Drinking Wheatgrass Juice

Published: February 12th, 2013.

Taking wheatgrass juice: We offer you the most practical and convenient method of enjoying daily wheatgrass shots to restore and improve your health. Each tray provides an entire week’s supply of frozen wheatgrass juice (8 ounces) divided into 14 cubes. To benefit from the powerful, anti-aging, disease fighting, health boosting properties of wheatgrass, simply add two cubes to your water daily, on an empty stomach. Read more…

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  1. For how long wheatgrass juice can be stored in normal temperature.. Range…. And when freezed then how long its nutrients remain intact.

    1. Hello Rakesh,

      Before freezing it is important to ensure that the juice is very potent and rich in nutrients to begin with. For the highest quality, wheatgrass must be grown properly, harvested at the right time and juiced in a slow masticating juicer.

      At room temperature, we recommend it is consumed within 10 minutes of juicing. What we prefer, however, is to store the juice in sealed containers and place it in the freezer within a minute of juicing it fresh. We recommend the frozen juice be consumed within 2-3 weeks.

  2. Listen people! Grass grows everywhere there is moisture. It covers more of the land mass than any other plant! I can assure you after two years on a primary grass diet, I am among the healthiest people on this forum or any other, at age 52

    1. Karl Hungus broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are best eaten raw or they lose many of their benefits.

      Sprouts and microgreens (such as sunflower and pea shoots) are fantastic to juice.

      The negative hype regarding some of these foods is based on reductionist science at best and has very little truth to it. For example, there is no real evidence that cruciferous vegetables harm the thyroid, and studies have shown that vegans have a much lower chance of developing kidney stones regardless of their higher oxalic acid intake. The evidence is pretty clear on some of these topics, perhaps this is the reason the article you linked to had no references. As it often does, looking properly at the evidence and at the bigger picture reveals the truth.

      1. Hi, Marc: Again, I thank you for taking the time to respond to one of my questions. I’m sorry to keep troubling you. I’m sure the subject of “health” is (now) pretty easy for you. However, it’s frustrating to me, because each time I think I learn something, I look to “debunk” it and then find plenty of contrary “evidence.”

        Dr. Pam Popper, for example, states we should always eat low-fat, even if eating only plants. Then, Dr. Greger says high-fat is fine, as long as it’s whole plant foods. She says the evidence doesn’t support high-fat and he seems to suggest it does – provided it’s all from plants.

        Speaking of Dr. Greger and “debunking,” I recently found the following article wherein Denise Minger claims that Dr. Greger cherry-picked evidence for his book “How Not to Die” and that some of his citations don’t support certain claims. And, that he contradicts himself.

        “How Not to Die” by Dr. Michael Greger: A Critical Review https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/how-not-to-die-review

        Then, another article, by Chris Kresser, alleging Dr. Campbell’s “The China Study” is full of flaws, too.

        Rest in Peace, China Study https://chriskresser.com/rest-in-peace-china-study

        How does one get to the truth? Or, is there a universal truth?

        As a layperson, I rely on experts to translate complex science and research into advice? But, the experts don’t seem to agree.

        1. Karl Hungus I completely understand your frustration. To take away the confusion requires me to take each issue you’ve brought up and break down the facts into considerable detail, thus allowing you to see things more clearly. This is what I do for my clients during consultations at my office or over the phone.

          It’s impossible to find the time to respond to every question people have based on what they read on the internet, at least not with the amount of detail that I would prefer. That’s why I created my latest video entitled “Nutrition Scam 101: When Doctors Abuse Your Trust” – which explains how people can get away with making claims that are not supported by the evidence, and what we can do to see the truth. I recommend you watch this video again. And if you need clarification on specific issues, we can schedule a phone consultation and go over them. You would first need to complete some health forms that are available on my website. Thank you.

          1. Okay, that makes sense. You teach a person to fish, rather than giving them a fish. Or, more accurately, you teach a person to sprout, versus giving them sprouts. 🙂 I realize your time is limited and I sincerely appreciate the courtesy of your responses.

            1. Exactly- better to empower each person than to give quick recommendations. My article on heart disease covers why low fat diets (even low plant fat) is best for people with cholesterol levels above a certain level- here is a link to my articles: https://markitonutrition.com/health-articles/

              The “debunking” of the China study is not to be taken seriously because it is based on straw man arguments- completely misrepresenting the information in the book in order to build a case against it. Just so you know, Dr. T. Colin Campbell voluntarily released the raw data of the study he conducted in China when most journals don’t even require this. Ethical scientists who have nothing to hide release their raw data. The data can then be analyzed incorrectly by the opposition in order to “prove” anything they want to a public that can’t tell the difference. Furthermore, the book- The China Study- is not solely about that one study that the opposition focuses on, but also about several decades of lab studies that were published in medical journals- many different types of findings from multiple studies converging on some strong conclusions. It’s a shame that such an ethical scientist, one who never exaggerates or speaks beyond the limitations of the evidence, is subjected to such silly attacks on his work. Thanks.

    1. +Karl Hungus Thank you for sharing – I have a one hour lecture video coming out entitled “Nutrition Scam 101: When Doctors Abuse Your Trust” which directly breaks down every major claim that Dr. Gundry has made. But more importantly, it teaches the viewers how to separate real science from marketing for themselves.

      For example, Dr. Gundry uses citations in his book – but when you look up the studies they conclude the opposite of what he is claiming (his own references don’t support his positions).

      On page 4 of his new book he says that egg yolks lower cholesterol! But when you look up the study he cites to support this claim you find the exact opposite to be true: in the study people who lowered their cholesterol removed egg yolks from their diet.

      He links to a study on wheatgrass that concludes it has zero negative effects and multiple benefits for diseases such as cancer and colitis.

      He then argues with what we call logical fallacies- which are tricks politicians often use to fool people. for example, he claims that eating just 5 kidney beans can kill you – therefore beans are unhealthy to consume. That’s a logical fallacy because no one consumes uncooked, dry kidney beans! Just soaking the beans properly removes most of the lectins that Dr. Gundry says are the reason we are all sick! That’s right, his new book “The Plant Paradox” has a tomato on the cover indicating that foods that contain lectins, such as tomatoes and beans, are the biggest cause of disease! And on his website he sells supplements such as a “Lectin Shield”. Dr. Gundry has been exposed as a marketing expert, period.

      I understand how frustrating this must be for most people, which is why I’m releasing my new video shortly to empower the public to interpret the evidence for themselves.

      Lastly; regarding wheatgrass, Dr. Gundry argues that dogs vomit when they consume it so it must be bad for us! That’s not very scientific, is it? First of all, we don’t consume our lawn full of pesticides and parasites from fecal matter, etc! Second we don’t consume the whole grass, we actually juice it and consume “wheatgrass juice”. Third, wheatgrass is recommended for dogs, and multiple veterinary sources recommend it. His claims and evidence against wheatgrass juice have zero evidence to back them up.

      Stay tuned for my next video which tackles Dr. Gundry’s claims in great detail. More importantly, it teaches people how to be better consumers of information. Confidence over confusion is the goal of this upcoming video. Thank you.

      1. +Markito Nutrition – Hi, Marc! First of all, you’re up early…or, late! Thank you for the detailed reply. I’ve watched nearly all your videos and almost every article on your website. As others have stated in your various YouTube videos and blog comments, you’re fantastic and produce quality, trustworthy material. As for Gundry, it seems he gets few things correct. I’ve heard him tell people to eat lots of green, leafy vegetables. So, I think, that’s good. Then, he tells people to use lots of olive oil on them. Then, I think this guy is nutty. I’ve seen Dr. Joel Kahn and Dr. Garth Davis expose many of Gundry’s half-truths. I look forward to contacting you soon, via your website, to set-up a consultation. I sincerely, thank you for the reply, videos, and blog. Cheers, friend.

      1. Hi James, you’re going to have to clue me in on the Lebowski reference because I didn’t make it intentionally!

    1. We do not eat the whole grass, it is first juiced and then consumed. The juice is digested and absorbed very easily, and is excellent for people suffering from intestinal diseases such as ulcerative colitis.

