The unvaccinated to be fined a “significant amount of money”

Quebec’s premier, François Legault, announced that he would fine “the unvaccinated” a “significant amount of money”.
Mr. Legault, this is a pandemic of the old and the frail, the obese and those living with chronic disease. It is not a “pandemic of the “unvaccinated”. And after the last unvaccinated person catches Covid and develops immunity, it will be, as it always was, a pandemic of the old and the frail, the obese and those living with chronic disease.
Making life difficult for low risk unvaccinated individuals will do nothing to correct the problems with our healthcare system. Furthermore, scientific arguments exist that vaccinating younger and low risk individuals can in fact make it worse for the older and more vulnerabe population- and this becomes more evident if the vaccine efficacy decreases to 80%.1,2
For measures to be effective, Mr. Legault, you would need to work with scientists who have actually published studies on Covid and can defend them. Many within your group of “experts” and the ones chosen to appear on television have made very limited scientific impact, and have published little to nothing in their careers. This is probably why they often regurgitate a chosen narrative with great arrogance- not a common trait among more experienced well published scientists who can actually interpret studies.
Mr. Legault, starting a black and white war against “the unvaccinated” is short sighted and a political embarrassment, supported by “experts” who are often scientifically illiterate.
We ask that you immediately stop encouraging division and hatred. It is time to promote scientific discussion and to strongly consider the ethical perspectives of your decisions, especially with the known risk-benefit ratio of vaccinating younger healthy individuals.
The evidence is not on your side, Mr. Legault, and it is time to change your approach.
Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Markito Fitness & Nutrition
  1. Ioannidis, J. P. A. (2021). Benefit of covid-19 vaccination accounting for potential risk compensation. SSRN Electronic Journal.
  2. Lavine, J. S., Bjornstad, O., & Antia, R. (2021). Vaccinating children against SARS-COV-2. BMJ.
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  1. I do not believe this pandemic is so concerned about how sick you could get, I feel it stinks power hungry evil folks that will stop at nothing in order to line their pockets. Further more if the almighty vax worked why do we need boosters. Let people work, go out for diner and enjoy life. Perhaps if the political parties cared about the people they are to govern may they would recognize the drinking, the suicides, the robberies the drug addictions that all this control is causing.

    1. Absolutely Richard, well said. We are ignoring suffering and deaths caused by the measures. As I wrote in a previous article:

      “The goal of any approach for overcoming Covid-19 should be to minimize all harm and deaths. In our focus to defeat the virus, we seem to forget that a life destroyed due to one size fits all public health measures is just as important as a life lost due to Covid-19.”

  2. Well put Marc!
    I am simply shocked at this short sighted man. The choice has to remain for the individuals. UK is so blind with it as well , that they are willing to loose hundreds and possibly thousands of NHS and Care workers from April.

    Good health with food and nutrition needs to be a MANDATE instead.

    1. Thanks Sushma. Here in Quebec the government had to back down after health care workers called their bluff- you no longer need to be fully vaccinated to work in the health system. The shortage in workers would have been a disaster.

  3. I’m SO proud you stood up for what is right!!!!! More people in looked up to positions, need to speak out against all of this nonsense!!!!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Shar. We absolutely need to stand up now, regardless of the risk of backlash. We are all in this together.

  4. Outstanding commentary, sir! Bravo!

    If vaccinations are a panacea, then the vaccinated and boosted people should feel fine going about their day and being around the unvaccinated.

    A person I like on YouTube is Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH. While he’s pro-vaccine (I’m not vaccinated), he’s anti-mandate, anti-mask for children, anti-boosting for children, and talks about some of the things you have been since the start of the pandemic and decades prior — that health is our own personal responsibility.

    We can improve our diets, lose weight, exercise, get good sleep, get sun exposure, drink clean water, meditate, and more. There are many options that can be combined to make an exponential impact.

    1. Thank you Hedley!

      I agree with you completely. How this has become a controversial point of view is quite incredible. We need to empower people, not remove their sense of responsibility over their own health and well-being.

    1. Thank you for reading and for speaking out. We have to spread some positivity, and put our energy towards creating change for the better. That’s how we can inspire others to join us. Time to provide people a different channel, and a better frequency.

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