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You are born with the potential to live a healthy and vibrant life, free of disease. Your body comes naturally equipped with an amazing ability to heal itself, and improving this ability is within your control. It all begins with a choice of how you wish to live your life. If you are ready to accept this responsibility, it is my privilege to empower you with the information and tools necessary to reconnect you to your true potential; helping you achieve your health and fitness goals through proper nutrition, smart exercise, and conscious lifestyle choices.

Did you know that type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle choice and that it can be reversed in less than a month? That commercially bought almond milk is full of synthetic vitamins that can harm your health? That bone loss begins at age 30 but you can prevent it? That the “Paleo Diet” is based on fantasy and not on real science? Are you interested in learning how to transition to a proper plant-based diet?

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More than ever, clear scientific evidence shows us that lifestyle is responsible for many of the chronic diseases that we face today, yet the general public remains largely unaware or confused about what to do. I created these video lectures to help you discover the real truth about health & nutrition. 

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Sprouts and microgreens have the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie of any food. They are the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and protein, and provide us with substantially greater health benefits than raw fruits and vegetables. Discover the health benefits of each sprout, enjoy our recipes, and learn more about the foods and products we proudly serve our local clients. 

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Our goal is to empower individuals of all ages and levels to improve their health and well being. A REAL health care system, focused on preventing and reversing disease, should always include proper nutritional, exercise and lifestyle counselling. These are the principals that allow our clients to achieve phenomenal results. In addition to private sessions, we also welcome colleagues, family members and friends of all ages and levels to learn and train together in small groups.

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