How to Remove Dioxins From Your Body

Published: February 8th, 2017. Dioxins are some of the most toxic chemicals ever created, and we are all exposed to them on a daily basis. This video is a “must watch” for anyone concerned about their health. It is especially important for parents of young children, and women who plan on becoming pregnant in the near future.

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  1. Hi. I’m an herbalist here in the United States and even though I know about florella, I typically teach the plants in the area where I’m teaching the class. Class. When the crap hits the fan, they’re not going to be able to get these plants from other countries and so they need to be fully aware of what plans they have in their own areas and what they can do for them or store up on the plants that they need to get. One question I’ve always had about chlorella is the outer shell. There’s some documentation and studies that show that you do not need to break the shell or crush it in order to be able to get the nutritional value or the medicinal value out of it, but other companies will say that because they crush the shell it’s more effective. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Olivia,

      sorry for the late response!

      I agree that people must learn more about the benefits of plants that are easily accessible in their environment. Regarding Chlorella, I have not read any reliable info that suggests you can bypass the step of disrupting/breaking open the cell wall and still fully benefit from its nutrients. In fact, studies are ongoing to discover a more feasible solution for overcoming Chlorella’s thick cell wall in order to better utilize this micro algae as a renewable source of valuable chemicals. Here is more info on the Chlorella we provide to our clients:

    1. Thank you!

      We recommend wheatgrass juice, Chlorella (green algae) as well as blue green algae- also known as cyanobacteria- such as AFA and spirulina. However, I am generally more comfortable with AFA versus spirulina due to certain benefits, as well as potentially harmful quality issues of spirulina products sold on the market.

      All of the above do share some similar benefits but also many unique complementary ones as well. For example, this video explained how Chlorella helps block dioxin absorption and accelerates its elimination from our body.

      We typically recommend that our clients take all three (wheatgrass, Chlorella pyrenoidosa, and AFA). You can read more about these foods on this page of my website:

      In addition to the medicinal foods discussed here, a proper high fibre plant-based diet with lots of sprouts and micro greens is ideal for protecting us against environmental pollution. A well functioning, non stagnant digestive system is the best foundation of any “detox plan” for every day!

    1. Thank you Sami! I’m glad you found it useful. We continue to see a convergence of evidence that guides us against the consumption of animal based foods.

  2. Hi, since the bovines don’t eat animals in their diet, how they are so affected with dioxine just eating grass and plants when it’s supposed to not contain dioxines ?

    1. Dioxins from the environment, including water, soil and air, bioaccumulate (concentrate) in the fatty tissue of animals. The EPA estimates that over 90% of our exposure is through the consumption of animals and their secretions (dairy products).

  3. In addition to chlorella tablets, are there any powdered greens products that you might be able to recommend? I’m in the U.S., so I’m looking for something I can find domestically. I know someone that really likes “Green Vibrance,” but it’s quite expensive. Plus, I’m cautious about products that contains so many different ingredients. Thanks for any help you can lend and I appreciate the video.

    1. Hi Karl, I hope all is well. I recommend that my clients focus on improving their overall diets before looking at most supplements.

      Fresh greens and especially sprouts and micro greens are incredible foods to add daily to our meals. Green juices are the best “supplements”, especially when they are composed of micro greens and leafy greens, and not much fruit.

      Green food supplements should ideally contain only the whole food, with nothing added or removed. The foods I recommend we consume are better versions of the ingredients listed on the label of most of these green food supplements typically sold on the market.

      The only green, whole food supplements that I typically recommend are composed of algae. I will link to the US store section of my site which contains the two types of algae that our clients have consumed daily for over a decade, and that I am most comfortable with.

      1. @Markito Nutrition Hi, Marc. Thanks very much for the reply and the link you kindly shared. I’d previously purchased those same chlorella tablets, but that was a while ago and I never ordered more. I think I will do so and add the E3 AFA product.

        You are right, of course, that the first step is to change one’s diet, rather than relying on any supplementation. I’m struggling with the diet part, so I was hoping to add some supplementation to possibly help in the short term, while I tweak my diet…which is going slow.

