Immunosenescence: Research Update For Covid-19

I was very honoured to receive a message today from Dr. Palmer who has published several research papers on ageing, immunology and cancer. His work represents an important paradigm shift in our understanding of age-related diseases. Dr. Palmer thanked me for citing his paper in my article on immunosenescence, and directed my attention to his latest research where he and his colleagues utilize Covid-19 hospitalization data to show a simple inverse relationship between risk of serious disease and thymus size. The thymus gland atrophies with age which in turn decreases the amount of T-cells that help you fight infections. Once again, the secret to beating this disease may lie in strengthening our immune system as opposed to allowing it to age prematurely.

Here is the link to my article on how to halt and reverse the decline of our immune system:…/

And here are some of Dr Palmer’s research papers that support a shift in how we may soon view and treat cancer and other age-related diseases, such as Covid-19.…/10…/2020.08.25.20181487v1.full.pdf

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