I Will Not Vaccinate My Children for Covid-19

New data from Israel has shown that teenagers are developing herd immunity through natural infection.
Prof. Mordechai Gerlic, an immunologist from Tel Aviv University’s Center for Combating Pandemics, believes this is evidence not to rush to vaccinate kids, especially since the vaccine has only received emergency use authorization.
Gerlic stated that “now we are not in an emergency situation in Israel, and we should not act as if we are.” His position is that it would be more prudent to wait to more fully examine vaccine side effects.
The government, nevertheless, is pushing forward with the vaccination campaign for minors.
As a parent myself, I see little reason to vaccinate my children against Covid. I am also not surprised that vaccination strategies are transitioning to include minors despite a great lack of evidence.
Shouldn’t our dialogue focus more on how to restore our children’s mental and physical health? As an example, studies around the world have shown that rates of childhood obesity dramatically increased since the Covid-19 lockdowns. I stress this fact because many parents fail to realize that the process of atherosclerosis begins in early childhood. Food addiction is an example of a major threat to our children, Covid-19 is not.
It is imperative that we focus on our children’s safety and well being, but I fear the overriding conversation is on how rapidly we can try a vaccine on them for a disease that remains extremely rare for any child to suffer from.
My children will not be vaccinated for Covid-19.
Furthermore, if in 5 months a new virus comes along that affects us similarly to Covid-19, and requires a new vaccine to be developed, will we once again accept to lockdown our children for another year, or will we focus on real health measures and more targeted strategies instead of simply waiting for a new vaccine?
Marc Jaoudé
Naturopath, Health Educator
Nutrition & Exercise Specialist

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