        I recently learned that I seem to be developing glaucoma and I’m taking some eye drops to reduce the pressure in my eyes. Luckily, that seems to be working, but I’ve also lost a little peripheral vision, it seems, according to testing, though I don’t notice it in my daily life. It seems the disease is insidious and progresses for years without any signs or symptoms.

        Luckily, if I have to have it, at least it seems to have been detected early. But, I’m told there’s no reversing it or repairing any damage to the optic nerve. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what the eye doctor states. When I asked about nutrition, she mentioned green leafy vegetables and yellow and orange vegetables, but, at the same time, she didn’t seem very hopeful or enthusiastic about them. It was more like: “That’s the best we can tell you, but it may or may not help.” (Those are my words, based on how I interpreted what she said and how she said it.)

        I asked about getting more exposure to full-spectrum light early in the day, versus avoiding natural light and wearing dark polarized glasses every time I’m outside. She was emphatic that I should avoid direct sunlight (into my eyes) and avoid as much “blue light” as possible. That sounded a bit silly to be, since humans have not always had access to sunglasses and also been overly-exposed to artificial lights such as light bulbs, computer screens, TVs, etc. I know avoiding blue light is all the rage now, with people wearing amber glasses after dark, etc. But, I think humans often go too far to the extremes with some things when the evidence is still scant.

        My sleep/wake cycle is quite backward and I do spend most of my days and nights inside. So, that is a problem. I do use the f.lux program in my PC to reduce blue light, but not remove it entirely. The program seems to help reduce the number of migraines I get. I’m very sensitive to light (bright bulbs, headlights at night, glare when driving, etc.). Then again, I’m sensitive to loud sounds and most smells like diesel exhaust, perfumes, candles, air “fresheners,” and many more. I’m broken in a few ways and it’s unclear why.

        Anyway, sorry for that tangent. This comment is getting rather long, so I’ll wrap it up. Again, I appreciate your thoughtful videos and articles and wish you and your loved ones much continued health and happiness.

        1. My pleasure Karl. Regardless of the challenges we face there is still so much we can improve and achieve through the use of food and exercise as medicine. I am reminded of this daily as I work very closely with clients suffering from multiple conditions and see their progress every day, regardless of age or preexisting conditions. Many doctors are too often guilty of ageism, and part of it is often due to their own bias stemming from their failure in changing their lifestyle and adopting healthier habits. Wishing you all the best.

  4. What about dioxin levels in full fat milk vs skimmed and semi skimmed? Also different meats with different fat contents? Thank you for the video!

    1. Thank you for your question. Consuming lower fat versions of animal and dairy products may reduce your exposure to dioxins, but the most significant reduction would be achieved with a transition to a plant-based diet.

      About 21% of the calories in “1% low fat milk” still come from fat, 63% of which is saturated (nutrition facts labels are often confusing by design). Lean cuts of beef are also high in saturated fat, and even one skinless chicken breast contains about 10% of the already too high Daily Value for saturated fat, whereas legumes and grains are virtually free of it.

  5. Hello again,

    Do you think it will ever be possible for your company to ship your food products (cereals, raw vegan bars & bites, nuts & seeds, sprouting seeds) across the border into the U.S.? I understand that shipping certain things across the border (in either direction) is a major challenge.


    1. Hi Paul,

      Hope you are well. Yes, it’s a challenge to produce and distribute truly healthy products, which is why there are not a lot of them on the market. I’m not willing to cut any corners or reduce quality in order to be able to more easily distribute products. For now I’m sorry that I can’t give you a time frame as to when you will be able to purchase food directly from our site from the US, but we are working on it. Our local clients enjoy our fresh foods and breakfasts, bars, etc, very much, so we hope to be able to share this with our US clients as well.

      Until then, if you write us by email we can see if we can ship you some of the items you are interested in. We are conscious that the shipping costs have to make sense.

      I should add that we do currently ship and drop ship other items to our US clients, such as home water distillers and supplements.

      Thank you,


  6. I just watched the documentary “ what the health” and was extremely disturbed by all the info I learn from it. I have been on a mostly paleo diet for the past 2-3 years, thinking I was doing my body good, but I just made the conscious decision to go vegan. Thank you for the dioxin info because I was also wondering how to get rid of it on a plant based diet. Merci beaucoup, très éducatif et je vais l’info avec ma famille!

