Nutrition Scam 101: When Doctors Abuse Your Trust

Published: April 26th, 2018.

Ever wonder how one week some food is said to be healthy for you, and the next week it’s bad? The goal of this video is to empower you to gain confidence in your ability to interpret the scientific evidence behind health and dietary claims. I promise you will never feel frustrated or confused by conflicting headlines ever again.

In addition to popular diet doctors, many well known and beloved public figures also contribute, albeit unknowingly, to the overall confusion that people feel regarding healthy food choices. This is exceptionally harmful because our leading causes of death are from nutritionally controllable diseases, and the pathology often begins with misinformation. This is why I don’t pull any punches as I guide you through the process of discovering the truth behind the headlines.

This lecture is intended for the general public as well as for health professionals.

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    1. Hello Nicholas, I am currently very busy lecturing and consulting in person, so haven’t had the time to publish new videos. However, I have posted some new articles on my website, and I plan to release an online course later this year. Wishing you all the best.

  1. hi, watching from italy….what is your advice if I already have osteoporosis?

  2. Time stamps/summaries:
    How to Manipulate Public Opinion About Nutrition [Primarily Focusing on Dr. Gundry]

    3:03 1. Boost Your Credentials [even if they are irrelevant, in order to build trust]

    4:00 2. Shock and Awe [make a shocking and ridiculous claim]

    5:10 3. Cite Scientific Studies [even if the studies don’t match at all what you say/false citation]

    8:50 4. Keep It Simple, Stupid [looking at parts in isolation, topics: lectins and tobacco]

    20:26 5. Use Logical Fallacies and Imagery [emotional appeal and faulty comparisons]

    34:26 6. Build Your Brand [become famous to spread your ideas to lead the herd]

    41:40 7. Say Good Things About People’s Addictions [tell people what they want to believe; “checkbook science”]

    50:49 8. Sell Products [the ultimate goal of you talking to the public about your health ideas]

    51:59 9. Use Anecdotal Evidence [of which (the causes of) personal experiences can be misinterpreted]
    1:01:13 How good knowledge=power

    1. Glad you made it here! You’re not the only one who watched his infomercials. I chose to use his work as an example because many people were asking about it during that time.

  3. Wow it’s been a while since you released a video! But this video was worth the wait!!! ??

    1. Thank you very much Ivan, I appreciate your continued support. Yes, it’s been a while since the last video- it’s really what goes on at my practice with my clients that inspires me to create them- and I do wish I had more time to publish many more on a wide range of topics. Thanks again.


  5. HOORRAHH! Marc, this was truly worth the wait. I am so glad you pointed out the FADS and False claims by SO MANY people out there. I can’t wait to share it with more people who will value it.
    You deserve a holiday!

    1. Thank you Sushma! Isn’t the internet special?!! How a video can travel from my office in Montreal all the way to you in the UK in the blink of an eye. Thank you for your support and for being part of the solution.

    1. Thank you for your valuable feedback Adnan. When producing this video I was concerned about its length. I’m glad that people are taking the time to watch, learning to see beyond the headlines. Thank you.

  6. Imagine a “myth busters” show on nutrition! It would be very rewarding to invite some quacks on to watch them squirm. More importantly though, to help people to be truly aware of how to be at their personal best health:)

    1. Absolutely! Through my practice I have learned that there isn’t enough time to respond to every new claim, that’s why I give my clients more than just diet recommendations- so that they can learn to see certain things for themselves. My initial consultations are known to last for over 4 hours sometimes- and a huge part of that is “myth busting”! But then we eventually get to the most important topic, which is what to do now to improve our health.

  7. Well done Marc! I appreciate the well presented facts. You have certainly made me aware of how to do my own research In order to live a healthy life. Thank you, Jeannie

  8. This is an excellent and well produced video. Thank you for your hard work. Excellent and shared!

  9. Thanks for the new video, Marc! I always look forward to your excellent content. I know you’re extremely busy and don’t have the time to make as many videos as you would like, so when videos are released, it makes them that much more special. Merci beaucoup.

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