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Thailand study shows great risk of myocarditis following Covid-19 vaccine.

The first prospective cohort study of cardiovascular effects in adolescents receiving Pfizer’s covid vaccine showed alarming results. 7 boys out of 202 (3.5%) had myocarditis. The study preprint comes to us from Thailand. No other authority in the world, including the CDC, cared enough to invest in a proper study of cardiac biomarkers following vaccination. […]

Doctors still spreading misinformation about children and Covid-19

Severe Covid-19 cases are so rare in children that the virus probably would never have been discovered if it only spread among this age group. However, due to constant sensationalizing and fear mongering, parents have or are considering to vaccinate their children against it. What is especially concerning is the spread of misinformation from health […]

The Emperor is Naked

Trudeau takes two shots of the vaccine and then a booster, catches Covid, goes into isolation with his family, and then arises to tell us that only the vaccine can restore life back to normal. It only takes a child to point at him and declare that “the Emperor has no clothes”. I’m not sure […]

Terry Fox’s Legacy “Defaced” by Medical-Industrial Complex, Not by Freedom Convoy

My article, on the misrepresentation and distortion of cancer research, is another reminder that the issues we are currently facing within the scientific community existed long before Covid. I find it interesting that as thousands of peaceful protesters united to defend their rights in Ottawa, the story the mainstream media disproportionately covered was the defacing […]

Questions for Canada’s Prime Minister

Trudeau, with a straight face, keeps repeating that 90% of Canadians are vaccinated, and so it’s the remaining 10% ruining the situation for society. A few of the questions we should ask him are as follows: Doesn’t natural immunity offer some protection? Since unvaccinated people catch Covid, don’t you think that some of the unvaccinated […]

Top FDA Vaccine Regulators Resign

Two leading FDA vaccine regulators resigned due to disagreements with Biden’s plan to offer booster shots. With the help of 16 international colleagues- including top ranking WHO experts- they published an article in the Lancet expressing their objections to the boosters. They wrote that “although the idea of further reducing the number of COVID-19 cases […]

Pharmaceutical Companies Refuse to Release Vaccine Data

The BMJ’s editor in chief Kamran Abbasi, along with senior editor Peter Doshi and former editor in chief Fiona Godlee, warn us of the following: “Today, despite the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, the participant level data underlying the trials for these new products remain inaccessible to doctors, researchers, and the public—and are likely to […]

Vaccinated have higher risk of myocarditis

Due to an over reliance on incomplete/poorly interpreted data, some people still believe that, according to “The Science”, the vaccine clearly does not increase the risk of myocarditis. That is simply not the case. In fact, multiple studies from around the world have demonstrated that, for certain age groups, being vaccinated may increase the risk […]

Unvaccinated children have a one in a million risk

Quebec’s premier, François Legault, said in his press conference today that “Omicron has less effect on children, especially when they are vaccinated.”

I would like to see the data on this, Mr. Legault, especially since the child mortality rate, regardless of vaccines, is estimated to be about one in a million – similar to the odds of being struck by lighting. […]

The unvaccinated to be fined a “significant amount of money”

Quebec’s premier, François Legault, announced that he would fine “the unvaccinated” a “significant amount of money”.

Mr. Legault, this is a pandemic of the old and the frail, the obese and those living with chronic disease. It is not a “pandemic of the “unvaccinated”. And after the last unvaccinated person catches Covid and […]

Emergency Update

There may be a new virus variant circulating but there is currently no evidence that it is any more harmful than the previous one. Regardless, the media and other opportunistic stakeholders, such as the pharmaceutical giants, will try to create more fear and panic which contribute to your chronic anxiety. This can undoubtedly weaken your […]

Can we talk about the childhood obesity pandemic?

CNN covered the tragic story of a 10 year old girl who died from Covid-19 complications. Both her parents appear to be morbidly obese, and she was clearly overweight as well. While children overall remain at incredibly low risk of suffering from Covid-19, obese and overweight children are at higher risk of developing complications. Unfortunately, […]

Taking a stance against the vaccine passport

  • Are vaccine passports worth the divisiveness and civil unrest they are creating?
  • Will passports be decommissioned once determined that they are no longer a necessary, effective or proportionate response to address their public health purposes?
  • Are there other important evidence-based measures that are being ignored, such as incentivizing a healthier lifestyle?


Pfizer plead guilty to criminal charges

It wasn’t so long ago that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer plead guilty to healthcare fraud. Crimes included making misleading claims about the safety and efficacy of a drug, and improperly promoting it to doctors using advisory boards, consultant meetings, and even providing travel to extravagant resorts. In 2009 Pfizer was ordered to pay a total of […]

Not just an illusion- Younger generation invincible to Covid-19

The news media is suggesting that people under the age of 30 are not vaccinating due to their “illusion of invincibility”. Yet here are the latest mortality figures from the Quebec government’s website, clearly showing that young people are indeed quite invincible. Perhaps they would have more confidence in following recommendations if experts and the […]

Vaccine Companies Not Willing to Take Any Risk

Vaccine companies are shielded from liability and cannot be sued for adverse reactions caused by their vaccines. In recognition of the vaccine hesitancy this may cause, on December 10th, 2020, the federal government of Canada announced it would launch a vaccine injury support program to provide no-fault compensation to anyone injured from a vaccine. The […]

Large majority of Covid-19 deaths were preventable, even without vaccines

I wonder how many Canadians realize that a large majority of Covid-19 deaths were preventable, even without vaccines. While the public’s attention, fear and outrage remain focused on relatively minor issues, the most consequential details of this pandemic that led to the most deaths are an afterthought. The large majority of coronavirus-related fatalities in Quebec […]

I Will Not Vaccinate My Children for Covid-19

New data from Israel has shown that teenagers are developing herd immunity through natural infection. Prof. Mordechai Gerlic, an immunologist from Tel Aviv University’s Center for Combating Pandemics, believes this is evidence not to rush to vaccinate kids, especially since the vaccine has only received emergency use authorization. Gerlic stated that “now we are not […]

Plant-Based Diet versus Covid-19

Here’s new evidence, published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health, showing that a plant-based diet can protect you against Covid-19. “Our results suggest that a healthy diet rich in nutrient-dense foods may be considered for protection against severe COVID-19.” While a high protein, low carb diet increases your risk of severe Covid-19. “Compared with those […]