Sprouting Kit

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Please note that the photo of our kit features the older screens and rings, the new and improved stainless steel rust-proof screens and rings can be seen here.

This is by far the easiest, least time consuming and most elegant sprouter on the market today. Fits nicely on any counter and adds a little “green” to your home. Just follow the instructions provided and you will have fresh produce available year round.

Enjoy fresh, delicious, nutrient rich super foods for just pennies a day.

Our sprouting kit comes with 4 wide mouth 1L glass jars, 4 stainless steel sprouting screens,  4 plastic rings, 4 solid lids for refrigerator storage, a 4-jar angled tree rack featuring durable steel construction and a black powder coat finish. A laminated step by step instruction guide and sprout chart is included to make the entire process as simple as possible. No hassles or guess work involved. See more details.

Allows you to sprout grains, legumes, nuts and small seeds, and requires only a minute a day of your time. Learn more about sprouts.

***Sprouting Kit available only on command. Additional shipping charges may apply. Please contact us before placing order.

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1 review for Sprouting Kit

  1. Toni

    This is a fun kit. Easy to clean and it doesn’t take up to much counter space.

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      Marc Jaoudé

      Thank you very much Toni, I’m glad you enjoy it! Sorry for the late response, I only just figured out that I can respond to reviews! Hope you and your family are doing well.

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