The Paleo Diet is Based On Fantasy, Not Science


The Paleo Diet instructs its followers to eat lots of animal-derived food while completely avoiding all grains and legumes. It is an equally harmful derivative of its meat-heavy predecessor, the Atkin’s diet. The intention of this article is to expose some of the many fallacies behind this fad, while also providing some insight on how to properly fact check health information. Let’s begin by addressing 6 of the core presumptions that form the basis of the Paleo Diet. Read More.

Common Misconceptions About Juicing

Juicing-MisconceptionsHardly a day goes by that I don’t hear one, or several, of the common misconceptions about juicing. Unfortunately, they often come directly from health professionals, such as registered dieticians or doctors, thus making it very confusing for the general public to understand what’s right or wrong. I’m going to directly quote a few of these false assertions and then respond to each of them with facts. Read More.

Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible


Make no mistake about it, type 2 diabetes is reversible through proper nutrition. This is not opinion, belief or hope, it is a reality that is supported by the preponderance of the scientific evidence, and a truth that I have witnessed firsthand with my own clients. The following 10 true or false questions will put an end to common misconceptions, and get you started on the right path. The answers may surprise you. Read More.

Bone loss begins at 30 … you CAN prevent it

This week a person who watched my video on osteoporosis wrote the following question:

“You say if your dexa scan tests show your bone health has decreased more than a normal amount then you could be looking at a problem. What is a normal amount for bones to decrease yearly?”

Here was my response: “Bone mass normally starts to decrease between 45 and 50 years of age for men and continues at a rate of 0.4% to .75% per year. Females have 3 phases of bone loss- the first phase starts between 30 and 35 years of age at a rate of .75% to 1% per year until menopause.  Read More.

The Truth About Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Heart surgeryMany people are confused about cholesterol and, when they are exposed to misinformation presented in the media, their level of confusion often worsens. The lack of proper knowledge on health issues is, in my opinion, a leading cause of death in North America. This article will empower you with the real truth about cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Read More.

Your Sodium Intake is Much Higher Than You May Think

Your Sodium IntakeLast week I consulted with a client who proudly informed me that she’s been “watching her sodium intake for years”. But, once I reviewed her food log, it turned out that she was consuming over 5000 milligrams per day! This wasn’t the first time that I had a client’s jaw drop to the floor in complete shock and dismay. So, how does this happen? How does someone who is watching her sodium intake still manage to consume over 3 times the maximum limit deemed safe? Are you also making this mistake? Here are some tips to help you transition from an unconscious sodium addict to a well informed consumer.

Read More.

Sprouting for Success

Dedicate this year to becoming more mindful about the foods you consume and to breaking addictions. We encourage you to add a new level of richness and health to your diet and there is no better way to begin than with the magic of sprouts; one of nature’s finest super foods. From alfalfa to broccoli, oats to buckwheat, mung to adzuki beans and chick peas to sesame and sunflower seeds, the benefits of sprouts and microgreens (baby plants in their nutritional prime) are well documented. Read more.

Confessions of a Former Chronically Fatigued Police Officer

chronic fatigue syndromeChronic fatigue is one of the most dangerous and under diagnosed health challenges that affects millions of people every day. In this article Christine Frappier opens up about her past struggles with chronic fatigue, how she had little support from her doctor other than being prescribed dangerous sleeping pills, and what she eventually did that literally brought her back to life after years of suffering. So put your coffee, Red Bull, and other dangerous products aside – It’s time to learn how to infuse real energy back into your daily life.

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Highly Misleading Report on Cholesterol Makes Headlines

cholesterol diet

This week I was asked to comment on an article from the National Post with the headline “A vascular surgeon explains why he ditched statins for more meat and less sugar, lowering his cholesterol in the process.”

Upon reading the article it became clear that the headline should have read “Vascular surgeon maintains high cholesterol on a meat diet even after cutting out sugar.” Learn the truth.

Warning: Harmful Chemicals in Almond Milk

Commercially sold almond milks, as found at your local health store, are full of synthetic chemicals that stress your immune system and contribute to chronic disease. But there is no need to feel discouraged. Instead, it’s time to get educated so that you and your family may finally enjoy a healthy and delicious milk alternative…

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