Trust the money behind the science

Government is Big Pharma, and Big Pharma is Government.

For example, the 2017-2019 commissioner of the FDA now sits on Pfizer’s board, and the former head of the CDC is now president of Merck’s vaccine division. More recently, a Canadian microbiologist, known for being on the team that developed the Ebola vaccine, walked out of Trudeau’s Covid vaccine task force due to the fact that many experts had conflicts of interest that were not declared to the public.

Here are a few questions I would like to ask my readers:

  • When we are told to “trust the scientists” shouldn’t we also be informed of the compensation they receive from pharmaceutical companies?
  • Wouldn’t we be better served by scientists who do not have strong conflicts of interest? 
  • Were you aware of the revolving door between government and Big Pharma?                   
  • Did you know that marketing and profit are often disguised as science?

It is time for us to remember to trust the money, and to learn how to better understand and evaluate scientific research.

Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Markito Fitness & Nutrition


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