The Leading Cause of Death in Canada

Published on Apr 26, 2014

You will be surprised to learn what the true leading cause of death is in Canada. But more importantly, regardless of where you are in the world, this lecture will give you an entirely new and optimistic perspective on your personal state of health.

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  1. Good Men like you often go unappreciated. That’s because of the spiritual war that were in. Blessings from the Most High. Keep on saving lives homie

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Positive energy such as yours helps to fuel the work I try to achieve. We must strive to remain conscious in an environment designed to fool us into a state of complacency. Wishing you all the best my friend.

      1. @Markito Nutrition I’m interested in a cure for lack of Sun. I’m going to visit the website. I live in Pickering. expect a new client in 2019

  2. Good video, I fully agree with everything. But would just add that good cardio exercise is almost as important as a good food diet. With good exercise everyday and diet you can reduce you chance of getting cancer by over 70%(the 70% figure varies wildly depending on what studies you read), and heart disease by 90% if your under 65. Obviously one day our heart will stop, we all die.
    Healthy people usually fall over dead quickly in their very old age, and unhealthy people have long lingering deaths in care homes.

    1. Absolutely Jan. When you enter my health facility the first thing you see written on the wall is “Let Food & Exercise be Your Medicine.” We teach our clients how to train properly while transitioning to a healthier diet and overall lifestyle. Exercise is imperative, however, when it comes to several chronic diseases we’ve seen significantly greater results once clients changed their diet. All the best.

  3. Reason we do not as yet to have cure for cancer! Its the damn big pharma and governments that profit from them.

  4. I have tried to listen to a number of your videos and the vision comes up but not the sound. Any way I can fix this problem? I’m in Australia, so maybe that changes something…… thanks for your advice.

    1. Hello Julie,

      sorry you’ve been having trouble listening to the audio on my videos. You can watch them on youtube as well, here:

      Please let me know if the problem on my website resolves itself, it’s too bad that you can’t hear them, especially since future ones may not be on youtube.

      Keep me posted, and thanks for watching.

  5. This Message Is So Powerful & True!! Thank You For all that you are and for all that you do.

      1. +Marc Jaoude You’re Most Welcome Marc.
        Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful video’s.Thank you very much ^_^ Wishing you the very best as well…… 

  6. Great video Marc, I have had that same conversation with so many people, doctors and their meds cure nothing, they just string you along to get you on more meds. Also tell friends if you take everything doctors will give you, they will indeed kill you.
    I trust doctors about the same as mechanics. Doctors nowadays aren’t the ones from back in the 1960’s and prior who took the Hippocratic oath seriously. Not all but to most doctors you are nothing more than a number, and a dollar in their pocket and if you do what they prescribe, you will most assuredly become one of their statistics.

    1. Dear Cherokee,

      Thank you for watching, and also for the kind words you emailed me today.

      I tend to believe that most doctors are good people that truly want to help their patients. Unfortunately, I have learned that many doctors are also manipulated by the medical industrial complex and, just like the rest of the general population, they sometimes don’t know any better.

      My clients do include doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, and others in the health and medical field, and what separates them from their peers is their ability to do their own research, and not to succumb to the profit machine that we call our “health care system.” Doctors are taught through much of their medical training how to hold a pen in one hand and a prescription pad in the other. The best doctors out there are the ones that will look you in the eye, and tell you that most of what they know about how to truly help people came from research they did on their own AFTER medical school.

      The good news is that people are becoming more aware. I have the privilege of seeing it directly with my clients, and with other people I interact with that have achieved a higher level of consciousness. It is a constant struggle but we are making good progress. I wouldn’t have the energy to keep doing what I do if it wasn’t for my clients that succeed in changing their lives for the better, becoming true examples of what can be accomplished.

      Finally, we have to remember that it is not fair to burden any human being, including our doctor, with the full responsibility of our health. After all, we are the ones that ultimately fuel the current system, and we are the ones who can improve it by choosing to lead healthier lives, just as you have done. And, as always, the most important tool we have is the ability to educate ourselves. Thank you.

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