How To Beat Covid-19, And Why Nobody Talks About It


I read a heart breaking story about a 4 year old boy who lost both his parents to Covid-19. My daughter is the same age and just the thought of having her go through that pain makes it hard to breathe.

I then learned that the boy’s parents were both morbidly obese, a known factor that raises the risk of Covid. As with the large majority of cases, we don’t ask what caused these vulnerabilities in the first place, or whether they could have been avoided. We just accept them as a fact of life, sometimes even a little afraid of saying something that seems insensitive or politically incorrect.


We remain seemingly incapable of imagining a world where the food industry is held accountable for the chronic diseases that underlie the very large majority of Covid-19 deaths. Many of the top risk factors that lead to more severe Covid cases, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, are food-borne diseases that are both preventable and reversible.


How will we ever move forward to protect our country’s state of health if neither our journalists nor our politicians, and not even our public health experts address the root cause of our vulnerabilities? The food industry continues to poison us while the pharmaceutical industry makes a fortune managing the diseases caused by our poor habits.


Perhaps it’s time to face the fact that our life choices determine our health outcome to a great extent, and that Covid-19 is a powerful and painful reminder of our many vulnerabilities that, by design, we continually fail to address.


Let food and exercise be our medicine.


Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Nutrition & Exercise Specialist


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  1. Hi, Marc:

    Would you be willing to offer some advice?

    1. Is liquid chlorophyll a good supplement to use? If so, can you recommend a brand?

    2. Is liquid zeolite generally okay to consume?

    I’m asking about both unrelated to Coronavirus/COVID-19.

    A friend suggested taking two teaspoons (10 mL) of liquid chlorophyll with about 20 drops of liquid zeolite mixed together in about four ounces (120 mL) of water. He suggests doing this twice a day for a month and then switching to only once daily thereafter.

    The purpose is for a general “detox” — though, I really dislike that word, given how it’s been abused by some people.

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

    Stay well,


    1. Hello Fletch,

      I agree with you regarding the word “detox” – it is certainly overused in the world of nutrition marketing.

      Liquid chlorophyll is not stable, so what is marketed as chlorophyll is actually chlorophyllin- a semi-synthetic derivative. I recommend natural chlorophyll from whole foods, and one excellent source is Chlorella. The link I included provides short summaries of around 100 studies on Chlorella as well as information on how to choose a good brand for detoxification and other health benefits. My video on dioxins also has some information on this very important green algae.

      Due to limited evidence, I do not recommend liquid zeolite.

      Our clients consume wheatgrass (another great source of chlorophyll) and several forms of algae each day, as well as juices that include micro greens, and eat a whole foods plant based diet that includes lots of sprouts. This type of diet along with exercise and access to pure water (we recommend distilled water) is how we reinforce our body’s natural ability to detoxify. As my video on dioxins shows, as well as the one on fish, animals are our biggest source of environmental pollutants, and simply reducing/eliminating consumption of animals reduces our body’s toxic burden.

      Be well.

      1. Dear, Marc:

        Thank you so much for the lightning fast and incredibly helpful reply! Your kindness and generosity are both greatly appreciated! I look forward to reading and watching all the information you shared!

        With gratitude,


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