimotos Thyroiditis 🙂 My bone density test showed that my bones are also improving. In my last blood work it showed I was borderline diabetic though. (my dad has diabetes 2) so I lowered my carbs drastically and now am back in the safe zone. During the time of lowering my carbs, I cut out juicing….did not want to do that but saw there were lots of carbs. Now I was told to add carbs to my diet so I will go back to juicing and definitely cut out carrots and beets as you suggested. I appreciate the info on adding sprouts and microgreens….will be doing that for sure! Thank you again and yes, I am convinced at this point that food is medicine!! :

        1. That’s great news Donna. Please read my article entitled “Type 2 diabetes is reversible”, it’s on my Markito Nutrition website. It will help set you on the right path. Many people are confused by “carbs” and “proteins”. These are not categories of foods. My article will explain this in detail. You are on the right track, but with a little more information you will be unstoppable. So read that article! All the best.

  96. Hi I am sure glad I found your site.I have osteoporosis and only took bone medicine for 6months. I never felt right about taking the stuff . I will go back to doing free weights , and goingforwalks

    1. Dear Joan, I am happy to hear that my video inspired you to return to your free weights. Working on balance is also crucial. For example, standing on a step and gently lowering one foot down until it just barely touches the floor, before lifting it back up again. This is a challenging exercise, but one that works all of your stabilizers as well as the larger muscle groups. Proper mechanics are very important when training, and the best exercises are the ones that require you to move several joints at once (compound movements) as opposed to isolation exercises (such as bicep curls).

      Regarding your walks- you can turn any walk into a strong exercise routine by following my 5-20-3 protocol. Here is how it goes: the first 5 minutes of your walk are a warm up, you should be able to breath easily as well as carry on a short conversation. After that you enter the exercise portion of the walk, this is the 20 minutes where you should not be able to say more than 3 words comfortably. You may need to slow down or speed up several times to maintain the proper intensity level (not being able to say more than 3 words at a time without needing some air). Following this 20 minutes you finish with a 3-minute cool down, so that you can return to regular breathing. The entire sequence only lasts 28 minutes, 20 of which are the exercise portion. It is important to walk at the correct intensity during the exercise portion in order to gain physiological benefits. That being said, your resistance (weight) training should be of higher importance to you, so whenever you only have time to do one or the other, choose weight lifting. Supersetting between exercises (doing 2 different exercises without a break in between) allows you to strengthen your bones and muscles while also improving your cardiovascular endurance.

      And, above all, have fun with it!

      All the best.

  97. Wow I wish I found you years ago. At the age of 63 I have taken most osteoporosis medications on and off since I went into premature osteoporosis age 45. The doctor made it seem like I was going to die. He scared my husband and I . To date I have gotten worse especially since I almost lost my liver , put on prednisone for almost 2 years. No findings but after 13 months my liver mysteriously healed . I knew it was the flu shot. Never had it before. Drs. refused to admit it.. Again they have me so scared put on 2 injections last year of Prolia. I said NO! this year. It compromised my immune system. Very sick with flu infections and in the Drs office every month for antibiotics. Still taking Calcium supplements and D I am still running scared and realize nothing is working. My joints are hurting . I have a plate in my neck and pins in my hip. Still scared. I am always in pain. I have post herpatic neuralgia from shingles. Again more pain.Don’t know what to do . I will do more exercise and try to keep up eating correctly.If you have any recipes to share please do. I am very bored eating.Don’t know what to eat any more. I do eat a lot of kale spinach and Broccoli. Very depressed.Maria Unkel

    1. Dear Maria,

      you have definitely been through a lot and, unfortunately, you’ve also received an education on how the mainstream medical system often fails when it comes to chronic disease. The fact that you are looking to proper food and exercise to improve your health is a very positive sign.

      Regarding recipes: I encourage you to login to our Markito Nutrition website- you will find some of the recipes there that have helped our clients transition to a much healthier lifestyle. A proper whole food plant based diet, rich in sprouts and microgreens, will provide your body with the raw material it needs to heal itself, such as enzymes and antioxidants. Food can be your medicine. In fact, for the initial attack of shingles, a study found that enzymes provided similar pain relief compared to a standard anti-viral drug, but without the side effects.

      A topical cream composed of capsaicin (the active ingredient of chili peppers) showed to be promising for relieving pain symptoms related to post-herpatic neuralgia.

      For the health of your nervous system it is crucial to consume a bacterial (non synthetic) form of B12. All of our clients consume a proper form of B12 daily.

      If you email me directly through our website I can provide you with more information on how to transition to the type of diet that provides the most support for your immune system, as well as helping to reduce inflammation.

      Regarding exercise: resistance exercise is crucial, especially as we get older. If I were training you I would begin by focusing on posture, balance, and proper movement mechanics. My next step would be to build your muscles and bones with heavy resistance training- working around your physical limitations. Heavy is of course relative. Too many people consider walking to be exercise. Or, they are so afraid of “heavy” weights that they stick to endurance exercise. If you are not comfortable exercising with heavier weights or any other form of resistance, I suggest you hire a personal trainer that can help you with this.

      Finally, understand that every single step you take to improve your diet goes a long way. The same goes with exercise. You feel depressed because after all you have gone through you still don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I promise you that if you take charge, dedicate yourself once more, and focus your efforts on learning more about how your body can and wants to heal naturally, you will be making progress with every step you take. The information and support is out there for you, and so it all boils down to your level of commitment. I know it can seem overwhelming at first, so above all keep a positive state of mind.

