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You are born with the potential to live a healthy and vibrant life, free of all disease. Your body comes naturally equipped with an amazing ability to heal itself, and improving this ability is within your control. It all begins with a choice of how you wish to live your life. If you are ready to accept this responsibility, it is my privilege to empower you with the information and tools necessary to reconnect you to your true potential; helping you achieve your health and fitness goals through proper nutrition, smart exercise, and conscious lifestyle choices.


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The Paleo Diet Is Based On Fantasy, Not ScienceCavman-diet-myth

The Paleo Diet instructs its followers to eat lots of animal-derived food while completely avoiding all grains and legumes. It is an equally harmful derivative of its meat-heavy predecessor, the Atkin’s diet. The intention of this article is to expose some of the many fallacies behind this fad, while also providing some insight on how to properly fact check health information. Let’s begin by addressing 6 of the core presumptions that form the basis of the Paleo Diet. […]

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The Healthiest Plant Based Recipes

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