  3. I have noticed a big different in my energy level, skin, and hair. I will continue to use the wheatgrass juice being that it’s much better than eating from fast food restaurants. Thanks for your information.

    1. Nutritional deficiencies can be the cause of nerve issues. Wheatgrass juice provides excellent nutritional support, and is most definitely a very strong component of a healthy plant-based diet that supports all of our organ systems. If you have questions specific to your case it is best that you contact me directly via my Markito Nutrition website, and also complete your detailed health forms (also available online on my site or via email when requested). Thank you.

  4. Hey Mark, i been taking 2 oz Every day, and i starting to feel weak or like i wanna eat more but i poop it out , i wonder if i need to slow down on the wheat grass or my body is releasing more than what im eating. I lost 6 LBS after starting to take wheatgrass everyday, I was 224lbs now im 217lbs.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Pablo,

      I just saw your question, sorry for the late response. I would need more info to be able to help you. You can contact me directly so that I may send you our health forms. Some people experience a healing crisis as they begin to cleanse their body. However, the better your overall diet is the easier it becomes for you to incorporate wheatgrass. Our clients have been consuming wheatgrass daily for many years, and some of them did experience some bumps in the beginning, but once they started making more changes it quickly got better for all of them. You can refer to my article entitled “Food Revolution: Step 1” for more guidance. Don’t give up, it’s a process.

  5. Hi do you think this will help cure gum disease I’m also planning to use baking soda and drink green tea to try and get rid of it, I’m 21 and would rather not need dentures at my age, a little embarrassing lol

    1. My clients who consume wheatgrass daily have reported that their dentists do see improvements with their gums. Good oral health along with a proper diet are keys to maintaining healthy gums. It’s never too late to start making lifestyle improvements – this will benefit more than just your gums. Don’t be embarrassed- people have all sorts of health concerns. A proactive approach to health, especially at a young age, dramatically improves quality of life. You can visit my site at https://markitonutrition.com to learn more.

  6. Markito Nutrition can wheatgrass help with chemo or prechemo treatments?

    1. Dear Gerbera,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. Wheatgrass along with a proper plant based diet can benefit all people, especially those undergoing chemotherapy. Furthermore, Intermittent fasting or calorie restriction is proving to make chemo more effective while reducing negative side effects. Our local clients benefit from the tremendous juice fasts that we prepare for them. To learn more please visit my website at https://markitonutrition.com. Wishing you all the best.

  7. I heard Wheatgrass was too strong for toddlers, is that true? And if not, do you know of an appropriate age to start children taking it?

    1. Thank you for your question. Green juices, including wheatgrass, are great for children. I generally teach my clients that if a food is not safe for toddlers than it probably isn’t very good for adults either. I have a 13 month old baby girl who enjoys her green juices, including wheatgrass. With wheatgrass, you can start by just wetting their lips a bit, and by the time they are 2, give them a teaspoon or so. The sooner they get on the right path the easier it is for their future. Of course, you have to ensure that the wheatgrass is grown well, and without mold. All the best to you and your toddler(s).

      1. +Markito Nutrition Thank you so much for your quick response. I drink it do to my sickle cell disease and I’m so scared to eat a lot of the veggies in NJ do to gmo, so I take an once of that twice a week and I feel so great. I also take cod liver and give it to my son…really helps with cell inflammation. But thank you, hope to hear more of your videos

        1. +Markito Nutrition and one more question, do I give it to him everyday?

          1. I strongly believe that foods such as wheatgrass and certain algae should be consumed in small amounts daily. They sit on top of the food pyramid that I recommend to clients at my practice, and we’ve witnessed nothing but positive results over the years.

        2. It is my pleasure. I encourage you to watch my video on dioxins as well as the one specifically on fish to understand why I do not recommend cod liver oil.

    1. Getting rid of parasites requires a more complete approach, from taking potent herbs to transitioning to a better overall plant-based diet which includes some intermittent juice fasting. Wheatgrass is certainly a powerful tool that helps the process.

  8. Hi Marc. With great interest I read your article about Wheatgrass. Thank you for the valuable information. If I take Wheatgrass to me do I have to take additional vitamins or am I covered with the Wheatgrass in full?

    1. Hello Brigitte,

      Thank you for your question. I recommend wheatgrass and a few forms of algae (such as Chlorella). These are whole foods that provide a full spectrum of nutrients that support the body. I do recommend a good B12 supplement as well. Other than that, green juices with sprouts and microgreens are some of the best “multi-vitamins” to enjoy as often as possible. Due to the depletion of our soils, and our foods having just a fraction of the nutrients they once had, it is wise to turn to the most nutrient dense and freshest foods available to us today- and this is why a diet rich in sprouts is so beneficial. A proper plant-based diet with just a few whole food supplements ensures that we do not suffer from nutrient deficiencies. All the best.

    1. It is best to cut the blades of grass as close as possible to the soil (make sure there is no mold), and then put them through a proper juicer. You can compost the soil with the roots. I would not recommend eating the roots.

  9. Very TRUE It is the very first SUPERFOOD drink it fresh Out late beloved pioneer Ann Wigmore I was blessed to have taken classes with her when she was alive at San Diego Optimal Health Institute

  10. thank you for the video. is it ok to give it to children? If it is ok how much to give them? I bought wheatgrass powder for a start as I could not find the wheatgrass itself in any place around me.

    1. Yes, you can give it to children. Juice is better than powder. You can start by simply wetting a child’s lips to get them used to it, and as they get older slowly progressing to an ounce.

  11. well put together video with plenty of info. did you learn this from reading a book or online info? if a book, what’s the name?

    1. Thanks for watching Scott. To learn more please visit https://markitonutrition.com. I run a health center where we teach people how to prevent and reverse disease through better lifestyle choices. You will find more information on the website. Reading scientific journals is often more helpful than a single book. Popular books, articles, and even videos like mine often tend to represent the author’s interpretation. It is always best to look to the preponderance of the evidence, and that often requires looking further than just a few books or articles. I recommend that you watch my video entitled “The Absolute Truth About Your Medical Treatment” to get started on the right path. Thank you.

  12. Thanks for this informative video and I applaud you or work. Numerous sources say that chlorophyll is liposoluble. If so, doesn’t it need to be mixed with a little fat? It would be unfortunate to do all these cleanses and have it pass through our bodies.

    1. Hello D-lyte,

      thank you for your question and welcome to our community. There is a big difference between consuming an isolated form of chlorophyll versus wheatgrass juice that contains a full spectrum of nutrients. A variety of factors affect the bioavailablity of nutrients, including many (hundreds if not thousands) of other nutrients. That’s why we typically do not recommend isolated or synthetic forms of nutrients, and when we do recommend supplements they are whole food plant-based supplements. In fact, it can be said that the best supplements are the green juices, including wheatgrass, that our clients consume on a daily basis.

      1. What you’re saying makes sense. A whole food is composed of all macronutrients so in the case of wheatgrass the fat component would remain, I suppose, whereas chlorophyll in a bottle only has the pigment. Thanks for your answer 😉

  13. I juice wheatgrass about every other day, so I’m not against this video. However, we’ve evolved as a species to eat cooked foods, specifically, starches such as: rice, corn, wheat, potatoes and so on. A little raw food is good, but too many people are on this ‘raw-food only’ way of living. Again, we’ve evolved to eat cooked foods, starches to be exact, and on the side a little-bit of raw greens wouldn’t hurt. However, even our greens, yellows, reds should also be cooked.

    1. Why should greens, yellow and reds be cooked? For the vast majority of our evolution we would have eaten everything raw.

      1. +nitelite78 You need to do some studying on the evolution of hominids. Homo sapiens could not have evolved as we have, at least brain-wise, had it not been for cooking our foods, and eating starches.
        Here is one of many, many published articles on human evolution and diet. …… http://www.livescience.com/24875-meat-human-brain.html [I don’t advocate eating meat, however, the article stands]

        [Edit]..And another: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cooking-up-bigger-brains/
        And yet another: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/why-fire-makes-us-human-72989884/?no-ist
        And another: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/10/121026-human-cooking-evolution-raw-food-health-science/
        All the above, as well as numerous other such papers, are from legitimate scientists, not from some blogger who may be nothing more than a parrot.

