Covid-19 Vaccines: The Misrepresentation of Science

Published: March 30th, 2021

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”

This video clears up some confusion about the Covid-19 vaccines, and discusses three reasons why a large majority of people, including journalists, often misrepresent the science behind this virus.

Links to articles discussed in the video are as follows:

Immunosenescence Part 1.

Immunosenescence Part 2.

And here is a previous video that explains the difference between absolute and relative risk reduction when interpreting results of scientific studies: The Absolute Truth About Your Medical Treatment.


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  1. Bravo. Well said. I had Asthma for 48 years, which I cured with organic plants (fruit, veg and wild herbs the Elites call weeds). I add organic Japanese Knotweed, Plantain Herb and Dandelion to my diet. Asthma is lung related like the Virus can be. My MP wrote to our Welsh (UK) Health Minister about this. I was totally ignored. No interest whatsoever. I’ve complained about Junk foods in hospitals etc too.

    I keep a Health Diary, and know for a fact that diet is key to good health. Plant based nutrition rocks.

    Can’t wait to try your Chia Ice-cream recipe.

    Thank you so much for these wonderful videos.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your inspiring story. Wild herbs (weeds!) are indeed medicinal plants that make a great addition to a healthy plant-based diet. Wishing you continued good health.

  2. Hi, the 36% is wrong. I read the article which states 64% of new cases were people who were unvaccinated or have received a 1st dose within 14 days. The fully vaxxed (2nd dose received 7 days or more) represent 11% of the cases.

    1. Thank you for your comment. To be clear to other readers, you are responding to my comment below that refers to a CBC article, and not to anything mentioned in the video.

      I think you’ve confused hospitalizations with cases. The 11% stated in the article refers to hospitalizations of people that are fully vaccinated: “11 per cent of those hospitalized having had a second dose seven days or more before they got sick.”

      It’s definitely been confusing in the media as cases and hospitalizations are often discussed as if they are the same.

  3. According to CBC news, 36% of new Quebec cases are fully vaccinated.

    As this video from 5 months ago explains, the initial vaccine studies were not designed to show whether the jab can stop transmission.

    This was a simple fact acknowledged publicly by top representatives of the pharmaceutical companies.

    Nonetheless, it was considered somewhat of a conspiracy theory as the media focused on the 95% effective number that both Pfizer and Moderna advertised, knowing full well that the public, nor the media, nor our politicians would fully understand that this number didn’t actually mean what they assumed.

    The cases we are seeing today among the vaccinated are not “breakthrough” infections. They were predictable.

    To be clear, I’m not saying that vaccines don’t work, but that information presented to the public has been purposely and highly misleading from the start. Why is that?

    An undeniable fact is that drug companies are highly trained in the art of marketing directed at both the public and physicians. For Big Pharma this has been business as usual, and all hands on deck to execute a battle tested game plan.

    We all know this about drug companies, yet the experience of fear can interrupt processes in our brains and affect our thinking. What else can explain how companies known for their history of deception can all of a sudden become so popular and saintly?

    According to a 2019 Gallup poll the pharmaceutical industry was the most poorly regarded industry in Americans’ eyes, and for good reason. Today the narrative is that these same drug companies are saving the world, and are beyond reproach.

    So what can we do to see past the marketing? Instead of trusting that vaccines simply require a yes or no vote, we can educate ourselves to have the level of conversation that we’ve been heavily manipulated to avoid. We can stop believing that questioning anything at all about vaccines is “unscientific”, when in fact the opposite is true.

    More importantly we must keep the following in mind:

    When facing a crisis, good leaders seek to create a sense of calm and focus. From day 1 of this pandemic our “leaders” have gone out of their way to achieve the opposite. They have inspired fear to elicit emotional responses from the public. Only with this state of mind can some of the measures we’ve seen make sense, while logical counterpoints backed by clear evidence become controversial. Even the fact that many cases are asymptomatic is spun as bad news. And instead of focusing on the good news that our children are virtually immune to this virus, the media focuses on every exceptional sad case they can find.

    I remain convinced, more than ever, that drug companies don’t exist solely to ensure a happy and healthy population. I also understand the conflicts of interest between the pharmaceutical industry, the media, and our government.

    Call me gullible.

  4. To repeat a quote
    The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want healthy people
    They don’t make money from healthy people
    They want people who live very unhealthy lifestyles for years and years and then look for a pill to cure what ails them instantly

    Thanks for insight mark. I’m very thankful to have your plant based nutrition and personal training in my life for the past 18 years.

    1. It’s been an honour Dennis, thank you for your loyalty. Looking forward to the next 18 years of healthy living.

  5. This was forwarded to me by a friend and it was very informative , It answered many of our questions, thank you for taking the time to explain these things and making them more clear

  6. Thank you for sharing this informed, articulate and tempered view. I have noticed that media sources seem to understand the concept of absolute risk when it comes to reporting on the emerging side-effects of vaccines, like increased blood clots and miscarriages. Comparing the vaccines’ relative risk reduction for covid symptoms, alongside it’s absolute risk increase for side-effects is misleading and confusing. I would be interested on hearing more about this.

