The following are complete articles as well as shorter social media posts on Covid-19. All in an effort to provide an evidence-based perspective that often counters the fear mongering and unscientific measures currently promoted by the media, so-called “health experts”, and politicians. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook.

Emergency Update

There may be a new virus variant circulating but there is currently no evidence that it is any more harmful than the previous one. Regardless, the media and other opportunistic stakeholders, such as the pharmaceutical giants, will try to create more fear and panic which contribute to your chronic anxiety. This can undoubtedly weaken your […]

Can we talk about the childhood obesity pandemic?

CNN covered the tragic story of a 10 year old girl who died from Covid-19 complications. Both her parents appear to be morbidly obese, and she was clearly overweight as well. While children overall remain at incredibly low risk of suffering from Covid-19, obese and overweight children are at higher risk of developing complications. Unfortunately, […]

Taking a stance against the vaccine passport

  • Are vaccine passports worth the divisiveness and civil unrest they are creating?
  • Will passports be decommissioned once determined that they are no longer a necessary, effective or proportionate response to address their public health purposes?
  • Are there other important evidence-based measures that are being ignored, such as incentivizing a healthier lifestyle?


Unscientific Covid-19 measures are a form of child abuse

Parents and school teachers are concerned that children cannot get vaccinated yet. They fail to understand that this is an experimental vaccine not tested against the Delta variant. Furthermore, there is no long term safety data. They also fail to look at the evidence clearly showing that children are still very much invincible to Covid-19, […]

Pfizer plead guilty to criminal charges

It wasn’t so long ago that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer plead guilty to healthcare fraud. Crimes included making misleading claims about the safety and efficacy of a drug, and improperly promoting it to doctors using advisory boards, consultant meetings, and even providing travel to extravagant resorts. In 2009 Pfizer was ordered to pay a total of […]

Not just an illusion- Younger generation invincible to Covid-19

The news media is suggesting that people under the age of 30 are not vaccinating due to their “illusion of invincibility”. Yet here are the latest mortality figures from the Quebec government’s website, clearly showing that young people are indeed quite invincible. Perhaps they would have more confidence in following recommendations if experts and the […]

Vaccine Companies Not Willing to Take Any Risk

Vaccine companies are shielded from liability and cannot be sued for adverse reactions caused by their vaccines. In recognition of the vaccine hesitancy this may cause, on December 10th, 2020, the federal government of Canada announced it would launch a vaccine injury support program to provide no-fault compensation to anyone injured from a vaccine. The […]

Large majority of Covid-19 deaths were preventable, even without vaccines

I wonder how many Canadians realize that a large majority of Covid-19 deaths were preventable, even without vaccines. While the public’s attention, fear and outrage remain focused on relatively minor issues, the most consequential details of this pandemic that led to the most deaths are an afterthought. The large majority of coronavirus-related fatalities in Quebec […]

I Will Not Vaccinate My Children for Covid-19

New data from Israel has shown that teenagers are developing herd immunity through natural infection. Prof. Mordechai Gerlic, an immunologist from Tel Aviv University’s Center for Combating Pandemics, believes this is evidence not to rush to vaccinate kids, especially since the vaccine has only received emergency use authorization. Gerlic stated that “now we are not […]

Plant-Based Diet versus Covid-19

Here’s new evidence, published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health, showing that a plant-based diet can protect you against Covid-19. “Our results suggest that a healthy diet rich in nutrient-dense foods may be considered for protection against severe COVID-19.” While a high protein, low carb diet increases your risk of severe Covid-19. “Compared with those […]

“One size fits all” Covid-19 measures lead to more deaths in younger people

The goal of any approach for overcoming Covid-19 should be to minimize all harm and deaths. In our focus to defeat the virus, we seem to forget that a life destroyed due to one size fits all public health measures is just as important as a life lost due to Covid-19. More importantly, we should not have to sacrifice children and young adults in order to protect the elderly. Yet this is what we are doing. […]

No evidence that B.1.1.7 variant is more harmful to children

To be clear, there is yet to be any published data showing that the “new” B.1.1.7 variant is more harmful to children. If you’ve been given the impression otherwise, please note it down as simply another example of misrepresentation of evidence from so-called experts, and one more situation where journalists allow anecdotal evidence to rise above the scientific method. […]


Immunosenescence – Part 2: How nutrition can reverse immune system aging, and help defeat Covid-19

In Part 1 I explained how exercise helps prevent immunosenescence, defined as the gradual decline of our immune system which leaves us more vulnerable to infections and even cancer. In Part 2 I will show how our diet is the single most important predictor of whether our immune system is strong enough to defeat the coronavirus, as well as prevent and reverse chronic disease. […]


Sweden’s Evidence-Based Strategy

  Dr. Tegnell has used sound scientific evidence to support his strategy. He had the power to create a path forward for Sweden without playing politics- quite an advantage. It was never his intention to have to defend himself on a world stage, but the international media focused on vilifying Dr. Tegnell and constantly, either […]

Weak Evidence For Masks

One reason that we were originally advised to not wear a face mask is because every randomized controlled trial over the past 10 years has shown that they are not effective at preventing the transmission of respiratory viruses by droplets and aerosols. For example, the most recent review published in May 2020 concluded as follows: […]

Vaccine-Makers Get Richer, Top Execs Pocket Millions

Moderna, the pharmaceutical company leading the COVID-19 vaccine race, has achieved tremendous success. It received $483 million in tax dollars to fund the testing and development of the vaccine, its stock price skyrocketed, and its top executives cashed out millions of dollars worth in shares. Financial success aside, how’s the development of the vaccine going? […]

Immunosenescence: the reason older adults are more vulnerable to viruses, and how to prevent it – Part 1

Amid all the confusion surrounding Covid-19, what everybody does seem to understand, without a doubt, is that older people are most vulnerable. It’s a scary world once you hit 60. Novel viruses can breakout at any moment and you are, by default, part of the high risk demographic. And worse, from the constant dialogue presented by the media and health authorities, we are led to believe that this increased vulnerability is inevitable. But is this true? […]

COVID-19: There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel

A new serology study gives us reason to be optimistic that life will return to normal shortly.

A sample of 3300 residents of Santa Clara, California, were evaluated for the presence of antibodies. The results showed that the number of people infected was 50-85 times more than what was previously estimated.1 This automatically means that the probability of dying if you are infected is also reduced by 50-85 times.. […]

COVID-19: Lack of Critical Thinking Is Our Biggest Threat

There is a dangerous, yet predictable, narrative spreading about COVID-19 that too many people are believing, even though the facts do not support it.

It goes something like this:

Extreme social distancing measures saved millions of people, and we must continue to police ourselves until a vaccine comes along- which is our only hope for returning back to a normal life. […]

COVID-19: The Missing Evidence for Social Distancing

It’s been a very emotional time for everyone. It is hard to post anything on Covid-19 due to the sadness and anxiety we are all currently living every single day. I am, nonetheless, providing a perspective that is evidence based and intended to help us become better consumers of information- so that we do improve the conversation on how to accomplish the common goal we all share.

We’ve been told that social distancing is imperative to “flatten the curve”, we’ve all seen the diagrams and many of us have vowed to come together to make it work. But does it really work? […]