        I’m an old hippie from the 60’s, we started this ‘raw-food’ movement, and I was a strong advocate for it for many, many decades. However, as facts unfold, it is unwise for us not to look at the evidence and then make rational decisions which may affect our lives!

        This happens to be one of my areas of study. I’m not like a delusional Christian saying things just because they may sound good, or how I may think/wish them to be. We should use facts to base our understanding on subjects, not take ‘guesses’ as to how we wished it was/is…don’t you think? The only/best way we learn is to follow the evidence, not our biased conjectures. How much actual studying have you done on this subject? My guess is not much, if any at all. It seems as though you are merely talking out of your ass, or, perhaps a better way of stating this is that you are merely ‘taking guesses’, and/or, parroting others who also are merely making assertions based upon no evidence. We now have DNA evidence to support our findings, not guesses. You seem to be making an assertion on a subject you understand very little about. One shouldn’t make declarations based upon ‘guesses’ concerning subjects they don’t understand, that would make you like the delusional Christian that merely talks out of their assess on subjects they know nothing about.
        Don’t take what I’m stating personally, I wouldn’t know you if I tripped over your feet at the Mall. I’m only trying to help you understand that its important to seek out facts before making a statement…especially one which a person may base their entire health/existence upon…..it’s not healthy/advantageous to eat an all-raw-diet!

        One more point then I’ll be finished with you on this subject…the published scientific articles, and numerous books penned by legitimate scientists are widely available for study, there is no need for one to take ‘guesses’! Look at all of the oldest, strongest, healthiest cultures…they all advocate cooking vegetables….and they teach to NOT eat your vegetables raw, but for best health, to cook them, slightly, yes, but cooked none-the-less.

        If you, or anyone wishes to eat an all-raw diet, go for it, you can eat cow-dung for all I care, but at least let facts be just that…factual, and try not to spread misinformation, and oftentimes nonsense, which are merely based upon one’s ‘wishes’, and/or beliefs! That’s like the delusion of Christianity and how they want to FORCE their delusion upon the entire world. If a person wants their particular delusion, they have that right, just please don’t try to instill your delusion upon others, its best to advocate facts whether we agree with them, or not.

      2. +David A The theory associating cooked food with brain size is, in fact, just a theory- one that relies on a big stretch of the evidence and thus is heavily debated in the scientific community. It is also interesting to note that our human brain has been shrinking over the past 10,000 years. While such facts allow scientists to further hypothesize, creating interesting conversation and debate, they don’t tackle how to help our present day population suffering from increasing rates of chronic disease. One thing that science does show clearly is the importance of consuming a proper plant-based diet, as well as making sure to include lots of raw foods that provide us with essential nutrients that are destroyed by cooking.

        It is important for us to understand that there is a lot that science can teach us on how to prevent and even reverse disease through healthy lifestyle, and it’s up to us to learn how to separate findings that are supported by the preponderance of the evidence, versus those that are talked about simply because they make the headlines. Sure, it’s important to learn and hypothesize about what went on thousands of years ago, but we can’t rely on this to tell us how to live in today’s world.

  14. This is regarding Type 1 Diabetes in teenagers. For someone who is 16yrs old, never had dairy, eats only organic and before being diagnosed, ate a 80% clean diet. Being diagnosed with Type 1, the mother has him on a Holistic protocol, seeing chiropractors, eats Paleo only, organic only, exercises moderately. I have mentioned raw food before, though her concern is the carbs in green and vegetables that will spike his numbers. Is there anyone out there that has information on this. Can wheatgrass, sprouts and a raw food diet control his numbers and reverse Type 1? Is Type 1 at all reversible with a high live enzyme diet. Thank you. Sincerely “Desperately seeking an answer”

    1. I recommend that you read my article on diabetes. I do mention how even type 1 diabetics can reduce their insulin intake by 40% in 3 weeks. The best diet for diabetics, type I or II, is a proper plant-based diet. The more animal based foods we consume the worse our health becomes in the long run. This fear of carbs is unfounded seeing as cultures that consume a plant-based diet (high in complex carbohydrates) do not suffer from diabetes. All the best.

  15. Great video, I’m now taking organic wheat grass to help me strengthen my teeth by rinsing with 1/8 tsp. of wheat grass into a medical measuring cup of distilled water for five minutes first thing in the morning but I was wondering about the ratio of wheat grass of how much is to be consumed daily mixed with either water or our favorite organic juice to help fight off diseases and/or for stronger immune system?

    1. Hello Gladys, to answer your question: 1 to 2 ounces of wheatgrass juice per day on an empty stomach is a good maintenance dose. That’s how we begin each day. This can be drank straight or mixed with another liquid such as distilled water or green juice, although we prefer to just mix it with distilled water and drink our green juices separately later on in the day.

        1. Hello Adi,

          it is best to grow the young shoots of grass and then juice them. I do not recommend powdered wheatgrass. The juice is the most important part of wheatgrass. When you make the powdered form you are evaporating a lot of the benefits away and what is left is, at best, a “multivitamin” or mineral supplement. It’s not bad, but it’s not the same as drinking the juice of the plant.

  16. +Marc Jaoude Thank you so much for your videos and posts. I’ve known for a long time of how we are poisoned, the fluoride, mercury, GMOs, etc. put in our foods and medicines. But I’ve never truly discerned how to combat these things (especially fluoride and mercury–they don’t leave the body.). I am merely thirteen years into my life, but I definitely want to reverse the damage done, and keep myself healthy. I’m going to start wheat grass rinsing, as well as oil pulling for a start. Also, I’ll be switching to a more Mediterranean diet (5%-10% meat, mostly grains and vegetables) and stick to it as much as I can.Anyways, I just hope you know how much I appreciate what you do here.

    1. Dear Devon,

      thank you very much for your kind words. You are wise beyond your years. I wish you great success. I must note that although a modern Mediterranean type diet has been well publicized over the years as being a healthy diet, it is NOT the ideal diet to prevent or reverse health issues. The more whole food plant-based recipes that you consume, the healthier you will be, and the more you cut out animal-based food as well as vegetable oils the better it is. Many people believe that consuming lots of olive oil, fish, nuts, and some red wine is healthy because these are all part of the advertised Mediterranean diet- but when we look at the science we understand that this has more to do with marketing than actual evidence. I’ve witnessed clients reverse type 2 diabetes and lower cholesterol in less than a month, something that cannot be accomplished on today’s version of a Mediterranean diet that includes lots of concentrated fats, pasta, and fish. The best Mediterranean diet is the one followed by the people living on the Greek island of Ikaria, a recognized blue zone. 95% of their diet consists of whole grains, legumes, vegetables and wild edible greens. In fact, all Blue Zones around the world consume a 95% plant-based diet. (Blue Zones are areas where people live to an old age without many of the common diseases that affect our society).

      To learn more I invite you to visit my website at https://markitonutrition.com. You are definitely on the right track, and far ahead of most people your age. Keep it up.

  17. Great stuff, thanks for this video, today I bought a jar of biological, dried grass, what is your opinion about freeze-dried wheat grass? I am not into growing wheat grass yet, so taking the dried stuff is way better than nothing, right? And would you happen to know some thing about hyperthyroidism and wheat grass? And Ankylosing Spondilitus? Thanks!! Greetings from the Netherlands.

