Shady Accounting: Quebec Announces Dramatic Rise in “Recovered Cases”

It appears that making masks mandatory in Quebec is working, and the results are better than anyone could have expected. Is this really true?

This past Friday the number of active cases in Quebec decreased by almost 24,000, bringing its total number down to just 1,566.

But just how did Quebec manage this sudden and incredible feat? The answer is by changing the algorithm it uses to calculate cases. Up until July 17th, Quebec was the only place in the world to assume that anyone who tested positive and was not currently hospitalized or deceased was still an active case, regardless of any time frame. This highly flawed system was changed and now, as with everywhere else, most people who test positive but have not died and are not hospitalized will be counted as a recovered case after a period of 14 days. This past Friday the Quebec public health authorities flipped a switch, the new algorithm was applied retroactively, and active cases decreased by 23,686.

And then masks became mandatory (as was previously decided before the new system took effect).

If Quebec was my client I would let her know the importance of making health decisions based on accurate data.

Marc Jaoudé
Markito Fitness & Nutrition

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