Doctors still spreading misinformation about children and Covid-19

Severe Covid-19 cases are so rare in children that the virus probably would never have been discovered if it only spread among this age group.

However, due to constant sensationalizing and fear mongering, parents have or are considering to vaccinate their children against it. What is especially concerning is the spread of misinformation from health professionals, and especially doctors.

During a “debate” on facebook a medical doctor replied to one of my comments as follows:

“The risk of a severe outcome from Covid-19 remains. Children are at significant risk, some have died, and there is a definite risk of hepatitis. It is not normal nor should it be acceptable for children to die of preventable diseases. Note that the deaths are mostly occurring in the age group under 5, ie those who were unable (until now) to be vaccinated. And yes, as a new parent to premature triplets who are currently healthy and well, they will follow the normal vaccine schedule and will definitely get the COVID vaccine when they are six months old. It should give any parent pause if they’re hesitant to vaccinate their kids, the fact that most paediatricians got /are getting their kids vaccinated ASAP. It’s almost as though they’re more keenly aware of the risks??!!”

Here was my response:

“You wrote that there is a definite risk of hepatitis, but this is not true, and dangerous misinformation.

Several research teams found no link between SARS-CoV-2 infection and the hepatitis cases in children. The researchers concluded that lockdowns and other restrictions are likely the cause due to children missing out on early immunity to otherwise harmless viruses, such as adenovirus and adeno-associated virus two.

In the studies, AAV2 was found in 96% of children with unexplained hepatitis, and in only 4% of those who didn’t have the condition. In addition, researchers felt even more strongly about ruling out Covid as a cause because antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 were found at the same rate as that of the rest of the population, plus the fact that the rise in hepatitis occurred 2 years after the pandemic began.
This is just another example of how Covid-19 measures led to our children being more vulnerable, filling up hospitals in Quebec and elsewhere with non covid related cases.

It’s also one reason why in addition to not being vaccinated, I also never masked my children so that they weren’t constantly reminded to limit their interactions with other children.

You say that the fact that paediatricians are getting their kids vaccinated should alert me to do the same. What about entire countries that are not recommending the vaccine for children due to the fact that the risks outweigh the benefits? I believe we should make decisions grounded on legitimate scientific evidence and not simply based on geography- or brainwashing.

To be clear, vaccinating children under 5 years old is not evidence-based and exposing children to unnecessary risk. Sensationalism and misinformation is what is leading parents (and paediatricians) to vaccinate their children. Basic scrutiny of the data reveals the obvious truths.

We have harmed our children enough these past two years, when will it stop?”

Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Markito Fitness & Nutrition

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