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A word from Marc Jaoude

You are born with the potential to live a healthy and vibrant life, free of all disease. Your body comes naturally equipped with an amazing ability to heal itself, and improving this ability is within your control. It all begins with a choice of how you wish to live your life. If you are ready to accept this responsibility, it is our privilege to empower you with the information and tools necessary to reconnect you to your true potential; helping you achieve your health and fitness goals through proper nutrition, smart exercise, and conscious lifestyle choices.


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Confessions of a Former Chronically Fatigued Police Officer

chronic fatigue syndromeChronic fatigue is one of the most dangerous and under diagnosed health challenges that affects millions of people every day. In this article Christine Frappier opens up about her past struggles with chronic fatigue, how she had little support from her doctor other than being prescribed dangerous sleeping pills, and what she eventually did that literally brought her back to life after years of suffering. So put your coffee, Red Bull, and other dangerous products aside – It’s time to learn how to infuse real energy back into your daily life. Read More.


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