    1. Thank you for your question. I actually responded to it last week but my answer seems to have disappeared from Youtube! I’ll repeat it just in case you never received it: The juice is the most important part of wheatgrass. When you make the powdered form you are evaporating a lot of the benefits away and what is left is, at best, a “multivitamin” or mineral supplement. Regarding the second part of your question- there is lots of evidence that a proper plant-based diet can significantly reduce inflammation and improve arthritic conditions. You asked about hyperthyroidism: thyroid disease is becoming more common, especially within the younger generations. While wheatgrass juice should ideally be added to everyone’s daily regiment, and my clients with thyroid issues swear by it, when it comes to chronic issues- and especially dealing with the thyroid- we must look to improve our ENTIRE diet as well as become more conscious of elements in our environment that could be aggravating the situation. In short, wheatgrass is a great addition but there is no magic pill- we have to accept that every single item we consume has an effect on our health, and take responsibility every day so that we can give our body the support it needs to heal itself. I’ve seen clients experience incredible results when switching to a proper diet, including substantial improvements with their thyroid. For more information, including recipes, I invite you to visit my website at https://markitonutrition.com. All the best.
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    1. Dear Brad,

      sarcoidosis is associated to other autoimmune diseases. In fact, all autoimmune diseases share many things in common, including possible causes, and they tend to occur in the same populations and even within the same individuals. We know today that diet plays a large role. For example, type 1 diabetes, considered an autoimmune disease, as well as multiple sclerosis are both strongly associated to the consumption of dairy milk. Furthermore, an amazing study from Montreal that spanned nearly 4 decades showed that nutritional therapy greatly minimizes symptoms of MS, and other studies have shown that patients following a proper diet can reduce their medications for type 1 diabetes by 40% or more in just a few weeks. The evidence is growing more each day of the role that diet – specifically a proper plant-based diet – plays in halting inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and cancer- and how an animal based diet promotes disease. Still, the mainstream medical community prefers to devote most of its resources to studying genetic causes, and very little time, effort and money is being spent on further understanding the role that food plays, and on educating the public.

      Regarding sarcoidosis, a 2009 study entitled “Antioxidant status associated with inflammation in sarcoidosis: a potential role for antioxidants” showed that patients had a reduced antioxidant defense, indicating that oxidative stress could be an underlying cause of sarcoidosis. The study concluded that patients may benefit from antioxidant supplementation for added protection against the damage being caused, as well as to reduce inflammation. Again, this is evidence of the role that diet plays not only in prevention but also for treatment of many diseases that have stumped the mainstream medical community.

      For proper healing and tissue regeneration, there is little doubt that a good diet is essential to support the body as it works to repair itself. The diet richest in antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes is a whole foods plant-based diet that includes sprouts and microgreens, and of course wheatgrass juice. To learn more I invite you to visit my website at https://markitonutrition.com. Here you will learn how sprouting grains and legumes magnifies their antioxidant content and greatly enhances digestibility. All the best.

  18. I have read volumns on gmo and non gmo foods. Test have concluded cancer in lab animals increases 70% Why do you suppose GMO foods are outlawed in most of Europe? Monsanto has hid there studies ????

  19. thankfully, I love LOVE love my (non-gmo raw organic) wheatgrass ♥ some people think it’s “different” that I like the taste of #wheatgrass (LOL) but I love broccoli too (lol) ♥#foodasmedicine #superfoods #empowermentmessengers

  20. thankfully, I love LOVE love my (non-gmo raw organic) wheatgrass ♥ some people think it’s “different” that I like the taste of #wheatgrass (LOL) but I love broccoli too (lol) ♥#foodasmedicine #superfoods #empowermentmessengers

  21. Lots of misinformation. Just for starters:Your body is NOT going to be depleted of enzymes if you eat only cooked food. Why? Because our cells manufacture all the enzymes we need. Not only that, but we do not use any enzymes that we eat, rather, we break them down into their constituent amino acids, and then use these to manufacture our OWN enzymes by stringing the amino acids together. Enzymes are a kind of protein. The amino acids we need are available from the proteins that we eat, digest, and assimilate.

    1. Dear Theodore, enzymes are a lot more than just proteins. I recommend you read Dr. Edward Howell’s work, and then look up recent studies that have shown the benefits of wheat sprout enzymes that are indeed delivered intact to the intestines. In fact, there are hundreds of peer reviewed medical and university studies showing the absorption of enzymes and their many benefits. Your views express old school thinking.

      Benefits are certainly not limited to improving digestion. As one example, an Eastern European study showed oral enzyme therapy to be effective in improving post-surgical recovery time, reducing the need for pain medications, and reducing fluid retention. Czech surgeons noted that oral enzymes “accelerated healing” and had an “analgesic effect”.

      Finally, the more we age, especially on a processed cooked food diet, the more challenges we have with poor digestion and overall health. Switching to a proper, enzyme-rich plant based diet, with lots of raw (living) food provides us with the opportunity to regain our strength- and there are no negative side effects. All the best.

  22. i wouldnt mind drinking wheatgrass but i cant stand the taste. i dont understand why it tastes so awful if its good for you

  23. It’s a pleasure to actually get some straight-up knowledge.Thanks.Great vid that conveyed tons of pertinent info.

  24. Hello, Mr Markito Nutrition your youtube on wheatgrass juice is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!. Looking forward to your other health related youtubes. Be bless!!!

  25. Thank you so much for sharing this healthy video.. I have heal myself from different illness with wheatgrass .I’m a firm believer..My question is can wheatgrass replace breakfast.???..Please keep posting your healthy videos.. I have benefit from them…And help a friend she was diagnosed with terminal cancer… She refused chemo and started eating healthy and drinking wheatgrass..She is cancer free…

    1. Dear Irma, thank you for your wonderful feedback and for sharing your story. I am happy to hear that both you and your friend are doing well. To answer your question: many people wrongly believe that it is ideal to have a big breakfast as soon as they wake up. The truth is actually the opposite. The longer you go without eating solid food the more time your body has to go through its natural detox process. The moment that you eat solid food your body ends its cleanse. Therefore, the most important priority in the morning is to hydrate yourself by drinking lots of pure water and green juices such as wheatgrass juice. Lemon water is also wonderful. About half an hour to 2 hours after taking your wheatgrass juice and water, once you feel the need to eat, you can have a solid meal. I have clients tell me that wheatgrass juice actually holds them over for at least a few hours, allowing them to delay the timing of their first meal and thus increasing their fasting period. So, in short, hydration in the morning is most important- and wheatgrass juice is indeed a wonderful way to begin your day. 

  26. I’ve invested in my health and it only took 60 bucks to buy the organic seeds for wheat grass and the jucier to reap the benefits of this powerful detoxifier, especially of the liver and blood don’t sleep on this my good people get educated and read ann wigmore books on the power in wheat grass!

  27. Some theories are that the benefits of wheat grass come from the endophytes in it, which is a type of fungus that lives in most plants.

  28. i so appreciate ppl that post videos that are worth something HELPFUL TO PPL AND THE PLANET.. thank you 4 that first.. now, SERIOUSLY MAN.. before i began wheatgrass i was sick & almost DEAD.. i was poisoined my liver was not functioning and waste matter/toxins built up & i could not walk.. so, after regular dr’s saying we dont know y u r sick.. yada yada, ok.. so, i went to HIPPOCRITIES institute in wpb, fl, u need to google them guys — what if u get sick, or ur mom or dad, or CHILD.. my god… think of other ppl before you 12 yr olds post on here. . now, their program is all raw food with WHEATGRASS AS MAIN CURE.. & let me tell u the ppl that go there that are almost dead, then, weeks later, they r younger than a child running around… IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.. RESULTS ! of course big pharma etc, r posting here, of course.. lol im sure 1 drug co posted every single discouraging comment below thats how LOOPY theyr, they kill you with here, here, take this, take that, take this, u are dying every day so bad… u r all sick as hell n dont know it, u r being poisoined by man made and GMO foods, u dont know it.. . i grow wheatgrass for pennies a day, now 3 weeks after i could not walk, i do 2oz twice day, i feel amazing, .. y r u ppl so damn nasty n negative is beyond what jesus and god wants.. u must be for the “other side” its pretty obvious ur intentions here.

  29. I have a question. Ok, I really want to start to drinking wheat grass but what is better wheat grass in powder or grow the wheat grass but I don’t have a juicer so what can I use instead of a juicer?

    1. Dear Doreen, it is best to grow the young shoots of grass and then juice them. Other than a juicer, the next best way would be to chew on the grass itself, and then spit out the pulp. However, this is not practical as it involves a lot of chewing! I do not recommend powdered wheatgrass. The juice is the most important part of wheatgrass. When you make the powdered form you are evaporating a lot of the benefits away and what is left is, at best, a “multivitamin” or mineral supplement. It’s not bad, but it’s not the same as drinking the juice of the plant.

