Sprouted Ancient Mix

US$ 6.00

250g of organic freshly sprouted ancient mix. A wonderful combination of fenugreek, lentils, kamut and adzuki beans. Simply add a lemon based dressing and enjoy this mix alone as a snack, or add it to your salads and main meals.

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When it comes to products we offer our clients, I have a simple rule: if it’s easy to do it yourself, such as growing short sprouts, we teach you how to do it at home and offer you the best available organic sprouting seeds. If it’s more difficult or labor intensive, such as growing and harvesting microgreens, we do it for you and you can pick them up freshly harvested.

However, every now and then we bend the rules and spoil our clients with some items they should be doing themselves – such as sprouted legumes. In short, we aim to eliminate all possible excuses for not consuming fresh sprouts. If you’re not serious about changing your eating habits it sucks to be our client! But if you are serious you get all the support you need so that you can learn and accomplish in weeks what could otherwise take years.


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