Sprout Mixes


Bean Mix

Bean Mix:
A crunchy mixture of green peas, chick peas and two types of lentils. Great for salads, soups, veggie patties and hummus. Quick and easy to sprout.

Ancient Mix:
Wonderful combination of fenugreek, lentils, kamut and adzuki beans. Simply add a lemon based dressing and enjoy this mix alone as a great snack, or add it to your salads and main meals.

Salad Mix:
Includes broccoli, alfalfa, red clover and radish. Add this mixture to your sandwich or next to dips, such as hummus, and enjoy a fresh mixture of flavor along with incredible health benefits.

Spicy Lentil Mix:
Includes lentils, radish, alfalfared clover and mustard. Adding this spicy yet refreshing mix to a large variety of meals, such as salads, soups, wraps and chilli, will improve taste and texture while providing you with the wonderful benefits of sprouts.




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