Thailand study shows great risk of myocarditis following Covid-19 vaccine.

The first prospective cohort study of cardiovascular effects in adolescents receiving Pfizer’s covid vaccine showed alarming results. 7 boys out of 202 (3.5%) had myocarditis.

The study preprint comes to us from Thailand. No other authority in the world, including the CDC, cared enough to invest in a proper study of cardiac biomarkers following vaccination.

Why not? You would think that after this vaccine was granted emergency use authorization there would be a strong commitment to properly study its safety.

0ver the past year I’ve debated with numerous doctors, including paediatricians, who blindly insisted the vaccine was “safe” for children. They obviously have very little understanding of evidence-based medicine, and were simply regurgitating a dangerous ideology without any attempt to scrutinize the data, or lack thereof.

As I recently wrote to one such MD:

“There are 3 reasons to vaccinate children: 1. to protect them. 2. To protect others. 3. To eradicate the virus. All 3 reasons have been proven false. 1. Children are not at any significant risk from this virus, if you think otherwise you haven’t reviewed any of the research. 2. Children are not super spreaders and the vaccine has not been shown to stop transmission. 3. There is a strong consensus that we cannot eradicate this virus. It is endemic. Evidence for all 3 points has been well documented and consistent.

So tell me why I should vaccinate my children? Or, perhaps you agree that the push to vaccinate all children is not based on evidence nor logic. And if you agree, then doesn’t it require you to question things a little further.”

And now we can add the fact that the only prospective cohort study testing cardiac biomarkers shows that the risk of side effects in a younger age group far exceeds what was previously estimated from national passive reporting systems.

Shouldn’t a drug intervention provide far greater benefit than risk?

I’m not sure which is worse: the mounting evidence showing a high risk of adverse events; the fact that our government and the pharmaceutical companies continue to downplay safety signals and show very little interest in conducting proper studies for this age group; or that the large majority of doctors continue to spew an ideology that is only possible to accept if you lack the ability to interpret research.

How many doses of this vaccine will you allow your children to take without any data showing a clear net benefit?

Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Markito Fitness & Nutrition

Mansanguan, Suyanee, et al. “Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162B2 Mrna COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents.” 2022,

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