Life Revolution

We believe in creating an educated, conscious and positive environment, in providing a better alternative to what we call the ‘disease-care system’, and in offering you the opportunity to take charge of your own life. That’s our vision, and we welcome you to be a part of it. Here are your 3 steps to achieving your goals:



step-1Learn & Apply

Clear scientific evidence shows us that lifestyle is responsible for many of the chronic diseases that we face today, yet the general public remains largely unaware or confused about what to do. This is why a proper health education – one which helps to separate real science from sophisticated industry marketing – is the first step to living a vibrant life. We will empower you with the information you need, show you how to easily apply what you’ve learned, and support you throughout the process as you enjoy the benefits of greater health. Access Health Consultations.


step-2Pick-up the healthiest foods weekly

We facilitate your transition to a healthier lifestyle by providing you with the highest quality plant-based natural food products. We offer freshly grown microgreens, sprouting seeds, homemade almond milk, and the most potent wheatgrass, green juices and juice fasts available anywhere. Here’s How to Order Our Fresh Foods.


step-3 Train better than ever

Enjoy personal 1 on 1 training sessions, or choose semi-private and group sessions. The entire training facility is reserved just for you. It’s your space, it’s your time, and it is our commitment to give you the best workouts imaginable. Not in Montreal? No problem, we also provide online personal training. Access Personal Training.