  30. For viewers interested in phytohormones (plant hormones):

    Phytohormones do play a role in our health and well being, and have been shown to help regulate human hormone levels. For example, researchers at Virginia Tech have confirmed that abscisic acid, a natural plant hormone found in wheatgrass juice, helps fight inflammation and can be used for the treatment of disease. Abscisic acid (ABA) has been shown to be a viable weapon against metabolic syndrome and diabetes, as well as inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. A 2011 article published in Biochemical Pharmacology summarized the research on this plant hormone by stating that “ABA is an endogenous immune regulator in animals and has potential medicinal applications for several human diseases.”

    Phytoestrogens have also gained attention in recent years. Here is an excerpt from an article published in Life Extension explaining some of their positive effects: “Phytoestrogens bind to estrogen receptors and help modulate estrogen activity (Zittermann 2003). When estrogen levels are too low, their very mild estrogenic effect raises total estrogenic activity. Alternatively, when estrogen levels are too high, they compete with estrogen at cellular receptor sites, thus reducing endogenous estrogenic impact. By competing with endogenous estrogen for estrogen receptors, phytoestrogens may help prevent the growth and spread of several hormone-dependent cancers (Adlercreutz 1992). They have also been shown to decrease the risk of some degenerative diseases including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, breast and uterine cancer (Baber 2010; Bawa 2010; Cho 2010; Messina 2008; Miyake 2009).”

    I have no doubt that the study of natural plant hormones will continue to reveal some of the many ways that a proper plant based diet supports a healthy immune system, helping to prevent as well as reverse disease.

    1. A youtube viewer named bahilleli posted the following question:

      “The science is still inconclusive; just a bit ago phytoestrogens were vilified, because they are endocrine disruptors.
      see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3074428/
      As for wheatgrass — I’ve yet to find one credible source that claims wheatgrass is a source of phyto-estrogens (I know soy is)… Care to provide?”

      Here is my response:

      As much as we break down food into its individual components to try to understand it’s effects, we must never lose sight of the fact that the most important factor to look at is the overall effect of consuming the food. For example, at least 300 plant based foods contain phytoestrogens- including beans, oats, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas- and we know that these foods are associated with good health. Plant estrogens from the foods I’ve mentioned above are 1,000 times weaker than estrogen produced by the human body.

      You mentioned soy and this is important to talk about. I do NOT recommend soy for several reasons, one of which is the fact that most soy products contain a large amount of antinutrients, and also that soy can indeed impact our hormones in a negative way. Soy beans have been heavily hybridized and most soy products today are highly processed. However, organic, non GMO, fermented soy, such as miso and tempeh, is better and okay to consume in small amounts. Fermentation significantly reduces the level of isoflavones in soy and improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Eating a small amount of whole, fermented soy per week isn’t necessarily unhealthy, especially when compared to the overly processed soy products on the market today. (I believe that the study you linked to does in fact discuss important differences between fermented and non fermented soy).

      Finally, stepping back and looking at the big picture, people suffering from hormonal issues improve tremendously once they begin consuming a whole food plant based diet with an emphasis on living foods such as sprouts and micro greens. We have a lot of science to explain why such a diet is so effective, and I have no doubt that we will continue to uncover even more reasons in the near future. All the best.

    1. The liver is an organ responsible for over 500 hundred functions, one of which is filtering and detoxifying our blood from all of the rubbish that we ingest on a daily basis. Furthermore, since 2009 we have scientific evidence that environmental pollution- including lead, mercury, PCBs and pesticides- further increases the risk of liver disease. The good news is that the liver can and does repair- and often very quickly. To achieve this you have to clean up your life- and this doesn’t just mean to stop drinking alcohol. It means you have to turn to a proper 100% whole foods plant based diet with an emphasis on living foods such as sprouts and microgreens. Wheatgrass is the most beneficial part of a larger solution- but it is not the solution on its own. For example, some people think that they can go on doing what caused the damage in the first place and just take wheatgrass. This is silly. You have to accept full responsibility and understand that every single bit of food you swallow has an effect on your body- and the more good your diet contains the better your outcome. You also have to be conscious of the quality of your water. Eventually, once you have transitioned to a proper diet and taken full responsibility, juice fasting (with green juices and not fruit juices) is remarkable for allowing your liver to heal and repair. All the best. 

      1. As it turns out thats exactly what i am doing and after 4 weeks i no longer have diarrhoea after 2 years with crohns disease.. i now have a juicer a blender and now a nutribullet, but didnt know about wheat grass hence iv ordered the seeds and the extractor.

    1. Thank you for your question. The juice is the most important part of wheatgrass. When you make the powdered form you are evaporating a lot of the benefits away and what is left is, at best, a “multivitamin” or mineral supplement. 

  31. Very interesting video. Thanks for posting.Just wondering if eating wheatgrass rather than juicing it would yield the same effect ?

    1. Hello Marty, chewing on wheatgrass and then spitting out the pulp would give you the same effect, perhaps even better since you are mixing it with your saliva and enzymes. However, this is far from being practical since you would be chewing for a long time. It takes a lot of grass to extract the few ounces of juice that we take each day, and therefore juicing remains the best option- especially if you are on a daily regimen. 

    1. Julia, thank you for your question. There are huge connections between nutrition and mental illness. You can start by reading a 2008 article published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry entitled “Understanding nutrition, depression and mental illness”. If you have any specific questions regarding nutrition please feel free to contact me directly through my Markito Nutrition website. Wheatgrass along with the other green sprout juices that we prepare for our clients are the best “multi-vitamins” that we have available to us today, and they play a huge role in supporting our physical as well as mental health. All the best.

      1. Below is Joel Martin’s response to Julia’s question regarding mental illness – the exchange took place in the comment section below my video on Youtube:

        “About 3 years ago I was drinking a mixture of frozen wheat grass juice, chlorophyll, and water, and I found that it medicated my depression/anxiety effectively for the short time I was able to drink it. It gave me a very great deal of mental and physical energy along with medicating my depression.” Joel Martin.

        1. Here is Julia’s response on Youtube:

          “Thank you. I was wondering about a specific illness, If someone suffered from pyschosis (or dillusions) could it help them to feel better, or have less dillusions? And thank you Joel anxiety and depression is a huge issue for a lot of people, including myself.” Julia Landmann.

          1. Julia, there is anecdotal evidence that wheatgrass juice can help. I have heard individuals reporting that wheatgrass juice was responsible for ending their psychosis.

            However, as it stands today, we still do not understand exactly what causes this disorder, and chances are it is due to a variety of factors. The evidence provided in the scientific literature shows us that an overall healthy lifestyle, one that includes a good amount of exercise and a diet rich in vegetables, can greatly help individuals suffering from psychosis. There is also incredible evidence that proper nutrition is more powerful than antidepressants. For example, new research is shedding light on the relationship between intestinal microbiota (gut flora) and mental health. A healthy gastrointestinal tract is proving to be a major key to helping people that suffer from mental illness. And it turns out that every single meal has an effect. For example, I have an article on my Markito Nutrition website that highlights a study showing just how quickly the wrong types of food can shift the balance of our gut bacteria- helping the “bad” bacteria flourish- leading to more inflammation. Perhaps it is not just a coincidence that the number 1 drugs in terms of revenue are antidepressants and number 2 are drugs to control digestive disorders. These are 2 global epidemics that are growing exponentially, and we can no longer overlook the mechanisms that associate them to each other.

            It is also important to note that all individuals, not just those suffering from mental illness, should consume a proper bacterial form of B12. Neurological symptoms of B12 deficiency can be irreversible.

            In short, when it comes to overcoming a health issue, we have to give our body the raw materials (food) it requires to rebuild and heal itself, while removing the irritants- such as our exposure to heavy metals and other toxins- that can aggravate the issue. My video entitled “Is Your Environment Damaging Your Health?” tackles the issue of how food and environment affects our health. And my video “What About Fish” also briefly discusses mental illness. The more we look at the evidence the more we begin to see how a proper plant-based diet, rich in sprouts and microgreens, provides us with the antioxidants, enzymes, hormones, minerals and vitamins we need to not only prevent but also reverse illness.

            All the best.

