Covid-19 Vaccines: Bypassing Safety Standards

It takes 10-20 years to develop a vaccine that the public has been told can be released in 18 months. Many scientists, including some who have created vaccines themselves, have said that this timeline would require skipping safety studies, and would utilize technology that has never been proven to work for humans. The risk of doing more harm than good is too large to ignore, especially when we would be injecting otherwise healthy individuals who are not likely to die or even suffer from covid-19. It is regrettable that our political and business leaders have confused the public into thinking that only a vaccine can return life to normal, encouraging parents to consider options that would otherwise not seem rational.

When you look at these issues in great detail, when you clearly interpret the data from around to world to see that children are at incredibly low risk from suffering from covid-19, and when you review past vaccine trial failures, the path forward today becomes clearer. Time to send our children to school. Let them develop natural immunity, and let us benefit from herd immunity the safest way possible, and that which is consistent with the preponderance of the scientific evidence.

Marc Jaoudé
Markito Fitness & Nutrition

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