36% of new Quebec cases are fully vaccinated

According to CBC news, 36% of new Quebec cases are fully vaccinated.
As my video from 5 months ago explained, the initial vaccine studies were not designed to show whether the jab can stop transmission.
This was a simple fact acknowledged publicly by top representatives of the pharmaceutical companies.
Nonetheless, it was considered somewhat of a conspiracy theory as the media focused on the 95% effective number that both Pfizer and Moderna advertised, knowing full well that the public, nor the media, nor our politicians would fully understand that this number didn’t actually mean what they assumed.
The cases we are seeing today among the vaccinated are not “breakthrough” infections. They were predictable.
To be clear, I’m not saying that vaccines don’t work, but that information presented to the public has been purposely and highly misleading from the start. Why is that?
An undeniable fact is that drug companies are highly trained in the art of marketing directed at both the public and physicians. For Big Pharma this has been business as usual, and all hands on deck to execute a battle tested game plan.
We all know this about drug companies, yet the experience of fear can interrupt processes in our brains and affect our thinking. What else can explain how companies known for their history of deception can all of a sudden become so popular and saintly?
According to a 2019 Gallup poll the pharmaceutical industry was the most poorly regarded industry in Americans’ eyes, and for good reason. Today the narrative is that these same drug companies are saving the world, and are beyond reproach.
So what can we do to see past the marketing? Instead of trusting that vaccines simply require a yes or no vote, we can educate ourselves to have the level of conversation that we’ve been heavily manipulated to avoid. We can stop believing that questioning anything at all about vaccines is “unscientific”, when in fact the opposite is true.
More importantly we must keep the following in mind:
When facing a crisis, good leaders seek to create a sense of calm and focus. From day 1 of this pandemic our “leaders” have gone out of their way to achieve the opposite. They have inspired fear to elicit emotional responses from the public. Only with this state of mind can some of the measures we’ve seen make sense, while logical counterpoints backed by clear evidence become controversial. Even the fact that many cases are asymptomatic is spun as bad news. And instead of focusing on the good news that our children are virtually immune to this virus, the media focuses on every exceptional sad case they can find.
I remain convinced, more than ever, that drug companies don’t exist solely to ensure a happy and healthy population. I also understand the conflicts of interest between the pharmaceutical industry, the media, and our government.
Call me gullible.

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