Unscientific Covid-19 measures are a form of child abuse


Parents and school teachers are concerned that children cannot get vaccinated yet.

They fail to understand that this is an experimental vaccine not tested against the Delta variant. Furthermore, there is no long term safety data.

They also fail to look at the evidence clearly showing that children are still very much invincible to Covid-19, and that they are not super spreaders. In Sweden, as an example, schools were kept open all through the pandemic and teachers had less risk of catching Covid than other workers in society.

Parents and teachers are demanding that children wear masks, clearly unaware that the benefits of masking children are insignificant. However, the evidence is clear that masking can harm children’s developmental progress.

The policies for our children are based on fear and not on the scientific evidence. It is perhaps worth repeating that the flu remains more dangerous to children than Covid-19.

To be clear, I don’t blame parents or teachers as they have fallen victim to misinformation and fear mongering.

But there is no other way to put it – this is a form of child abuse.

Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Markito Fitness & Nutrition

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