    1. Thank you very much Kate. You are indeed correct, the absolute numbers are reported when it seems to suit the narrative.

      Studies have shown that even physicians over-estimate the efficacy of a treatment when its benefits are presented in relative versus absolute terms. In other words, it can be confusing for everyone – including doctors.

      During health consults with clients, when I explain what the numbers behind some medications really mean the usual response I get is “how can this be legal?” Many would have declined certain treatments had they been better informed.

  7. It makes me sad that nobody wants to hear this information. I honestly try talking to friends and they’re literally brainwashed to believe one thing. The vaccine. Even if they believe in taking it or not, they say it’s the only way to freedom. Then when I tell them about what I learned from you, about eating a healthy plant-based diet and exercising, they say “we knew people who were eating well, and working out that died from the common cold”. I just hate the fact that they’re so closed minded to it without even trying. Or probably just heard that story through a friend and keep on forwarding on and on when they need to prove a point.

    Every time I watch your videos or read your articles I feel like, for once in my life, I’m not confused about what’s going on and things make sense. You were the dude that helped me get rid of my psoriasis without using medications and very costly creams that never even worked for me for over 10 years. All I’m saying is I wish people would just TRY, you know? Just give it a shot and look at all your options before making a decision, that’s all.

    1. What a great testimony Rocco. I am so glad that after all of these years of suffering you were able to finally resolve your skin condition through evidence-based treatments, such as light therapy. It is almost criminal that not a single doctor had prescribed you what the research clearly shows to be the safest and most effective solution for psoriasis. I’m glad you were sent our way and that you achieved wonderful results so fast.

      I understand and feel your frustration in wishing that your loved ones would do more to improve their health. Unfortunately, current systems are not set up to educate and empower people to improve their overall state of health. Drug companies, as an example, require sick people to make profits, and the food industry depends on addictions. Both of these industries are active in influencing how scientific studies are funded and which policies are put in place by our government. In short, this creates a trap where people go as far as to cluelessly argue against their own interests.

      However, just as you were able to escape this trap, we can continue to patiently help people become more mindful, and to think long and hard about the kind of life they wish to lead.

      Wishing you continued success.

  8. Really appreciate all your info during this time, the way you present it is really peaceful – and easier to share with those who are triggered. It’s unfortunate science is now scientism, and has become a fanatic religion that you cannot question. True science and the scientific method should be questioned, discussed and looked at!

    1. Thank you Brooke, and very well said. We need to encourage scientific literacy and critical thinking. Your words serve as great encouragement. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for asking.

      The numbers and information used in this video are directly from Moderna’s press releases and the CDC’s website.

      The fact that the vaccine studies were not designed to show whether the vaccine can stop asymptomatic spread is also common knowledge openly shared by both the vaccine makers and government, it’s just communicated poorly to the public.

      The overall message in this presentation is also consistent with several articles published in the British Medical Journal by an associate editor of the journal itself. Here are some of them:

      More importantly, you can find a list of 40 references under my article: Immunosenescence – Part 2: How nutrition can reverse immune system aging, and help defeat Covid-19, and 10 references under Part 1 of the article. My hope is that more people will read both of these articles and feel empowered to make important changes in their lives.

      Thank you.

      1. I hear you Nik, but many people don’t realize that this data is provided directly by the vaccine companies. However, the numbers and interpretations are spun in the media in a way that confuses the public. That’s why I’ve had instances where I simply copy-pasted information directly from a pharmaceutical company website or the CDC, and was accused of providing false information!

        It’s shocking for many people when they hear a more accurate representation of the vaccine studies. But to be clear, the information I’ve provided very accurately reflects the official data released by the companies.

        I’m not suggesting whether or not you should vaccinate, but that it is important to have some level of informed consent before any medical intervention- as well as an open and healthy dialogue.

  9. Hello, Marc:

    Thank you for the ongoing education and presenting the information in a calm and rational manner.

    No matter the topic, I always look forward to your videos and blog posts.

    Best wishes to you and your family,


  10. We can help ourselves, unbelievable. I thought I was the only one who understood this basic fact. Stop treating food like entertainment and spend a half hour a week pushing yourself in the gym.

    1. Hopefully not since I’m actually using data and information provided by the pharmaceutical company itself.

      1. @Markito Nutrition they demonitized another creator friend of mine for doing the same and said he was criticizing a “protected group” in violation of tos

        1. @Red Pill Vegan that’s very unfortunate. I actually haven’t monetized my channel and don’t intend to. Hopefully YouTube improves its automated systems, or an actual human can check the video to see that the views expressed are consistent with several articles published in the British Medical Journal, by an associate editor of the journal itself.

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