Understanding Electro Pollution

Published Feb 11th, 2014
Electro pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges that we are facing today. This lecture empowers you with the knowledge that you need to protect yourself and your family against dangerous levels of radiation.

Additional Notes:

As promised in the video, I will provide you with my recommendations for RF and EMF meters, but first, let’s cover a few more basics…

There are three forms of electro pollution that I recommend you check for in your home environment:

Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR)
This is the topic of my video and it includes microwave radiation that we are exposed to from cordless telephones, cell phones, wifi networks, smart meters, other wireless technologies, and of course cell towers in our neighborhoods. This is commonly referred to simply as RF radiation.

Extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields (ELF-EMF)
These represent the other two forms of electro pollution, referred to collectively as EMFs, and have to do with all of the appliances that you use in your home as well as the electrical wiring in your walls. An electrical field is produced by voltage and a magnetic field results from the flow of current. Let’s use a table lamp that is next to your bed as an example. If your lamp is plugged in, even if it is turned off, it is emitting an electric field. When you turn on this lamp it will now also be emitting a magnetic field. Electric fields are easily shielded or weakened by walls and other objects, whereas magnetic fields can pass through almost anything, including buildings, and can easily penetrate your body. Electric fields can wear you out throughout the day as well as disturb your sleep, while magnetic fields have been a more scientifically recognized concern for many years as studies have shown they can wear down your immune system.

The good news:

There are two simple solutions for reducing your exposure to RF radiation as well as to electric and magnetic fields:

1. Eliminate devices and appliances that you don’t really need.

2. If you cannot or do not want to eliminate certain devices, simply understanding safe distances from EMF and RF sources is the next solution to protecting yourself. For example, just changing the position of your bed so that it is further away from a smart meter or a wireless router, and moving a lamp or an alarm clock just a few inches more from your body is sometimes all that is required to reduce your exposure to electro pollution while you sleep.

To determine safe distances I recommend purchasing an RF and EMF meter. These meters enable you to ensure your safety within your environment, even helping you to choose a home if you have certain concerns over power lines or cell towers that are nearby. RF and EMF meters are very valuable tools, especially if you have a child in the home. As an example, one of my clients had placed his baby’s crib against a wall directly on the other side of where his condo’s fuse box is installed. Magnetic fields easily penetrate through walls and, as a consequence, the magnetic field surrounding the crib was over 100 milligauss. To put things into perspective, a child should not be exposed to levels higher than 1 milligauss. Now, using an EMF meter we were able to see that simply moving the crib 2 feet to the left was all that he needed to do to ensure his child was safe. Just 2 feet was all it took to go from over 100 milligauss to under 1. This is why I value these meters and recommend them to all of my clients.

Another example was with  a client who, for health concerns, refused to have wifi in his home and only used a wired internet connection. However, when we checked his home office with an RF meter we saw very high numbers. Finally, we figured out that even though he was using a wired internet connection, the wifi setting on his router was on. He was shocked. He had been unknowingly exposed to wifi microwave radiation blasting from the router that was on his desk, just a foot away from his body, and to add insult to injury he had no use for wifi. After disabling his wifi the reading on the RF meter shot down to acceptable levels.

These were just two examples where high levels of electro pollution were dramatically reduced; the first by moving furniture a few feet and the second by eliminating a technology that was not even being used. No conveniences were lost and no huge sacrifice had to be made in order to create a healthier environment. These were actually two of my first experiences directly helping clients with electro pollution issues and, during both times, I was quite thankful for having made the decision to invest in a good RF and EMF meter, enabling us to detect the problems as well as to test the solutions.

RF and EMF meters I use and recommend:

I reviewed many options before choosing to purchase 2 meters to use for myself as well as for my clients. May 2019 update– please note that the links below lead to the newer and upgraded versions of the meters.

1. For electric and magnetic fields I use and recommend the Trifield 100XE meter. This meter measures all 3 types of electro pollution (magnetic/electric/RF), but I would only use it to measure electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) because it’s RF sensitivity is not low enough to adequately measure the range of radiation levels that I am concerned about. On the other hand, it is a brilliant meter for evaluating electric and magnetic fields emitting from appliances in your home. The Trifield meter can even detect improperly grounded equipment as well as the wiring in your walls, and it is also used to measure EMFs from overhead power lines. As a side note, I was personally shocked at the magnetic field that my battery operated toothbrush produces, and I still keep this toothbrush to use as a prop when teaching clients about EMFs.

2. For highly accurate RF detection I use and recommend the Cornet ED85EXS. This allows me to easily measure microwave radiation emitting from wifi, cell phones, smart meters, cordless telephones, and all other wireless devices. You can’t control your neighbor’s wifi or smart meter, but you can evaluate your overall exposure and see the improvements that result from changes that are within your control, such as moving your bed to a location further away from a hot spot, disabling your own wifi, and learning safer ways to using your laptop and other mobile devices.

