Barley Sprouts, Hulled

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Roman Gladiators - Barley MenImagine a Roman Gladiator; strong, powerful and fierce, relying on brute force to defeat his opponent, entertain the public, and live to fight another day. That was over 1,800 years ago. Today, archeologists sometimes refer to these warriors as “Barley Men”, a term that came about after analysis of bones uncovered at a gladiator cemetery revealed that these powerful men ate a predominantly plant-based diet. Grains and legumes provided the nutrients they needed to build their incredible physiques and survive the arena. With the exception of the fighting, blood shed, and killing for amusement, perhaps we too can strive to become Barley Men- after all, our lives may depend on it as well.

Whole grains and legumes, ideally sprouted, form the foundation of our Markito Nutrition food pyramid and have been shown, through the preponderance of the scientific evidence, to reduce the risk of many of our modern day chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. For example, a randomized, double-blind study concluded that barley significantly reduces serum cholesterol and visceral fat, thus helping to lower cardiovascular risk. Barley is high in beta glucan fibre which has been found to stimulate the immune system and help destroy cancer cells. Had the gladiators lived long enough they would have been in pretty good health.

Why Sprout?

Sprouting is simply the best way to prepare grains. It activates enzymes, improves amino acid and vitamin content, releases anti-nutrients and improves digestibility. We enjoy the chewiness of our sprouted barley and add it to a variety of dishes from soups and stews to salads, and sprouted cereal bowls topped off with homemade almond milk. To discover more about the benefits of sprouted whole grains watch this short video lecture.

Nutritional info:

Just one cup of hulled barley contains the following:

  • 23 grams of protein
  • Just 4 grams of fat
  • Zero cholesterol
  • 34 grams of fibre (over 100% of your daily requirement)
  • 36% of your daily iron requirement
  • 34% of your zinc requirement
  • 100% of your selenium requirement
  • 60% of your magnesium requirement
  • 50% of your phosphorus requirement
  • 24% of your potassium requirement
  • 80% of your thiamin (vitamin B1) requirement,
  • 30% of your riboflavin (vitamin B2) requirement
  • 42% of your niacin (vitamin B3) requirement
  • 10% of your folate requirement

Traditionally Used for:

  • Heart health
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar
  • Diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Detox
  • Bowel function
  • Bone Health
  • General health & longevity
  • Energy & athletic performance

Sprout Recipes

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