The most nutritious of all sprouts.

When whole Sunflower seeds are planted and grown for a few days they become baby plants, also referred to as microgreens, that provide us with incredible health benefits. These greens are delicious eaten as snacks on their own and can also help transform even the most ordinary of salads, sandwiches or wraps into a presentation that is equally impressive and nourishing. Simply put, sunflower greens are one of the most complete foods you can add to your diet for overall health and well being, and this is why we use them as the main ingredient of our juices.

Unfortunately, like all sprouts, it is virtually impossible to find them fresh on the market. This is why we have set up a system that allows you to pre-order your sunflower microgreens to receive them the very same day that they are harvested. For more information, please view our How to Order page.

Health Benefits:

  • Sunflower sprouts are a perfect source of complete protein. In fact, they are considered to be the most balanced of all of the sources of essential amino acids, helping to repair muscle tissue and aid in enzymatic functions in the body.
  • They help build our skeletal, muscular, and neurological systems.
  • They support every cell of the immune system and help to keep gut bacteria healthy, thus improving our ability to fight disease.
  • They boost fertility as they contain high amounts of zinc. Zinc is a well-researched mineral that is essential for the development of sperm.
  • Sunflower greens are a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamins A, B complex, D, and E; they also contain minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.
  • Sunflower sprouts are high in B vitamins, especially folate. Folate is a necessary B vitamin for pregnant women. Folate helps to protect babies from developing neural tube defects (NTDs). The combination of B vitamins also assists in the mother’s circulation as well as aids in stress relief. In fact, sunflower sprouts are rich in all of the nutrients that are important during pregnancy such as iron, calcium, essential fats, and folate.
  • Sunflower greens are a rich source of lecithin which helps to eliminate accumulated deposits in arterial walls, and break down fatty acids into an easily digestible water soluble form.
  • They are rich in chlorophyll which benefits many functions within the body, including building blood supply, revitalizing tissue, calming inflammation, activating enzymes, and deodorizing the body.
  • The sunflower sprout is a natural expectorant for chest congestion: In Ayurvedic medicine, these sprouts are thought to have the ability to encourage clearance of the lungs. Natural expectorants may also be used as a preventative measure against lower respiratory infections to deter the invasion of pathogens.
  • Boost your antioxidant capacity with sunflower sprouts: Sunflower sprouts contain high amounts of vitamin E. Vitamin E works synergistically with vitamin C and selenium to reduce blood pressure, increase the elasticity of arteries and prevent heart disease.
  • Sunflower microgreens are low in calories and high in nutrition, making them ideal for any natural and healthy fat loss program.

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