Questions for Canada’s Prime Minister

Trudeau, with a straight face, keeps repeating that 90% of Canadians are vaccinated, and so it’s the remaining 10% ruining the situation for society. A few of the questions we should ask him are as follows:
  • Doesn’t natural immunity offer some protection?
  • Since unvaccinated people catch Covid, don’t you think that some of the unvaccinated 10% already caught it and now have natural immunity?
  • Does it make sense to perpetually claim that it’s the unvaccinated exhausting hospital resources?
  • Does it make sense to vaccinate everyone equally, even if they have natural immunity from a recent infection?
  • Do you realize that this is not a transmission blocking vaccine?
  • Do you think we should focus on improving hospital systems and increasing resources?

Lastly, can you think of any evidence-based health measures that have nothing to do with forcing experimental treatments on everyone?

If not, I’ve included a few articles below showing how we can empower people to improve their state of health, and reduce their vulnerability to Covid (along with all other chronic disease).
Despite a total lack of support from your government, empowering people with real health measures is what decent health professionals do for a living.
What do you do, Mr. Trudeau?
Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Markito Fitness & Nutrition
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    1. Thanks Lynda. All we are asking is to allow scientific debate and for evidence-based measures to be implemented. Instead our leaders are promoting division while insisting on highly flawed interpretations of the data.

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