These 2 meters listed above will allow you to easily check and make appropriate adjustments in your home. And, equally important, will educate your family members on the dangers of electro pollution because for the first time they will be able to “see” what they are exposed to when they place a laptop on their lap, stick a cell phone right up to their ears, and constantly use wifi each and every day. This is an invaluable lesson for children as well as for adults.

I will mention two more RF meters, the Cornet ED78s  and the Cornet ED88T . These are not versions of the Cornet meter that I use because I prefer the higher sensitivity of the ED85EXS, however I thought I would include it because it also measures magnetic fields.


Finally, I hope that my video and these notes have helped you recognize the threat of electro pollution, as well as armed you with some useful tips to better protect yourself and your family. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Marc Jaoude
Health Educator
Nutrition & Exercise Specialist

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  1. Thanks. Really good information. I think you should check about “AlphaSpin” by Dr. Carlos. This new innovation showed that we can harmonize the EMF. Check it out and tell me your opinion.

  2. BTW…I am part a meditation group. Check heartfulness.org and when we were having a group meditation the guide conducting the meditation mentioned that he was feeling an energy drain. He asked to turn off the WiFi in the building. This triggered my investigation into this and then when I found the information that you have given here it confirmed my own findings while using these devices.Thanks..Tanuj

  3. Marc…Thanks this was great. I have been looking for something like this for a while. Can’t wait to show this to the family and I am getting rid of that cordless phone today.

    1. You are most welcome Tanuj, I am glad you found the information helpful. All the best to you and your meditation group.

  4. thanks, it’s the first time I am happy to live in Italy. and thanks for the tips, you are really informative, congratulations.

    1. Walking barefoot on the earth is an excellent grounding activity, and its health benefits are supported by mounting scientific evidence. Although, I doubt we need science to tell us how good it feels to walk barefoot on the sand or on the grass. It’s a simple way to reconnect, and we should do so as often as possible.

  5. VERY good information. I suggest also ‘Resonance: Beings of frequency’ available on DVD or on Youtube. Scary documentary, very scary. Good info on the website, particularly the focus on sprouting.

  6. Thank you. I had my Wifi router right next to my PC monitor. it is dual band so it was blasting on 2.4 and 5.2 Gz although I rarely need wifi @ home. I switched off the Wireless and immediately felt a kind of calm in my head. I didn’t realize I was harming myself all these days. I also switched off the cordless phone.

    1. My pleasure Vinki. I am happy that the recommendations I gave in the lecture were easy to apply and helpful to you. All the best.

  7. THANK YOU !!!Very informative and helpful—although scary, knowing how much I, along with my family, have been and are regularly exposed to on a daily basis. Changes to be made–I just hope it isn’t too late.THANKS AGAIN.

  8. how do other country deal with this issue, and what can i do to protect my self better, i work a lot on my computer with the wifi next to me and lots of electronics around me?

    1. Dear Juliogs, we need to be aware of three types of electro pollution in our environment. This video covers just one type- RF radiation- and the last 10 minutes provide you with specific tips on how to reduce your exposure. I also recommend that you read the additional notes under the video to help you better understand the other two types of electro pollution. There you will also find specific examples of how my clients have reduced their exposure levels.

      One way that other countries deal with these issues is by educating the public. Unfortunately, in the US and Canada the public is often educated (manipulated) by large cooperations seeking to protect their profits, and this is why many people are very uninformed and quite ignorant of these real concerns. 

  9. At first I thought, 39 mins for a video? I’m crazy if I’m going to listen to all that. But once I played the video, 39 mins was nothing. This was really interesting and it had me hooked. Thanks for the extra knowledge! Good stuff for my brain.

    1. Thank you for your very funny comment! It is much appreciated. I do the best I can to keep the videos as short as possible. However, the first priority is to give viewers as much of a complete lecture on each topic as possible. I know that the length of some videos will automatically reduce the number of people that watch them- but it is my intention to help educate and empower people as opposed to simply uploading superficial content. It’s a lot easier to do this in person with my clients because they get a chance to ask questions directly, and it’s interactive. With a video I have to imagine and anticipate viewer questions, and then do my best to offer the type of information that can make a difference. Thanks again for watching the entire 39 minutes! 

  10. Wow!! thank you, so much, i really appreciate you guys putting this together and educating me and others on this topic.

    1. Thank you very much for your positive feedback. I am glad that you found this video useful, and that people everyday are becoming more aware of the important issues that directly affect the world we live in. Lack of awareness is one of the biggest challenges we must address if we wish to improve our current state of health. 

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