Pea Shoots

pea shoots

e are proud to supply our members with freshly harvested microgreens on a weekly basis. The two most powerful greens that you should be adding to your meals every single day are sunflower and pea shoots, and that’s why we add them to your green juices. These foods are incredible sources of antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, oxygen, minerals and vitamins. They help to alkalize your body, support your immune system and ensure proper cell regeneration.

Exactly how rich is the nutrient profile of pea shoots? Let me throw some numbers at you:

times more vitamin C than blueberries.

Eight times more folic acid than bean sprouts.

Four times more Vitamin A than tomatoes.

Up to 69% of high quality bioavailable protein.

(See table below for more numbers).


Furthermore, pea shoots and sunflower microgreens are delicious, easy to add to your daily meals and snacks and, due to their incredibly high quality protein content, help to control your blood sugar levels and reduce food cravings. There just isn’t any good reason not to add these microgreens to every single salad or side dish that you prepare. You may visit our recipe page for some more ideas.

Finally, remember that when you place your order in advance we will be able to supply you with your microgreens the very same day that they are harvested. No, it does not get better than that!

See you soon,

Marc Jaoude
Naturopath, Health Educator
Nutrition & Exercise Specialist


The following table provided by Vitacress (UK). pea shoot nutrition table2* Data analysis commissioned by Vitacress from an independent laboratory / ** No EC RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)

sprouts help to build muscle, strengthen teeth, and stimulate H cells.”
Dr. Brian Clement

 Pea Shoot Recipes


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