Sprouting for Success


Most people do not question the fact that they do not feel well from the foods they eat. Furthermore, it is common to see advertisements for harmful pills that supposedly burn fat, boost energy, reduce indigestion, or lower cholesterol. Every year we see new fad diets arise and thousands of people wasting their money and damaging their health by attempting these programs. It is no wonder that the sales of dietary supplements and medications to supposedly improve our health are at an all time high. Lastly, many people accept it as a normal part of their lives to feel uncomfortable after a meal and sluggish during the day.


  • Question: When was the last time you felt uncomfortable after a meal?
    Usual response: “This morning after breakfast” or “last night after dinner.”
  • Question: Are you concerned when you feel you are not digesting food easily?
    Usual response: Blank stare followed by “it reminds me that I have to take my <name of popular synthetic dietary supplement or medication> to feel better.”





Are the foods you are eating helping or damaging your body? Do you find yourself…

  • Eating meals that do not allow you to function at your very best?
  • Constantly trying new fad diets?
  • Taking potentially dangerous medication for health issues that proper nutrition and exercise alone can improve?

It is time that you stop damaging your body and raise your expectations. With proper nutrition and exercise you can feel stronger, fitter and healthier. This higher level of energy can become your new normal standard.


It is time to eat well and feel great.

Improved digestion and a diet based on unprocessed whole foods are your best friends when trying to create dramatic, permanent, and rapid natural weight loss while feeding your muscles at the same time. Plant based whole foods not only contain all of the nutrients that your body needs to feel great and to reach its ideal form, but they also contain these minerals and vitamins in perfect ratios- it’s just nature’s way of taking care of you. Yet time and time again we get pulled in another direction…


Break your addiction to processed foods.

It is a fact that our North American diet is based around foods that deplete our body of the enzymes necessary for proper digestion; spike our sugar and insulin levels; cause diabetes; cause inflammation; lead to weight gain; cause gas and constant bloating and stress our immune system in countless ways. It is also a fact that diet plays a major role in the development of cancer. The first step to protecting your body is to stop thinking that it is normal to feel anything less than great and energetic after a meal. So, if you’re used to waking up feeling tired, get bloated often, or can’t get rid of that last bit of fat no matter what you do, it is time to listen to your body’s warning signals.

Dedicate this year to becoming more mindful about the foods you consume and to breaking addictions. We encourage you to add a new level of richness and health to your diet and there is no better way to begin than with the magic of sprouts; one of nature’s finest super foods. From alfalfa to broccoli, oats to buckwheat, mung to adzuki beans and chick peas to sesame and sunflower seeds, the benefits of sprouts (germinated seeds) and microgreens (baby plants in their nutritional prime) are well documented.

Benefits of Sprouts & Microgreens:


  • Represent some of the most complete and nutritional foods that exist.
  • Have the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie of any food.
  • Sprouts & microgreens are LIVING FOODS.
  • Rich in essential nutrients.
  • Excellent source of enzymes.
  • High in protein
  • Easy to digest and significantly improve overall digestion
  • Great for weight loss.
  • Excellent for hair, skin and teeth.
  • Sprouts & Microgreens are delicious; great as snacks, in stir fry, salads, for tortilla insides, a powerful juice source, a friend of soup, necessary in sandwiches and the breakfast of champions!
  • Sprouts & microgreens are unique super foods with potent medicinal qualities.
  • Discover more about the benefits of each sprout & microgreen.



Our Food should be our medicine.
Our Medicine should be our food.


Health food stores do not sell fresh produce.

Vegetables are distributed across continents to get to you almost completely void of the nutrition they once held. Unhealthy processed foods are found in supermarkets as well as health food stores because they have a long shelf life allowing businesses to be profitable. The healthiest foods on earth do not have the type of shelf life necessary to be commercialized. This is why most health food stores carry very small quantities of sprouts, and even those are already a day or two past their prime by the time you see them on display. The solution is to grow your own sprouts at home or to have them delivered fresh from a reliable source. In doing so you will have year round access to the freshest and most nutrient dense produce. Even when it’s minus 20 degrees in the middle of a bad winter, you could be growing sprouts on your kitchen counter.

Grow your own sprouts.

In addition to providing you with high quality organic sprouting seeds, we assembled the most convenient Sprouting Kit to help even the busiest people grow their own sprouts in just a few simple steps. You don’t need a green thumb or even soil! It is fun and exciting to learn that you can easily grow your own sprouts at home, on your kitchen counter, and nourish your body with one of the healthiest foods on earth. Imagine having a fresh, year round supply of organic produce for just pennies a day. Your body and your wallet will thank you daily.

Pick up the Freshest Microgreens.

We supply our clients fresh microgreens all year round. Here are some of the advantages of our greens over the ones sold on the market:


  • MarkitoNutrition microgreens are pre-ordered so that you may pick them up as soon as they reach their nutritional peak containing maximum enzymes and antioxidants. In contrast, by the time you buy microgreens from a health store they are no longer in their prime. Our goal is to give you an opportunity to have a constant supply of fresh produce year round.


  • Microgreens grown commercially have added chemicals and, although regulated, are often grown in less than ideal conditions. MarkitoNutrition sprouts & microgreens are grown 100% organically with care shown to every single seed.


  • We understand that you have a busy schedule and therefore we offer time efficient customized solutions to help you improve your diet. We will teach you to grow sprouts in a way that requires just seconds per day of your time, and we will grow the more difficult time consuming produce for you such as microgreens; sprouts that are allowed to grow vertically for 7 to 14 days until their first set of leaves appear. As an added bonus, we will continually provide you with the support and recipes you need to be successful.


Sunflower microgreens
(shown on the left) are considered the most balanced of all of the sources of essential amino acids, and they are a perfect source of complete protein. They activate every cell in the immune system, and they build the skeletal, muscular, and neurological systems.

We encourage you to browse through our sprouts & microgreens section to learn more about their amazing health benefits.