Prime Chlorella Powder (1kg)

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Chlorella, a single-cell green algae, is one of the most studied functional foods in the world, and has many biological merits for promoting optimal health and well-being. It is regarded by scientists as an important whole-food supplement that should be included as a key component of a healthy diet. Learn more about its benefits.

Prime ChlorellaTM is the purest and most nutritious chlorella product available on the market today, and is often recommended by health care practitioners over all other brands.

100% pure chlorella in powder form.
1kg (2.2lbs)

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How to know if you are buying a good chlorella?

  1. Heavy metals: ask for a lab report conducted by a third party to check for heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and aluminum. Do not be deceived by the words “non-detected”, always ask for a number. Prime ChlorellaTM, tested by a Canadian Lab, shows mercury levels below 0.001ppm, at least 10 times better than most chlorella on the market. Prime ChlorellaTM has the best standard of detection limit for heavy metals and is regarded as the purest chlorella.
  2. Country of origin: chlorella is grown outdoors in fresh water pools in China, Japan, and Taiwan. The safest and cleanest chlorella comes from Taiwan.
  3. Purity: make sure that the chlorella is 100% pure, with no preservatives, coatings, colourings, flavourings, additives, binders or excipients.
  4. Species: chlorella pyrenoidosa and chlorella vulgaris are the most studied. They both provide excellent nutrition. Chlorella pyrenoidosa has a higher concentration of some nutrients, including Chlorella Growth Factor, and it is well known to have a strong ability to bind with toxins to bring them out of the body safely.
  5. Cell wall treatment process: chlorella needs to have its cell walls broken in order to become highly digestible. The most common method is milling (or dyno mill for some products), however, this process is destructive to the nutrients contained within the cell walls. The newer and better method, invented by German scientists, uses sound vibrations to crack the cell walls without compromising the nutrients. This is the best technology available today, and the one used to produce Prime ChlorellaTM.

For all of the reasons above, Prime ChlorellaTM is sold mostly through health practitioners’ offices in North America- Doctors test Prime ChlorellaTM along with other brands of chlorella before recommending it to their patients. Prime ChlorellaTM is also sold under other brands in Japan and Germany, where the standard of chlorella is very high.

Learn more about the benefits of chlorella, including the many studies published in peer reviewed medical and scientific journals.


A number of companies market chlorella products, some of which contain substantial quantities of contaminants such as mercury and aluminum. In contrast, chlorella from Prime ChlorellaTM is virtually devoid of toxic metal contamination. From my perspective based on clinical experience – I feel that the products from Prime ChlorellaTM Company are unsurpassed for purity and effectiveness.

Paul Pitchford, M.S., is the author of the landmark nutrition book: Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition [North Atlantic Books; 780 pages, 2002]. He directs the Wellness Center and the Asian Healing Arts & Integrative Nutrition Programs at Heartwood Institute near Garberville, California. []


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