The Truth About The Measles Vaccine

Published: February 25th, 2015.
The mainstream media has done little more than to raise emotions, stirring up a nasty battle against those choosing to not vaccinate their children. It’s time to raise the level of the conversation. My goal is to bring both sides together by revealing the real truth about measles and the MMR vaccine.

Marc Jaoude
Health Educator
Nutrition & Exercise Specialist

Update: October 20th, 2016

Cardiologist Dr. Christopher Labos and scientist Jonathan Jarry, both known as Montreal attack dogs who supposedly represent the truth in mainstream science, attempted to refute my video on the measles vaccine in one of their latest podcasts.

It was amusing to listen to them because, quite frankly, they were losing their own arguments without requiring my presence.

Here are just two examples:

  1. They begin by accusing me of quoting people who are not well known or respected, but then literally less than 10 seconds later they acknowledge that the experts I mention in my video are some of the most respected people in the mainstream scientific community, including McGill’s very own professor Walter Spitzer who is credited worldwide for helping to improve our modern system of evidence-based medicine. In fact, I purposely only mentioned the viewpoints of non controversial and highly respected figures so that nobody could refute my points with the lazy “conspiracy theory” argument.

  3. In another section of their podcast, Dr. Labos and Mr. Jarry start talking about conspiracy theories and a supposedly discredited scientist who found a possible link between vaccines and autism. But then they openly acknowledge that not once in my video do I mention him or any so called “controversial” studies. It is important to note that all of the information in my video is well documented from mainstream sources, including the Quebec government’s official website. I did this by design. What Dr. Labos and Mr. Jarry don’t know is that when I created this video I already knew what simple minded arguments would be raised against it from attack dogs, and I purposely navigated away from exaggerated controversy in order to present the viewers with an honest interpretation of facts that are often ignored. In short, their response is weak and predictable. The only way to refute my video is to make up or insinuate things I did not say, as these two individuals clearly did in their podcast.

My position, for people who actually listen attentively with an open mind, is that the public needs to be told the entire truth about the measles vaccine, not talked down upon or provided with manipulated data. Above all, there should be no ideological or emotional picking of sides when it comes to any medical procedure, including vaccination. It should not be a blinding “for” or “against” argument. I, myself, am not for or against vaccines. What I do support is empowering people to become better consumers of scientific information so that they can make more informed decisions. I don’t blindly follow mainstream or so-called “alternative” medicine. I look to the evidence, especially when it is published in peer reviewed medical journals and from ethical sources working to improve humanity.

This is not the first time that certain local scientists with seemingly similar agendas target my work. First Dr. Joe Schwartz attacks me for an article I published where I say that homemade almond milk produced with real almonds is a lot healthier than the synthetic products sold in stores. I’m still amused that he went out of his way to publicly insult me for suggesting that natural nutrients found in real foods are safer to consume than synthetic chemicals produced in a lab. And now his colleagues go out of their way to argue against a video I made when, ironically, it was an attempt on my part to reduce arguing in the first place, and to improve the level of conversation and transparency regarding the measles vaccine. At least they were honest in acknowledging that the scientists I quote are highly respected authorities within the mainstream scientific community. Perhaps listening to ethical and well respected scientists shouldn’t be such a controversial thing- this being one of the main points of my video.

Finally, I am proud of the fact that scientists and doctors from around the world, including locally, have written to me to express their appreciation for several of my videos, as have thousands of other viewers. The culture is changing in large part due to progressive medical professionals and a heightened sense of public awareness. Good doctors and scientists are not threatened by this progress.

Here is a link to the podcast featuring Dr. Labos and Mr. Jarry-  they begin targeting my video around the 25th minute.

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  1. Too bad Dr. Spitzer and Dr. healy aren’t still with us. I’d enjoy hearing their views on the current situation.

  2. Anti vaxxer is an overused term and used by those who have no real science to cite or list to back up their criticism. Since 70-80% of a drug co’s budget is for marketing plus legal and lobbying it wouldn’t surprise me if it was injected into mainstream media and online by them. The intelligent listen and inquire more then speak and look to understand vs just being right.

    1. Yes, I agree, the term antivaxxer is often used (and overused) to discourage thoughtful conversation.

  3. Wow here it is 2019 and I stumble upon this, and yes, that is exactly what they are trying to do, force vaccines up on us!

    You seemed very unbiased and raised so many good great points! Thank you for this great lecture!

    1. Thank you Nichole, I am glad that you found the information useful. Yes, I am truly unbiased on this issue, and I do my best to educate my clients on how to become better consumers of information so that they can make more informed decisions. Wishing you a happy weekend.

    1. Thank you very much for your support and encouragement Dr. Sibley, it is much appreciated. Please feel free to share this video with the Vaccine Support Group.

  4. After 22 years and having read hundreds of PubMed and other science articles looking for answers for my now 23 yo son….There are NO SAFE VACCINES….NOT ONE…!!! So that spreading them out….only certain ones….is utter nonsense….Every Vaccine is loaded with Toxins….and Not one has been proven safe or effective…NONE in over Hundred years of recorded data…..the ones that claim otherwise are Pharma funded lies…with “Conflicts of Interest” galore !!! Follow the money…..!!!
    It’s like spacing out the bullets you would use to kill yourself….while you bleed to death after the first one….what kind of logic is that….a POISON will always be a poison….and some do not get excreted from the body and brain etc….rather they are cumulative especially MERCURY and ALUMINUM both deadly and toxic to the brains of all living things….please wake up to the Pharma propaganda and “Junk science”….before it’s too late !!! And if you didn’t already know….google the 1986 NCVIA which protects all of Pharma from law suits…your kid dies or is paralyzed…there is no legal remedy for you…NONE !!! Can you live with that…??

    1. Thank you for your contribution. I appreciate your passion and agree that people need to ask more questions and learn how to become better consumers of health information. I created this video to try and bridge the gap, allowing for good conversation and improved awareness.

  5. Thanks so much for all the great info. I am doing my own research because my 2yr old changed completely. from being active quick learner to regress a bit. I don’t see sign of autism yet but who knows. I went back to her vaccination records and the time she began to change coincide with her MMR vaccines. I don’t know if there is a relationship or not just but isn’t that strange that so many parents are reporting behavioral changes after MMR Vaccines?

    1. +Daena Rodriguez Thanks for watching Daena. Wishing you and your 2 year old all the best.

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