  7. This sounds like a PETA ad. Stop blaming the animals and going outside. Blame the pesticides and industry!

    1. The fact that we need to better regulate industrial pollution in the long run is quite obvious. People, however, need to know how to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals TODAY. The truth, as stated in this video, is that 90% of our dioxin exposure comes from consuming animal products. This is a fact – not an opinion nor an ad.

  8. Onions can have similar effects of chlorella in terms of counteracting dioxins.

    1. A plant-based diet is protective in many ways. However, when it comes to removing and protecting against dioxins, I wouldn’t be so fast to compare onions to Chlorella. Chlorella has directly shown to be highly effective in human subjects, whereas the red onion assumption was derived from a study that utilized isolated flavones and flavonols to experiment in a cell-free system (in-vitro). I am not aware of any study that directly tested the consumption of actual red onions for its effects against dioxins in human subjects.

  9. Dear markito,I like very much your information .the problem if I will be a vegetarian,the vegetables are also full of Pesticides.the the organic it’s also very expensive.also I couldn’t make sure that it’s really organic..I have seen in tv news this man sells organic eggs ,he was caught,it’s not organic,he only sprinkle with soil to look organic. Where can I go?

    1. Hello Juvy,
      the most nutritious foods to consume are also the most affordable. They are sprouts and micro greens that are easy to grow at home on your kitchen counter all year long. To learn more you can visit my Markito Nutrition website. Yes, there will always be people who try to cheat and lie, but then there are really good farmers who grow organic and are very passionate about what they do. We just have to become better consumers of information, and there’s nothing new about that! All the best.

  10. Dear Marc,

    Thank you for this wonderful website and all the life-changing information. I’ve told many others about this site and continue to share all the newest articles and videos.


    1. Dear Aaron,

      thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind words of encouragement. I hope to have more videos, articles, and recipes up in the near future. Running our local facility here in Montreal is quite time consuming, but I do try to find moments to create and publish content for viewers around the world- although not as much as I would like!

      Welcome to our community, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

  11. Markito Nutrition + My Lord, I think you just saved my life. I finished watching the video on EMF. I can’t thank you enough. Left where I was living because thought I was going crazy. Started checking everything. All cable, electric, satellite etc. was attached to my bedroom wall and from my apartment went to all the apartments in the complex. I couldn’t sleep, became paranoid, joints and whole body became inflamed. Leg started to become numb also hands. I left apartment, put things in storage and for four months slept in car away from all towers electric etc. Finally moved to more rural area into a house. Towers are far away electric goes to pole instead of on house. Can’t thank you enough. Feel much better but still on the mend.

  12. If dioxins come from pollutants that land on the grass and eating by cows and then those cows eaten by us, wouldn’t a plant based diet cut out the middle cow and we would get the dioxin directly.

    1. I was going to ask this exact same question just now. I’m interested in the response to that as well…

    2. David Kestner, dioxins bioaccumulate in the fatty tissues of animals, increasing the higher up you go on the food chain. Plants can only take up a small fraction of the dioxins present, and they can be washed off. High levels exist in some soils – but we don’t eat soil, at least we try not to. As the video explains, people who consume mainly a plant-based diet will not have elevated levels of dioxins. The consumption of animal products is the top concern. Our exposure from air, water and plants is minimal, yet still a reminder to protect our environment. Thanks for your question.

      1. So, to make sure I understand, if dioxins can be washed off into the soil, they dioxins in the soil don’t get absorbed by plant live living in the soil?

        1. David Kestner that is correct. Dioxins like fatty tissues- that’s where they accumulate. And, as mentioned in the video, certain plant foods help prevent our absorption of dioxins as well as rapidly eliminating them from our body.

    1. Thank you. I have many videos on various health topics that I would like to produce and post, but running my health facility and working with local clients takes up most of my time. With encouragement from people like yourself, I remain committed to publishing more content. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. No genius here, just helping people become better consumers of information. All the best.

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