Sprouting Kit

Enjoy fresh, delicious, nutrient rich super foods for just pennies a day.

The photo on the right is a sneak preview of a 17- piece set that we assembled to help you grow sprouts in 5 days or less with just one minute of work per day. 

Our sprouting kit comes with 4 glass jars, 4 no-rust stainless steel screens, 4 plastic rings, 4 solid lids for refrigerator storage, a 4-jar angled tree rack featuring durable steel construction and a black powder coat finish. A laminated step by step instruction guide and sprout chart is included to make the entire process as simple as possible. No hassles or guess work involved.

Allows you to sprout grains, legumes, nuts and small seeds, and requires only a minute a day of your time. When ready to harvest just pop on one of the four solid plastic lids, included with the set, and refrigerate.



The expensive produce you find at your local grocery store has travelled across half a continent and is depleted of nutrients. Home sprouting gives you a year round supply of fresh, organic produce that contains the highest amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes of any food per calorie. The nutrients in sprouts are in a form that is easily digested and assimilated. In fact, sprouts improve the efficiency of digestion while nourishing and strengthening the whole body, including the vital immune system. Sprouting at home takes only a few seconds a day and can easily supply you with your daily requirements of the nutrients you need from fresh produce. The hassles are minor, the costs are low, and the freshness is wonderful.



Making it Easy:
This is by far the easiest, least time consuming and most elegant sprouter on the market today. Fits nicely on any counter and adds a little “green” to your home. Just follow the instructions provided and you will have fresh produce available year round.

Easily sprout unprocessed whole oats in 2 days or less for the healthiest cereal on earth; alfalfa and broccoli to add to your sandwiches and salads; chick peas to make delicious raw burritos and hummus; chinese mung beans to add in stir fry and soups, and much, much more. Many sprouts are great to eat on their own as snacks. Kids love watching them grow every day as the jar fills up like magic! The set is also great for business trips: just pop on the solid lid and take the jars with you to enjoy in your hotel room; your sprouts will continue growing and will maintain their nutrients until you eat them. Sprouts are simply one of the original super foods for the human body.


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