    1. Dear Elitavi, every training session I conduct with a client, and every program I write is customized for that specific clients’ needs. Many factors go into deciding the best type of exercise routine for each person. At the very core, I put a strong emphasis on exercises that improve balance, coordination, and proper movement mechanics. This is important for everybody, and especially for people suffering from osteoporosis. With some clients I go as far as teaching them how to properly sit and get up from a chair. And, while constantly working on quality of movement, we need to help build stronger bones and muscles with different forms of weight bearing and resistance training.

      For examples of such exercises, you can watch the second video on my Markito Fitness website ( And if you have any questions, or would like to have a customized program created for you, please feel free to reach me directly through the contact form on that site and we will find a way to help you with your goals. Thank you.

  98. Disinformation about Ca within milk started so long ago that most of the people nowdays don`t want to accept the real truth or change habits. At the end if someone accept that milk is wrong idea, it`s just because they believe it`s not organic so the additives and added hormones make it poisoned 🙂 Yes dairy is serious issue and I can`t decide is it worst for kids to consume them or for the adults after the enzyme system slows down, so body spends soooo much of it`s energy for digesting the lactose.

    1. Dear Bornario, I completely agree with your observation regarding the common misconceptions that many people still have about cow’s milk. As you did in your comment, I have to repeat to others that cow’s milk is not fit for human consumption even if it comes from a happy, healthy cow free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. From a health perspective, there are associations between milk and type 1 diabetes that are even stronger than that between smoking and lung cancer. And from a humane perspective, if people truly understood where milk comes from, and the abuse/torture that dairy cows are subjected to, I doubt that they would ever look at milk the same way again.

      Let me share one exchange I recently had with a teenage boy that asked me why cow’s milk is harmful to our health. Normally, I would have responded by showing him the scientific evidence, but on this day I decided to inspire him to tap into his own natural instincts. And so I responded by asking him the following question: “If your mother were to give birth again, and she were to put some of her milk in a carton and store it in the fridge, would you drink it?” I could see an immediate look of disgust on his face as he expressed that of course he would not drink his mother’s milk. I then asked him if he would drink my mother’s milk, and again he responded “of course not.” And when I asked him who’s milk he would drink he responded emphatically that he would never drink any human milk. And this is where I pointed out the obvious: “So what you are telling me is that human milk, the very thing that nourished you during the first years of your life, is disgusting to drink when you are no longer a baby, however, milk from a cow is perfectly fine?” The look on his face was priceless. He had never been asked to consider the absurdity of drinking cow’s milk, after all, he was taught from as young as he could remember that milk is good for him. This teenager has not touched milk since our little exchange.

      Lastly, I must also point out that every time I teach and show teenagers where and how cow’s milk is produced, I see tears rolling down their faces. They realize that they were unknowingly participating in the torture and suffering of animals. And when you combine this with the fact that cow’s milk is harmful not only to our health, but also to our planet as a whole, they express confusion as to why this level of brainwashing is allowed to continue.

      I mention these examples with teenagers that I lecture to because I feel very optimistic that our younger generation will create necessary change. And, in much the same way that today we look back at the history of the tobacco generation, in the future our kids will look back at us with disbelief at how we ignorant and brainwashed we were. I am very optimistic that our level of awareness is improving, and so we must remain patient.

  99. My mother loves you. This morning @ 6 am we were watching your vid on osteoporosis. She was actually diagnosed with osteopenia, she said she was going to tell off our family doctor lol. I translated the vid to her and specified that our doc is part of the system and does not know any better. Thanks for educating and opening our eyes and one more thing. I NEVER FELT BETTER I FEEL FKN AMAZING BRO, FULL ENERGY. IT’S SIMPLY AMAZING. THANK YOU……

    1. Jimmy, the extraordinary results you have achieved are truly an inspiration. I greatly appreciate your focus, dedication, and willingness to share your success with others. Please give my best to your mother.

    1. Thank you Gaili. On behalf of myself and my clients, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our community.

  100. Great video, so much pertinent information. I , as many others, always believed that as long as i drank milk i didn’t have to worry about Osteoporosis. I will probably be watching this video more than once to be able to counter the milk mafia in Quebec.

  101. Excellent work on this info video! Quite the eye opener and so informative. I will never believe my doctors over their views of osteoporosis and osteopinia and that is not just my opinia.. i mean opinion! Now I know the real facts!

    1. Thank you Danielle. I have witnessed my 70-year-old clients make weekly and noticeable improvements in their strength, balance and mobility- and this is accomplished through proper diet and exercise. Many of their peers, on the other hand, do not adopt a proper lifestyle and, as a consequence, will continue to suffer from poor bone health while taking medications that do little more than to further aggravate health problems. This difference significantly impacts quality of life. And as I stand back and look at the situation, I realize that it is absolutely inhumane that our government does not spend the bulk of its resources on proper public education campaigns.

      I created this lecture video not just for my clients, because goodness knows you’ve all heard it before, but for your family members and loved ones that I don’t have a chance to speak to directly. The goal is to empower them so that, as you suggest, they do not just blindly follow doctor recommendations without asking questions.

      I want the public at large to understand that if we can naturally, through diet and exercise, strengthen our bones at age 70, 80 and even at 90, then imagine what we can achieve in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Armed with the right information we can all start making much needed lifestyle changes that will eventually put bone medications out of business for good, while allowing us to remain fully functional to enjoy our life without physical limitations.

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