Taking a stance against the vaccine passport

To correct the media, many people protesting the vaccine passport are not simply “anti-vaxxers”. It is even possible to want the vaccine for yourself while still being completely opposed to forcing it on others.

There are many valid reasons for taking a stance against the passport, such as privacy and liberty rights, as well as real concerns over long term effects of vaccines. Don’t ignore them simply because a derogatory label is used to group all people who engage in critical thinking.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are vaccine passports worth the divisiveness and civil unrest they are creating?
  • Will passports be decommissioned once determined that they are no longer a necessary, effective or proportionate response to address their public health purposes?
  • If a new virus that affects us similarly to this one comes along in the near future, will you agree once again to lockdown society until a new vaccine is developed?
  • Are there other important evidence-based measures that are being ignored, such as incentivizing a healthier lifestyle?

As I explained in an article published back in April:

“Our disproportionate focus on lockdowns, curfews, face masks, and waiting for vaccines to save us was a death sentence for many people, both young and old…Public health experts that have not continually encouraged people to eat more nutritious food and to exercise, especially during the pandemic, are not deserving of their title. The evidence clearly shows that a healthier, active, and leaner population will withstand and defeat a pandemic better than a community of overweight and sedentary people.”

That is the most important narrative. So if you are going to force anything on people, make it a “healthy living” passport. 

Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Markito Fitness & Nutrition

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