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For over 15 years I have been fortunate to live my passion of helping people reach their health and fitness goals. My mission is to empower my clients with the truth behind the science of food and exercise, and to teach them how to apply these concepts to better their lives. I have fine-tuned a very powerful holistic approach that combines exercise with plant-based nutrition, and I am driven by the life transformations achieved by my clients.


You get out of life what you put into it.

Early on in my career I was hired to teach twelve physical education classes in an elementary school. On my first day I was advised to “just throw them the ball and watch them run around.” Thankfully, I did not follow this advice. Instead, I used physical education as a vehicle to teach children important lessons and skills that they could transfer on to other parts of their lives. Every exercise and activity served as a learning opportunity, and all of the students were made aware of it. We had fun but we also focused on details. The recurring theme was “you get out of life what you put into it.” The results were amazing. My students were able to advance their skill level beyond that of their age group, conducting every activity with a sense of joy and purpose.

This experience lit a fire inside of me, teaching me about the privilege of watching others improve knowing that you played a small part in their journey. Today, whether I’m consulting with clients in my office, conducting training sessions, giving presentations, or simply responding to important questions via email, that fire still burns strongly.


Personal Training 

When I got my first job as a certified personal trainer I was told by the director of a prestigious fitness club to just give clients the “perception that they are working out well”. I did not follow his advice. I was out to make a real difference in people’s lives and I learned very quickly that the best way to help my clients was to educate them in detail about every aspect of their training. As a result, I am proud to say that many of my clients today have a very good understanding of what it really takes to reach their health potential. And, to this day, I continue training many of the same people that started with me over 15 years ago. I couldn’t ask for better loyalty than that. Our beautiful new facility is in many ways a tribute to them, and they are also the reason why I wake up each day asking what more can I do to help clients achieve great results.


When I began receiving clients with serious health issues I turned to my biggest weapon: education. I realized that I had to commit more of my life to studying nutritional science. Most notably, my studies in plant-based nutrition got me on the right track and provided me with a strong foundation to better serve my clients. I continued on the path to becoming a naturopath and holistic nutritionist, studying the work of some of the greatest nutritional scientists of our time. It is here that I discovered more of the hidden truths about health and disease, and how to separate pseudo-science (industry marketing) from the legitimate scientific information that can truly help people.

I began teaching my clients how to become better consumers of scientific research, and in the process I guided them step by step through important lifestyle changes. The results I witnessed were incredible. Finally armed with the right information, clients were able to improve functionality, reverse diseases such as type 2 diabetes, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol in as little as a few weeks through proper training and nutrition alone. The science I had studied regarding the power of plant-based nutrition was coming true to life. That’s when I decided to create this website and, eventually, opened the doors to our new health facility in Montreal, Canada.

Let Food & Exercise be Your Medicine…

Those are the words written in large font over the reception desk once you enter my facility. It serves as a reminder that a prescription of proper exercise and nutrition is stronger than any medicine in this world. Yet somehow we’ve been led away from our instincts, and tricked into passively participating in a culture of disease. The good news is that this generation is no longer accepting the status quo. We are becoming more conscious about how our choices affect our health and, more than ever, we are looking to live to our fullest potential with energy, love and compassion.

I have seen how the right information can empower individuals to change almost every aspect of their lives for the better. My online videos have received inspiring feedback from thousands of people around the world, and to all of you out there who are too far to visit my facility, I welcome you to our community. You are what fuels me to continue doing the work I do, and why I am so passionate about teaching each and every day.

Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Nutrition & Exercise Specialist

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