Jungle Gym XT

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When helping clients set up a training area in their home I often recommend a suspension trainer. While it’s easy to do push-ups anywhere and everywhere with no equipment, back exercises often get neglected. With a good suspension trainer you can easily alternate between pushing and pulling movements to properly balance your workouts regardless of the space and equipment you have available. I even take mine with me on vacation.

After using several suspension trainers at my personal training studio for over 10 years, my clear favorite is the Jungle Gym XT. It is the most versatile, robust, and well designed suspension trainer on the market. Simply put, the Jungle Gym XT is an asset to have in any large training facility or even a small training area in your own home.

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The Jungle Gym XT offers new and enhanced features and design aesthetics to what is arguably the hottest category in fitness today!

Built for punishing commercial use, the Jungle Gym XT is very different from traditional bodyweight trainers on the market today. Most notably, it features a ‘split design’, which allows users to quickly and easily adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the system. From “V-shaped” suspension (found on traditional bodyweight trainers), to neutral suspension (found in Olympic rings) and now wide-angle suspension, the Jungle Gym XT offers new features and versatility unlike anything the category has seen before.

Additional features include: Easy-In Foot Cradle™ for hands free use, inline carbon fiber adjustment buckles, integrated cinch loop and non-scuff door attachment. The door attachment, or door mount, is a nylon webbing ‘plug’ that is designed to be closed into a door allowing you to anchor your Lifeline fitness products to it. The new Non-Wear Door Attachment is designed with a protective sleeve that adds durability and versatility to your portable/storable fitness center! Includes Duro-Link™, ergonomic handles that are easy to wipe clean, and a workout poster.



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