  32. Broccoli and spinach have more benefits than wheat grass. The only reason wheat grass works like it dose is because you think it works. Wheat grass will make you sick. The symptoms may not be noticeable, but you are sick

    1. Bill, you are right that the placebo effect is a reality in many instances. And I appreciate your comment because it allows me to further dive into certain topics that help more people to understand the benefits of wheatgrass.

      The evidence that supports the use of wheatgrass is quite vast, and the results achieved are remarkable. Just to boost your knowledge on this topic I recommend that you read some scientific studies (I include a few below) to understand why scientists from all around the world are working to try and recreate some of the benefits of wheatgrass into a product that they can patent to sell as a drug or food supplement.

      Wheat sprouts are the richest food source of our body’s most important antioxidants (such as superoxide dismutase) that protect us from free radical damage that leads to virtually every health issue from cataracts to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

      Your point about broccoli being better than wheatgrass would have made for a better debate if you were talking about broccoli sprouts that contain 50 times more of the cancer fighting chemicals than the regular mature broccoli that you purchase at the grocery store. Sprouts and microgreens are well documented by the scientific community to contain 4-50 times more antioxidants and overall nutrients than their mature counterparts. That is also NOT a placebo effect related matter. It would be great for the general public to be made more aware of these facts, and this is why I include the scientific studies when you visit the broccoli sprout page on my Markito Nutrition website.

      Our clients have achieved incredible health benefits by switching to a whole foods plant based diet, with a strong emphasis on sprouts and microgreens such as wheatgrass juice, sunflower greens, pea shoots, broccoli sprouts and so on. In addition, we incorporate a 24 hour juice fast once a week that includes two 2-ounce servings of wheatgrass juice- and this has helped clients suffering from severe ulcerative colitis achieve remarkable results.

      Here are some studies on wheatgrass demonstrating what a powerful contribution it can make to the healing process:

      1. Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of wheat grass (Triticum aestivum L.). S.D. Kulkami, et al. Phytotherapy Research, March 2006; 20(3): 218-27.

      2. Lorenz K. Cereal sprouts: composition, nutritive value, food applications. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 1980;13(4):353-85.

      3. Marsili V, Calzuola I, Gianfranceschi GL. Nutritional relevance of wheat sprouts containing high levels of organic phosphates and antioxidant compounds. J Clin Gastroenterol. 2004 Jul;38(6 Suppl):S123-6.

      4. Calzuola I, Marsili V, Gianfranceschi GL. Synthesis of antioxidants in wheat sprouts. J Agric Food Chem. 2004 Aug 11;52(16):5201-6.

      5. Peryt B, Miloszewska J, Tudek B, Zielenska M, Szymczyk T. Antimutagenic effects of several subfractions of extract from wheat sprout toward benzo[a]pyrene-induced mutagenicity in strain TA98 of Salmonella typhimurium. Mutat Res. 1988 Oct;206(2):221-5.

      6. Peryt B, Szymczyk T, Lesca P. Mechanism of antimutagenicity of wheat sprout extracts. Mutat Res. 1992 Oct;269(2):201-15.

      7. Wheat grass juice in the treatment of active distal ulcerative colitis: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial. Ben-Ayre E, Goldin E, Wengrower D, Stamper A,Kohn R, Berry E. Scand J Gastroenterol.

      8. Wheat Grass Juice Reduces Transfusion Requirement in Patients with Thalassemia Major: A Pilot Study. Marwaha RK, Bansal D, Kaur S, Trehan A. Ind Pediatrics. 2004 July 17;41:716-720.

      9. Administering wheatgrass juice in supportive care of terminally ill cancer patients. Basak J, Bhattacharjee C, Dey S, Adhikari S, Mukhopadhyay A. Annals of Oncology. 2008 July:19(Suppl 5).

      10. Bovine cartilage, coenzyme Q10, and wheat grass therapy for primary peritoneal cancer. Forgionne GA. J Altern Complement Med. 2005 Feb;11(1):161-5.

      Finally, there are many anecdotal accounts of women that defeated breast cancer while on wheat grass juice. One such example is Eydie Mae Hunsberger who recovered from what appeared to be fatal breast cancer. In her book, How I Conquered Cancer Naturally, she attributes her recovery and remission to wheat grass juice and a living foods diet.

  33. Hello, thanks for the video. powerfoods (also called superfoods) are super populair here in the Netherlands. Wheat grass over here called Tarwe gras. I also love it as breakfast in a smoothie. My favorite is (a splash of milk nectarines,tomato and strawberries!

  34. Why haveny we heard about this earlier … wow …. sounds like everyone should be following this daily juice process to build up their immune system.

  35. What about alkaloids in wheatgrass? Victoria Boutenko says wheatgrass is no good to intake daily.

    1. Dear Perci, we’ve been juicing wheatgrass every day for years with only positive results to report. Others have done the same for decades with wonderful results. Almost all greens, such as spinach, broccoli and wheatgrass, contain minute amounts of some alkaloids- nothing to be concerned about- some in fact have antioxidant properties that are beneficial to our health. For optimal digestion, it is important to juice the young blades as opposed to throwing them in a blender to produce a smoothie. 

  36. hello sir im from india my name is gaurav .im suffering from acidity and high cholostrol can i use it for these kind of problem and 2nd tell me the best company where i take best wheatgrass juice thanks

    1. Hello Gaurav,

      yes, wheatgrass is one of the best drinks to consume when suffering from acidity. When placed on a proper whole food plant based diet, rich in sprouts and microgreens, our clients are able to lower their cholesterol by as much as 30% in just a few weeks. I invite you to learn more on our MarkitoNutrition website.

      Regarding the best company for wheatgrass: this is a product that is better served fresh. We provide this service to our local clients in Canada. In your case my advice would be to grow it and juice it for yourself, or to find a reputable local source. Frozen wheatgrass is an excellent option only if the producer juices just a few ounces at a time and places in the freezer immediately- and then provides just a weekly ration to clients to keep it as fresh as possible. I do not believe that this is feasible for most businesses- which is why I recommend you do it for yourself. All the best.

  37. What about putting azomite in the soil to increase minerals?? I am going to try wheatgrass. So it is not the same as eating wheat, which is supposed to be bad for you? Thank you.

  38. How can we stay healthy when everything around us is making us sick? Watch the video. God bless…

  39. We also need to have more available to the people at a lower cost. A great idea to do that is BaDaFoS Green Fence, The future of fencing and gardening . Thanks and take it to another step.

    1. Wheatgrass, blue green algae and green algae all have tremendous and unique benefits. We recommend wheatgrass and at least one form of algae daily.

    1. After the age of 2 you can start your child on a teaspoon of wheatgrass and increase gradually with age. I often tell my clients that if something is not safe for a child to consume then it probably isn’t safe for an adult as well.

  40. I’m not old enough to make my own decisions. but I am keeping this info in mind. when I have the money and life to do so I will follow this info. But im almost on my own.

    1. Dear Derrick, you are never too young to begin eating more plant-based foods, such as vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and fruits. And yes, there is a time in our life when we get to choose whether we want to carry on with what we’ve been taught, or if we want to find a better way for ourselves. I wish you success with your journey.

  41. soak your organic broccoli in natural salt water then rinse, the bugs fall off and die and the broccoli tastes great! Great informational video. Thank you

  42. I can’t eat Organic Broccoli, it has nasty grey bugs on it, that’s why i go for non organic broccoli. Could anyone tell me how do you deal with those bugs?????

    1. Dear Julia, the issue with non organic vegetables are the pesticides that we don’t see with the naked eye, but that contribute to destroying not only our health but our environment as well. But even though we can view the presence of bugs as a sign that our produce is free of harsh chemicals, we definitely still don’t want them there! Rinsing as well as you can is the most simple solution, and a step further would be to soak the vegetables in salt water. The occasional bug, when the produce looks fresh and healthy, should not be of much concern. I know that sometimes we must sacrifice some level of convenience to do what is right, and ultimately better for us. Finally, you will not have this issue with broccoli sprouts that are incredibly more nutritious than mature broccoli, and can be grown in just a few days right on your own kitchen counter. I wish you better luck with your vegetables!

