Parents say “Leave our children alone. We refuse your experimental vaccine.”

Early in 2020 I began to recognize patterns that would lead to the narrative that children need to be vaccinated. I foresaw that every opportunity to spin it in that direction would be taken. I expressed this concern even before Covid vaccines had become a topic of discussion. But why?

That’s exactly what I was asked recently:

“I have missed this narrative: what is the nefarious thing this goal/opportunity of vaccinating children accomplishes?”

Here was my response:

Just like any business, the goal of a pharmaceutical company is to increase profit for shareholders.

But why specifically go after the younger demographic? Children are easily grouped together in schools and also have regular check ups, so it’s easy access to them. Also, the younger the clients the greater the returns will be over the years.

If you ever invest in biotech stocks you will have a good idea of the business side of things. As an example, the former head of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, left her position to become the head of Merck Vaccines, and her bio soon indicated the following accomplishments: “Gerberding joined Merck as president of Merck Vaccines in January 2010. Since then, Merck’s vaccines are reaching more people than ever, and Merck became the global leader in the vaccine market based on sales. In addition, the Sanofi Pasteur MSD joint venture in Europe, Merck’s European vaccine business for which Gerberding is the Board co-chair, has improved in both population reach and financial performance.”

During her time as head of the CDC Gerberding was jokingly referred to by some of her colleagues as “chicken little” because she developed a reputation for exaggerating every outbreak. She was thus a perfect candidate to improve Merck’s marketing efforts.

Sometimes people forget that every decision a publicly traded company makes must generate profit in order to benefit shareholders. This includes the vaccine companies.

None of the above is necessarily bad or shocking as long as the public understands the reality of the business opportunities that can affect certain areas of decision making.

Another point, seemingly not on the minds of most Canadians, is that members of Trudeau’s vaccine task force receive funds from vaccine companies, and have not had to publicly declare their conflicts of interest. If we are all in this together, why can’t we be more transparent? Perhaps the public needs a reminder that it is, for the most part, business as usual. Predictable and consistent.

As it was even before Covid, sick and scared people are the best customers for big pharma. Healthy and empowered individuals are the enemy- especially if they dare to share with others the knowledge on how to enjoy every stage of their lives with energy and vitality, as opposed to being limited by disease, living in constant fear, and hastily accepting drug interventions.

Will you join me today in saying leave our children alone? We refuse your experimental vaccine. Make your money elsewhere.

Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Markito Fitness & Nutrition

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