Pure Water Mini Classic CT Distiller (US)

Made in the USA, this is the compact, good looking, portable water distiller that our clients have enjoyed for several years. The feedback is 100% positive, we all absolutely love it. It is perfect for a single user or small family. This unit does not require any installation. Just plug in the machine, fill the removable boiling chamber with water, and press start. Once the cycle is complete you will have close to 3 litres of pure, distilled water. This small appliance represents the most practical and affordable means of having the safest and highest quality drinking water in your home.

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Want to learn more? Our video entitled What About Fish uncovers some of the many toxins lurking in our water today. Regardless of what marketers of water filtration systems will have you believe, distillation is by far the best, safest, and most effective solution for removing these contaminants. Furthermore, it is cheaper to invest in your own distiller than to buy bottled water.

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Here is the Mini Classic CT Brochure.

For water test results from independent laboratories click here.

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