  43. Whenever I hear or read about the nutritional value of a plant or food for human consumption I often wonder “under what conditions” has this been tested. I assume wheatgrass growing in nature where it has received the benefits of the soil it’s grown in and the sun and other natural elements should contain more nutritional benefit than one growing in a plastic container at home.

    1. That is a great comment, one that opens many avenues for discussion, including the deterioration of the quality of our soils today. Fortunately, it is easy to have access to some of the richest foods available to us: sprouts! Although it would seem logical that plants grown outdoors would be richer in nutrients than those grown in trays indoors, this does not necessarily apply to sprouts and microgreens (baby plants).

      For example, a study conducted at John Hopkins University showed that broccoli sprouts provide us with 50 times more cancer fighting chemicals than mature broccoli. Broccoli sprouts can be grown in a mason jar right on your kitchen counter in just a few days, even in the middle of a freezing cold winter! That’s the magic of sprouting at home.

      In another study, University of Main researchers found that microgreens contained 4 to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts, and were full of rich antioxidants. But if you continue to grow the baby plant it becomes a regular vegetable, and this is where the quality of the soil becomes a great factor. As an example, due to diminished soil quality, regular broccoli today provides us with far less nutrients than it did just a few decades ago. (For more information on this I recommend you watch the short lecture video I posted titled “Is Your Environment Damaging Your Health”).

      Our clients have achieved tremendous benefits from tray grown wheatgrass, sunflower greens, pea shoots and fenugreek, all carefully grown indoors, harvested at their nutritional peak, and consumed fresh. The Hippocrates Health Institute has been using indoor grown wheatgrass for over 6 decades with hundreds of thousands of guests. I will also tell you that when you begin sprouting at home the life force that is present in these living foods becomes undeniably apparent. It is no wonder that ancient cultures intuitively understood the benefits of germinating and sprouting grains, seeds, legumes and nuts.

      I invite you to visit https://markitonutrition.com for more information on the benefits of sprouting at home, as well as for the excellent sprout recipe section that is under the community tab. It is 100% free to join and we support everybody looking to improve their health. Thank you.

    1. Dear Jerry, the short answer is yes. But please see my response to Paul’s comment above regarding diabetes. I have seen clients get off all of their diabetes and cholesterol medications in less than a month, and all they did differently was change their diet. This is consistent with many studies, including one study at the Pritikin Center where a group of scientists prescribed a plant-based diet and exercise to a group of diabetic patients, and of those 40 patients all but 6 were able to discontinue all of their medication after only 26 days. What I find criminal is that incredible results such as this are the norm- I’ve read the research and I’ve experienced this success firsthand with my clients- yet this information that literally saves lives is not well marketed to the general public. This is why I plan on doing a video lecture on diabetes sometime in the near future, as well as one on cholesterol- in order to help more people understand that most chronic issues that we are dealing with today can not only be controlled, but also reversed, with what we choose to put on our plates. There is no better way to start your day than with wheatgrass juice, and the next step is learning how to prepare more plant-based meals rich in sprouts, such as those featured on the recipe page of my website. If a pill could provide you with just 10% of the type of results that the diet I recommend will bring you, it would be the biggest money maker ever in the history of the pharmaceutical industry.

    1. Dear Selvarangan, I consume wheatgrass juice as well as several forms of algae and sea vegetables daily. They all offer unique health benefits and provide some of the greatest nutritional support for the human body.

  44. Please support claim that wheatgrass contains 92 elements, every analysis I’ve ever seen shows it to be about average to other vegetables common to the modern diet.As for ‘enzymes’ – this idea that you can ingest plant ‘enzymes’ and then use those as enzymes makes little sense. When you ingest plant or animal enzymes, the body will see them for the proteins they are, and break them down into component amino acids. The vast majority won’t even survive the gut. This is uncontroversial basic biology. I don’t believe I have to stoop to ridiculous examples but: If enzymes you took in were active, you would run the risk of being digested while you ate!The claim that bothers me the most – and only because I’ve seen it repeated so often, is that on chlorophyll. THERE IS NOTHING MAGICAL ABOUT CHLOROPHYLL, it is a carbohydrate, but one that humans cannot readily absorb. In other words, the chlorophyll you take in will be the chlorophyll that comes out your back side. While there is some validity that chlorophyll resembles hemoglobin, this really doesn’t add up to evidence of anything but molecules looking alike (carbon dioxide vs carbon monoxide??) – they are different enough such that chlorophyll is unable to ever ‘take up’ the iron required for human blood/hemoglobin. I think it’s Steven Barrett at qwack watch who said it best: “you want oxygen, take a deep breath… that is the best way to deliver usable oxygen we know of”I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wheatgrass, but its no more magical than any other vegetable and far less nutrition dense than say – spinach.Theres definitely a place for grasses and other such plants that will readily gulp up nutrients and as much light as you can afford to give them. In aquaponic setups for example.

    1. Decades of scientific evidence, including human clinical trials, have shown us the importance of consuming enzymes to improve our health. Respectfully, the beliefs you still hold regarding this issue are quite old school. Today there is no doubt within the legitimate scientific community, as well as with the millions of people that have seen their health improve, that a diet rich in enzymes is vital for the human body.

      Wheatgrass juice is easily accessible to people around the world, has no negative side effects, and has proven for over 6 decades to contribute to our health. I respectfully suggest that you spend your time being “bothered” by the billions of dollars that are spent yearly on very dangerous drugs as well as synthetic supplements, most of which come with a long list of side effects. As an example, antacid drugs that many believe to be quite safe, such as Nexium – the most popular drug in its class generating close to 6 billion dollars a year in the US alone – have been shown to increase risk of infections, bone fractures, and dementia, and the list of side effects goes on and on. The good news is that I have seen many people successfully get off antacids while beginning a nutritional program that consists of wheatgrass juice and sprouts.

      Medical care is in fact the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, and this includes deaths caused from taking correct doses of prescribed medications. And this is even true for the drugs that most people assume are safe. The American Journal of Medicine has stated that 107,000 hospitalizations occur each year due to NSAIDS, such as aspirin and Advil, and that at least 16,500 NSAID-related deaths occur each year among arthritis patients alone, and these are conservative numbers. Yet many people believe that these drugs are not dangerous because they are sold over the counter. I have worked with clients that suffered from major headaches and would pop advils as if they were tic tacs not realizing the damage and stress they were causing to their livers. These are examples of certain realities that, respectfully, I believe should bother people who claim to have an understanding of human health and wellness.

      Lastly, I highly suggest you do some research on sprouts and microgreens. It is now accepted as fact, even by mainstream science, that sprouts and microgreens contain up to 50 times more disease fighting nutrients than their mature counterparts. The science on food, and specifically on how food is our medicine, has evolved past most medical and scientific textbooks, and good doctors have already taken notice. I understand the importance of speaking out when we feel that people are being manipulated, and I believe your intentions are honorable, but do not allow your schooling to get in the way of your education.

    1. Dear Paul, we’ve witnessed clients reverse their type 2 diabetes through proper nutrition and exercise. Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle choice and, although not well publicized, this has been well documented by the scientific community. A whole foods plant based diet with zero or close to zero animal products is the best nutritional path for anyone looking to reverse type 2 diabetes, and this can happen in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, the public understands this to be a disease that needs to be “controlled” or “managed” with lifelong medications, and this misinformation is largely due to the billions of dollars that diabetes generates for the pharmaceuticals.

      It’s time to empower ourselves and to do better. It’s time to understand that simply treating symptoms, such as high blood sugar or cholesterol, does not increase our life expectancy nor does it improve our quality of life. The great news is that the same lifestyle choices that help to reverse type 2 diabetes will also improve your body composition, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthen your liver and kidneys, improve your skin, and increase your energy levels. So, in short, this is not just about controlling blood sugar- it’s about a lot more than that. It’s about understanding your body’s warning signals, looking at the big picture, and choosing to move away from our “disease-care system” by taking better care of yourself. 

    1. Wheatgrass is a baby plant and not a grain, so it does not contain any gluten. If you haven’t already done so, you could consider adding small sprouted grains, such as teff, millet, and amaranth to your son’s diet. And for more information on grains I recommend you watch my video “Exposing the Whole Grain Myth.” My clients do very well with sprouted oats. Sprouted grains and legumes are the ideal energy providers. I have a recipe page on the community section of my website that would be of good use to you. I wish you and your son well.

