Markito Fitness & Nutrition Glass Water Bottle

US$ 19.54

Holds up to 660 ml. (20oz). Lightweight, easily fits in cupholders, narrow mouth makes it a pleasure to drink from. Logo says “Markito” in large see-through font, “Fitness” and “Nutrition” in smaller font. We designed these for our clients when they began purchasing water distillers. Pure water, beautiful bottle- it’s a winning combination!

2.5” Diameter x 9.75” H

  • Single wall glass water bottle with coloured silicone wrap and cap.
  • Easy to clean with a brush.
  • Silicone sleeve makes it easy to carry and provides extra protection for bottle.
  • Provides a healthy way to get in your ‘8 glasses a day’.
  • Reduce the amount of plastic bottles going to landfills
  • Dishwasher safe (bottle)
  • BPA free (Bisphenol A) and FDA Compliant


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