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Welcome to my website. You are born with the potential to live a healthy and vibrant life, free of all disease. Your body comes naturally equipped with an amazing ability to heal itself, and improving this ability is within your control. It all begins with a choice of how you wish to live your life. If you are ready to accept this responsibility, it is my privilege to empower you with the information and tools necessary to reconnect you to your true potential; helping you achieve your health and fitness goals through proper nutrition, smart exercise, and conscious lifestyle choices.


Featured Q&A:
Bone loss begins at 30 – you CAN prevent it

My video on putting an end to osteoporosis has garnered a lot of attention lately, and I’ve received many follow-up questions from viewers seeking to take charge of their health. I’ve highlighted a few of these questions along with my answers all in one page. Let’s keep the conversation going and put an end to this disease once and for all.

“You say if your dexa scan tests show your bone health has decreased more than a normal amount then you could be looking at a problem. What is a normal amount for bones to decrease yearly?”[…]

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The Healthiest Plant Based Recipes

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