  45. wheat grass will make you feel kinda sick at first, its killing all the poisons that are in your body, after a week or so you will start feeling the good that will come out of daily use 🙂

    1. Lenore, to answer your question I would need to know more details. Please feel free to email me directly. I am certain that, once following proper nutritional recommendations, you will be able to successfully add wheatgrass to your daily routine. I work very closely with my clients and, although some may need more time in the beginning, all clients eventually reach the point where they can wholeheartedly enjoy wheatgrass juice daily, and benefit superbly from it. To give further support to my local clients that I see weekly, as well as to all people around the world, I have added a community section to my MarkitoNutrition website where you can find recipes as well as more information. The community section is 100% free to join, and the goal is to empower people and to provide support as they transition to a healthier life. 

  46. Thank You for ur time .For helpimg us get well.My question is do I water my wheat grass with filter water or for best results Alkaline water?? Thank You

    1. Dear Irma, filtered water is fine for wheatgrass. The single most important aspect of water is that it is pure (clean) water, everything else, even if beneficial, is secondary. For drinking, the best water is distilled- free of impurities, pharmaceutical drugs and harsh chemicals. Water is a billion dollar industry, and there is great marketing behind it- and this can surely make things confusing at times. But the reality is that our water supplies are heavily contaminated, and we need to remove these toxins as best as possible.

  47. hahaha 96 of 118 elements known? rich in enzymes? our body uses only enzymes produced by itself and about 30 of 118 elements don’t exist in nature… if all the Others are present this means they want to make me eat cadmium, caesium, uranium and so on… hahaha what a shit of a spot!!! and stupid everyone who believes it!

    1. To date there are 98 known naturally occurring elements on earth, all the rest are man-made. Of course our body is able to utilize enzymes; enzymes are routinely used to provide relief to people suffering from digestive disorders. The enzyme papain is used for those with celiac disease, and the enzyme lactase is given to people with lactose intolerance- and these are just two examples.

      I hope this is enough information to guide you to do better research. It is important to have a critical mind, but it is equally important to base opinions and beliefs on facts. Here is another fact: humans throughout history have always used plants as medicine, and today science is able to identify in great detail how this all works. Sprouts are the richest sources of enzymes and antioxidants- a 1997 study on broccoli sprouts from John Hopkins University introduced mainstream science to the healing power of such foods, showing how broccoli sprouts serve us with 50 times the amount of cancer fighting chemicals than mature broccoli.

      Unfortunately, it is very difficult to share such information with others because there is no big money supporting it- Don’t confuse lack of marketing for lack of science, and I suggest you put your critical mind to work at dissecting and speaking out against the many practices seen in our “disease-care system” that do nothing to advance humanity while making billions of dollars a year. Wheatgrass juice cannot be patented and is easily accessible at a low cost, and individuals throughout the world continue to benefit from its effects. For more information, including recipes, you can visit our markitonutrition website. Finally, it is possible to have an educated conversation regarding food science without using offensive language- this is how we make progress in our own lives as well as in serving others. 

      1. okok, You’re right, I’ve been rude and I’m really sorry… but, let me explain… I’m making studies in biothechnology and I’m sure everyone who knows basis of chemistry can confirm that not all chemical elements are good for human health… for example let’s consider Actinium, Caesium, Indium, Cadmium, Polonium, Lead and many Others… you should admit they’re very dangerous for human health but there’s no problem because they’re contained in very small amounts in all plants and animals, and so even in weathgrass… well, I’m not telling you present a dangerous product, I’m only saying that this video is, on my point of view an example of disinformation. On the other side I agree when you say that plants are the largest source of medicines on the earth but there’s a lot of molecules that are destroyed by the digestive system and are useless for our body if eaten. I didn’t want to say that weathgrass juice is bad for humans but only that this video seem to be in my humble opinion a collection of unreliable advices made only to promote a product. I’m sorry for my bad english and my reaction to this video Yesterday but I get angry when I see that something is presented in a wrong way because ignorant people (people who don’t know, not for offensive meaning) are inclined to believe all things without reflecting with their own mind!

        1. I wish you success with your studies, and I hope you maintain a critical yet open mind. Science is amazing, and we must be careful to remain humble in our understanding of it. Dr. Colin Campbell, one of the top nutritional scientists on earth, teaches us that with every bite of whole food we consume there are literally thousands of chemicals all working together in beautiful synergy, like a giant orchestra. And many of these chemicals are only recently being discovered by the scientific community. So judging the effect of food by isolating a single chemical is like looking at a tree so much so that we lose sight of the forest. Dr. Campbell offers a course on plant-based nutrition at Cornell University for continuing education credits- the program is designed for health care professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare practitioners)- and I recommend it to any science minded person that carries an interest in nutrition.

          In response to your assertion that this video was made to promote a product- Yes, absolutely. I recommend that people all around the world learn of the importance of sprouts, and the benefits of juicing. We must also remember that the lines between science and industry are no longer clear, and not forget the fact that pharmaceutical companies are responsible for a lot of the information provided in medical textbooks. The first step to empowering people is teaching them how to properly interpret science, and how to separate what we call check-book science from legitimate (ethical) science designed to advance humanity. If you watch our video on osteoporosis (The End of Osteoporosis) you will have a good sense of what I am talking about. Don’t let your schooling get in the way of your education. All the best.

  48. I find it refreshing to see that other people are realising the importance of nutrition and how it is the building blocks of our physic. I am going to do my best to share and spread this information; aswell as the information on how we are being poisoned daily by larger corporations. Keep up the hard work buddy. peace.

    1. Well said Oliver, and thank you for your kind words of encouragement. It is truly important to share proper health information with others, especially when so many of us are suffering from health issues. The next video we post will be on osteoporosis, and this is an example of a disease that we can wipe out completely if only we were given the right information. All the best.

    1. Thank you for your positive feedback; it motivates us to keep working to inform the public that yes, we do have the ability to help our body heal itself through the power and energy of plant-based foods.

  49. For growing and juicing grass: organic, hard red winter or spring wheat is what we have had great success with and what continues to be used by the top health institutes. Your question serves to remind us of the importance of supporting sustainable organic farming. Allowing chemical companies, such as Monsanto, to do as they please with our soil means handing them power over our world’s food supply. Governments should stop using our money to subsidize dangerous and unsustainable farming.

  50. Do you have any data as to which strain of wheat is beast to use as the wheat we have now is not the same as 100 years ago or longer?

  51. I would like to thank everyone who has watched our videos. I congratulate you on taking important steps to improving your health and wellness.

  52. First claim- about reducing aging/disease… No sorry, phytochemicals have not destroyed all diseases. For example, lycopene is has been tested at length, and there’s still no agreement on if it actually has any effect. 96 of known elements? Technically speaking that’s just coming from the ground, everything you eat you can find just about every single element, at least in small amounts. Kills harmful bacteria? Kills virus? Rids toxins? What toxins? Enzymes are created by our own body.

    1. Dear Brian, you are absolutely correct regarding the poor science behind lycopene. Looking at an isolated nutrient is what we call a reductionist approach to nutrition. When we eat a tomato we are in fact consuming thousands of chemicals. Reducing this into a one nutrient pill is not only worthless but also harmful. Tens of thousands of legitimate scientific studies as well as decades of clinical evidence teaches us that plants, not isolated nutrients, have the power to heal. Food is medicine.

      My video entitled “Is Your Environment Damaging your health” discusses the current state of our soils as well as the effects of living in an environment that is becoming increasingly more toxic. Today we need more nutrients than ever yet our soils are severely depleted. This is why we turn to sprouts: the most nutritionally rich foods on earth, containing up to 50 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts. For information, including recipes, please visit our site.

  53. Your video is one of the best ways to tell people about wheatgrass. But there is a lot of misinformation on how to use wheatgrass out there. Lots of people are getting nauseous when they take wheatgrass, not knowing the reason for getting nauseous. So I’ve found out the reason for getting nauseous, is the Wheat grass is detoxifying your body. So the best way to start using wheat grass is to start small, half an ounce to an ounce per day .

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