Plant-Based Diet versus Covid-19

Here’s new evidence, published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health, showing that a plant-based diet can protect you against Covid-19.

“Our results suggest that a healthy diet rich in nutrient-dense foods may be considered for protection against severe COVID-19.”

While a high protein, low carb diet increases your risk of severe Covid-19.

“Compared with those who followed plant-based diets, those who followed low carbohydrate, high protein diets had >3-fold higher odds of moderate-to-severe COVID-19”.


This new research is a very small piece of the large body of evidence showing how the most proven, long-term, and sustainable solution for defeating Covid-19 is dietary change. This fact has yet to dominate the headlines. Why is that?

Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Markito Fitness & Nutrition

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