You are all you need to fight Covid- it’s time to get to work



The following are two short posts I shared on Facebook to remind people that they already possess what it takes to fight Covid, and that it’s time to retire measures that do little more than create anxiety.

April 15th, 2022

78% of people who are hospitalized or die from Covid are obese. Early on during the pandemic I suggested that proper nutrition and exercise is the most effective combo “vaccine”. I received lots of pushback, despite clear evidence showing I was correct.

Being the best version of yourself is what prevents you from being hospitalized, and also reduces your odds of transmitting the virus to others. On the other hand, living in constant fear and anxiety, while believing that only a medical intervention can protect you, will keep you on the path of our disease-care system. The choice is yours to take, but the outcomes are highly predictable.
Yes I’m biased. After all, I make a living empowering people to take back control of their health. How do pharmaceutical companies make money? Who controls the narrative? Who buys the media? Who infiltrates our government to influence policies? Who has a history of pushing drugs and other medical interventions to satisfy their shareholder’s greed?
It turns out that you are all you need to fight Covid, but are you ready to accept that yet? If so, then it’s time to get to work.
Marc Jaoudé
Markito Fitness & Nutrition
April 9th, 2022
If you believe that walking into a restaurant with a mask, only to remove it soon after while eating, provides you or anyone else any appreciable form of protection, please try not to procreate. No, it’s not enduring a slight discomfort in order to “do your part” for the community. Quite the opposite. It’s actively participating in the fear mongering that leads to chronic anxiety and poorer health outcomes within our society. And even worse, it’s setting a terrible example for our children.
If we really wanted masks to work we would do the opposite: allow people to walk into restaurants unmasked but then have to eat with their masks on. This could lead to some weight loss, and actually reduce risk of covid hospitalizations and deaths. Yes, I’m kidding.
But it’s true.
Marc Jaoudé
Markito Fitness & Nutrition

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